Isekai For My Ex Chapter 86: From now on, I am in charge of my fate!


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I, Alwin have just received a weird strategy from our reclusive friend, to be honest I am quite a fan of him — the power to destroy and that clumsy friendliness towards us, and a passion to save the loved one, what a man! He's a true man!

Plus that power just now. He erased an entire division that was coming at us in a flash. At the time where we were almost certainly have been annihilated, he has saved us.

As a man, there's no way we wouldn't follow this guy!

But still that cruel order I just gave… left a bitter taste in my mouth, ahh! I have to apologize to everyone later!

As we heard Lyra's weird scream as she was being taken away by Slaine, we proceeded with the plan by heading to the woods. We were told that he would give us a signal from the sky to begin our operation; I wonder what it would look like.

As I waited for the signal, I thought of my one and only cute daughter, whom I devoted my life to after my wife passed away. If Slaine didn't appear, I would have already been dead and my daughter, if she wasn't able to escape, she would have already been caught and…

With such a thought I unconsciously crushed the bark of the tree that I held onto.

Please, let this operation succeed, my daughter is still young, if there's any gods out there, please.

As I was lost in thought of my daughter, I heard the men in the squad I led panicking as we sat on top of the trees.

"General! Look at that! The skies! It's opening!"

As we looked above, I saw the clouds opening as a flaming boulder came down from it. With a great impact it landed at the area where the dark-elf knights stood. I heard a loud and devastating explosion on the impact as it echoed.

Brought by the loud impact, we felt a powerful air blowing towards us.

And there, I realized I shouldn't be praying for any gods.

This man, in front of us, who is exhausting his body and is risking his life for us, is changing our fate at the moment, a fate that these gods I was praying to have been ignoring for too long — a fate these gods decided that we didn't need at all.

That's right…

It's up to us if we keep letting these gods playing with our lives, or we should become like him, who has the power to change one's fate by acquiring such a power!

From now on, I will follow his example.

From now on, I am in charge of my fate.

"Everyone hold on!"

The powerful air from the explosion was so strong that we had to hold on to the trees or else we would lose our balance. However, I will not falter, I will witness this it with my eyes, and engrave it to my soul.

This destruction in front of me, the destruction which will change the fate of the elves.

Slaine… thank you… thank you…

From the depths of my heart.

For saving us, and for making me realize these things that have been weighing on me since I lost my wife from those dark-elves and became a soldier of the resistance.

I didn't notice, but tears were falling from my eyes, as I endured the wind and watched the annihilation of those dark-elf that ruined my peaceful lives.

And after it finished, I inhaled deeply, knowing what would come next.

and shouted.


"Yes! General!"

The others also followed through with the plan. We attack the elf-priests from behind, with our best magic, with no nullifier they are an easy prey to our magic.

We sneaked behind the robed dark elf-priests.

I summoned my partner, which was a shadow-type spirit, its form is a shadow bat. As it engulfed me, I inhaled and screamed.


And this was enough to stun them, I wield my sword and ran towards them, slashing them one by one. The other four were all magic casters, even not being elf-priests, their magic easily killed the vile creatures, as they weren't able to move due to my stun.

However, with the encirclement so thick, there were more enemies in the front.

Okay… to the next step.


We went back to the woods and ran at the treetops.

This was the strategy he developed on a whim.

We have no choice to trust him.

Leading the other squads was the other council members and my commanders.

I'm sure that they can do what we just did, those people are in another league on their own.

With the appearance of the mysterious man named Slaine, the escort battalion was about to do their suicide charge as they decide to push through and die fighting rather than to escape.

Being close to death, and being saved by Slaine as he used his strange magic, the four council members in this battalion had no choice but to trust him.

The elves in the headquarters, realizing that the enemy brought in lots of units that has nullifier magic with them together with a large number of forces and magical beasts, they switch from a defensive strategy to an escape strategy, by using the elf leader, Allannia's barrier.

