Isekai For My Ex Chapter 85: Forward!


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I screamed as I felt my insides get sinking as I was suddenly lifted up in the air. I closed my eyes and crumpled his shirt. If he drops me, I will really stab him with my dagger.

The next thing I know was that I'm being princess-carried by him, as we flew high above, and saw the ludicrously beautiful horizon.

No way! Flight magic?! I can also see wings growing out of his back, so flight magic allows you to wield these mighty-looking wings?

"Hey! Is this flight magic?"

He looked at me with his lifeless eyes, and slowly shook his head, and then used his thumb to point out his back.

Behind him, his wings turned out to be a bird carrying him, it's the first time I saw such a bird that was also extremely strong to carry us together.

We went higher and higher and when we are at a considerable height another bird with its noticeable black color, carrying his weapon and a bag with him on its feet.

"One… two… could they be, whom you call your friends?"

I shouted so he can hear me; the wind was powerful, and the bird's wings were flapping strongly and loudly.

Then he nodded.

His friends are these birds, but how can he talk to them? Maybe he was so lonely fighting alone that he befriended these birds?

But this isn't time to do that, I looked down below and saw the arrowhead formation was complete and that they started their charge with the summoned golems of different varieties accompanying them.

"You… once I… take you… friends… tell them… get down… I will cast… spell… after… move forward"

Move forward?! Against those dark knights? I saw his power earlier, and it is indeed remarkable, as it also took down the dark knights that were supposed to be immune to magic, but that's because it was too fast!

The enemy below is an entire division of rare dark knights, it looks like the combined dark knights of all the dark-elf kingdoms that decided crushed us once and for all.

Does he plan to use that magic again? Anyway, the only path for us is to trust him.

I nodded to him slowly, in which he responded by also nodding to me.


He muttered, "Eagle?" what is that?

We heard the birds' screech as it dove to the arrowhead formation that by now has already passed by the commander-level dark-elves. By using the golems they were able to move ahead of them but they didn't know that a lot of dark-elf knights were waiting to massacre them, as soon as they appear at the slope, and the lady's barrier will be totally useless against those nullifier weapons.

As we dove, I felt my insides sinking once again, but I held on and was ready to do my duty.

With no communication magic user from our team to communicate with the council member Mr. Wistari whom I saw is in this formation, this is the only way to deliver the message to them.

As we passed by the sea of knights waiting, we also saw that the commander-level dark-elves finished with the golems, and the arrowhead formation trapped. As they saw the sea of dark-elf knights waiting for them down the slope.

In the middle of the formation, I saw Valeri with a worried look on her face.

She's alive… I felt my heart being relieved as I saw my best friend, my sister and my one and only family left.

I felt my tears starting to go down my face, don't worry Valeri, we'll survive, help has come for us!

"Drop me by that woman right there"


As we got nearer the formation, they were too busy thinking to notice us. Also, with the sun on top of us, it was hard to see us.

Closer and closer we go to them, until in a considerable distance, where we can see Valeri's face, he dropped me.

"W-W-Wait… Slaine this is still so high--"

"Take her… hindrance"

With me unready, and him with no reservation, Slaine dropped me a few feet in the air.

"Ahhh!!! You'll pay for this Slaine!"

Luckily, Valeri together with the other women were there to catch me. But, as I fell, I glued my eyes to him as I saw him hover at the skies, facing the divisions of dark-elf knights below him.

Airborne he pointed out his staff towards the skies just above of the gathered knights. He took something from his pocket, and it gleamed three transparent crystal balls that looked so beautiful. Inside them there was a noticeable color, brown like the earth, red like the flames, and a dark-green color just like jade.

He inserted the first one to the back of his staff and pointed it to the skies and his staff made an explosion.



Then, inserted the ball in the same manner, at the same angle, another explosion occurred.



Finally, for the third time.



This time the angle was to the sea of the dark-elf knights that gathered.

A large magic circle appeared beneath them and they could not move, some of them fell face down, as if the ground was absorbing them heavily.

From the skies, an enormous boulder appeared, red and flaming.

His voice, in a deeper tone, he declared something, that I think would be the name of the most destructive spell that I have ever witnessed in my life.

And as if mocking me, he eyed me as Valeri and some women in the formation finally caught me.

Then, he declared the name of the spell devoid of any feelings.

"Layered Magic: Meteor"

Oh right, I have to tell them.

"Everyone! Get down!"

The boulder we saw was larger than we thought it would be as it made a sound when it parted the clouds going towards the dark-knights.

And with an enormous explosion, the boulder hit the magic circle on the ground on the cloud of knights that gathered, as if the skies have punished the dark elves for their evil deeds

It was as though a fist of orange flame had punched the dark-elf knight division that gathered. It crushed them like paste. Their armor shattered to pieces. Smoke and fire rushed out.

Thousands of pieces of the boulder, a deadly rainfall, showered down. All that remained was a bowl-shaped depression produced by the impact of the boulder as it blew the remains away by the wind, as if a star had fallen from the skies, but on a bigger scale.

It was as if his magic was based on that phenomenon.

Everyone was left in agape, as we were all in the ground, and where we could avoid the fragments of the explosion.

But this isn't the time to be surprised, as the dark-elf commanders was still behind us.

When we looked back, we saw them fell down on their behind as they covered their faces with their enormous arms. I see… even these vile creatures get scared.

They couldn't believe what just happened.

"Lady Allannia! Where are you?!"

I screamed over the crowd to find the person responsible for creating the moving barrier.

"Lyra! Lyra is that you?"

I heard a magnanimous voice in the rear middle of the formation. There I saw the lady in her armor that made her look like a fairy.

"That path has been cleared! Order everyone to keep running forward!"

"Understood! General Bulas! If you may!"

The lady looked at the general, at the vanguard. It was General Bulas, the one that has the strongest golem that wields a stone sword, but he himself wields a bow.

"Y-Yes! Everyone! FORWARD!"

Everyone immediately took action, stood up, and ran, with the dark-elf knights erased, the commander-level dark-elves and the other divisions that were still on our back, continued their chase and bombardment, luckily the barrier is still up.

We ran towards the crater made by the boulder and ran around it.

At that was the signal to begin the operation Slaine made for us.

An enormous and extraordinary signal, in which for the first time the resistance would be successful in defeating the dark elves in battle, led by a strange and mysterious man, who doesn't show his face.

I still couldn't believe it. How is he able to create spells like that? If only I was that powerful enough— no even just a shard of that strength, I would definitely use it for the benefit of all elves.

At that moment, the ideals and dreams that I have abandoned, came back to me.

"Valeri… "

I muttered as we continued running.

"What is it? My sister?"

She smiled at me as we continued running.

"Do you think if we had his power we could take back our lost kingdoms?"

I thought Valeri would say — "Yes" — immediately, but I was wrong.

"If we got that power, I doubt we could wield it better than he did, I think it's just me Lyra, but I think everyone has the power to change their own destiny.

It's just this man… I think has a bigger reason to fight, as such why he had honed his skills perfectly to have a power like that"

As usual, Valeri is sharp, and has an eye for people.

Exactly, that man carries a bigger mission in his life, to save his love, he has to defeat the dark-elves altogether.

Does this mean that if I pushed through my dream of taking back the kingdoms I would have wielded that kind of power already?

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