Lady Allannia wrapped everyone in the arrowhead formation with her anti-magic barrier, they penetrated the encirclement where they were only two dark-elf commanders, but as soon as they could pass by them using their golems which are able to hold against the dark elf commanders, they despaired when they saw a whole division of rare dark-elf knights, which was a symbol of destruction was waiting for them at the bottom of the slope.

Sandwiched between the commander-level dark-elves, and an entire division of dark-elf knights, the situation was looking grim.

With no means to communicate with the trapped elves in the headquarters, Slaine takes Lyra and fly towards them. And again with his magic and his weapon called "gun" he made three magic circles and summoned a meteor that flattened the dark-elf knights were about to massacre the escaping elves.

The elves were horrified seeing the magic for the first time, but this was not the end of the plan.

With the encirclement broken, and with no one left to catch up with the escaping elves, there was still an enormous force from behind them, which was the thick encirclement that was climbing at the slope and were about to chase them.

With only a battalion left to fight who were a few kilometers from the encirclement, Slaine's plan was to divide the battalion into smaller squads and to make them fights in another encirclement but this time using the trees as a cover.

With teams acting in squads, it was highly mobile and was hard to spot.

After each squad hit the enemy, the comrades of the enemy behind them would chase that squad deep into the woods, and with such encirclement, and with the disorienting meteor that squashed the best division that the enemy has, all of them were in disarray, and gave in to their instincts to chase the squads that has been ambushing them from the woods.

With this the escaping elves were successful in escaping and arrived at the rendevouz point Lyra directed them to.

Slaine went down to them, immediately for the next stage of the plan.

"Are you… free now?"

Slaine asked the white armored woman, seeing her shiny armor and her fairy-like appearance because of it, he immediately knew that she was the leader. She was also the woman he gave the amulets to when he infiltrated the headquarters.

"Yeah, I was told of the plan, now what shall we do? We have to escape, right? Which path do we take from here?"

Slaine took time to understand what he said, and there was dead air between them, but after a few seconds he replied.

"No… let only non-combatants escape… all capable fighters… with me, this is… chance… wipe out a large force… of dark-elves"

The woman couldn't believe what she was hearing. It took all they can to just escape, and he already wants them to fight again.

But also it was because of him that they could escape. She wanted to protest, but she felt that she didn't have the right to.

However, Lyra interrupted.

"Lady Allannia, please trust him"

Lyra told the lady, pleading with her head down. The man also nodded as if telling her everything will be okay.

"Okay, I'm all ears"

Slaine explained the plan to them. With the dark-elf troops in disarray, and with only a few nullifiers left since the dark-elf knights were crushed, it left only a few knights and commanders.

The escaped resistance fighters from the HQ were still many and had a few battalions of fighters with them.

Slaine commanded them to sweep the dark-elves in disarray who chased the squads, tracing a circle full circle starting from the east, until reaching the other end. It was the perfect chance for them as the woods and the forest were their territory when it comes to fighting, and the advance squads have already lured their enemy inside it.

Hearing the brilliant plan, they did not waste any time; they left their non-fighters and immediately headed to the nearest woods at the east. Where they met up with a person from the first squad who told them the locations of the scattered dark-elf divisions.

They set off their spirits and cast their magics which killed all the dark-elves within the forest, there were surviving dark-knights and commanders, but they didn't escape Slaine who was the rearguard of the sweeping formation.

The elves only used their magic on those that can be affected by it, the dark-elf priests, the magical beasts, and the average dark-elf soldier.

It was swift because of this, and the angered dark-elves who were ignored because they have nullifier magic or weapons submitted to their instincts and followed them, not knowing that Slaine was in the rearguard, together with some golem users at his request.

His bullets were planted at the heads, and their strong nullifier magic can't do anything about a magic-less destructive weapon, unlike the elves who skipped from tree to tree, Slaine ran on the ground and used the tree trunks to hide himself to get closer and get a good shot.

While the forward force was sweeping, Raven delivered messages for him, while Eagle was flying high above as he watched the impressive counter plan.

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