Isekai For My Ex Chapter 82: Valeri's Wish


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"Okay! Golems are in position?!"

"Yes sir!"

"Magic casters and Spirit users ready for anti-personnel attacks?"

"Yes general!"

"Non-combatants! Those who can pick up weapons, the treants are distributing makeshift bows and arrows! Make use of those and protect yourself at least!"


"Now it's our turn Valeri, are your little ones planted on the right spot?"

"Yes sir!"

"Then on my count… 1… 2… 3, MISSION START!!!"

Little ones! Now that you are behind the enemy soldiers there's only one thing you can do that the stronger spirits can't! That is not only to heal! But to also do this!

With my minds eye I imagined that my hands are vines as I put myself in the mind of my partner, I slowly dug myself out of the ground and there I saw the feet of the countless knights who are trying to annihilate us, and with my vines, I pulled them and med them fall face first.

"Inferior spirits! Dare to humiliate us! Kill them!"

They tried to get off the vines, as they slashed their swords but I made sure they wouldn't hit it, as a result, some of them sliced off their feet instead.

The enemies who were bloodthirsty upon killing us suddenly found themselves in a predicament, which became the opportunity for the resistance.

"NOW!!! General!"

"Arrowhead CHARGE!!!"

And we made our war screams! This is a fight for survival! A fight that might doom our entire race, to annihilation! or would enable us to carry our hope to the next generation!

Our footsteps became one as we starting heading to the direction of the commanders who were as tall as the stone giant general Bulas can manifest.

["Partner! It's time to defend us again!"]

["Land golem! Awaken!"]

["My knights, manifest yourself and turn yourself into an impregnable warrior!"]

As we ran our golem wielders called out for their friends in any way they could, including general Bulas. Outside the arrowhead formation different types of golems manifested themselves, general Bulas' golems manifested as rocks topping each other until it formed a humanoid shape at 14ft high, others either were from the clay under the land that shaped themselves into a humanoid shape similar to their users at 10 ft high, other was made of sand that slowly built themselves into a formidable knight shaped humanoid still 10 ft high, in total we had 20 golems protecting us from each side of the arrowhead with general Bulas' golem at the vanguard, the spear of the operation.

"Golem users! Orders! Ram your golems into those commanders!"

All the fighters were afraid, even us who were running all together with them as when we got nearer the dark elf commanders we saw their large body with protruding dead elves all over their body, using our people as decorations for their body, the way they smelled, the way they looked were getting horrible as we got nearer.

Topping 15ft they looked at us their smile reached their ears as if they are looking at a very delicious meal.

"HaHahAHhAhA when are these idiots gonna learn? A suicide charge?"

"HAHAHAHaaHAhA! I have a present for them!"

We could hear them talking to each other as they readied their clubs made of the skeletons of our kinds, we could see the bones and their skull and even some of the leftover skin.

But no one stopped… to be precise, no one could, everyone was filled with disgust, despair, and hate.

How could they do this to our kind, simply not taking away their freedom and using them as slaves and milking cows, they are using our dead people in any way they could. We could also see that the cape they were wearing was just stitched all together, they looked like skins, but not of animals… they were skins of our kind.

I almost threw out, as I imagined the countless elves they have skinned to make such a cape. No… I shouldn't lose heart right now, get it back in, or I won't have the strength to run.

"They are only two! We could take them down!"

The general shouted as he made his golem run farther than him to charge at the first dark elf commander that has no club.

The golem who had a sword made of rock swung it to the dark-elf commander which in turn also swung its club made of the skeletons of our people, a gust of air occurred with a blast of sound from two giants that clashed with each other.

Meanwhile, the smaller golems went to hold the other dark-elf commander, knowing that nullifiers don't work with golems they didn't bother to put up the dark barriers.

"Their barriers are not up! All other offensive spirits attack them directly!"

The spirit users that were getting read attacked together, they did damage the commanders but the nullifier worked again and the spirits that relied on their elements too much were extinguished.

But It was at that moment, that we could see the slope going downward, and as we passed by the dark elf commanders that were being held down by the golems. We, in the arrowhead formation, have finally escaped!

"Were out!"


"Everyone it's not yet finished we still have to delay-... huh?! What the hell is that!"

The one who exclaimed was the general himself, down the slope there were more dark knights waiting for us, numbering up to hundreds.

"General… its… their main force… the dark elf commanders… we're not alone"

A commander answered his question slowly, in shock.

They gathered like a dark cloud waiting to swallow us whole, and for the worst, the elf-commanders finally defeated the golems that were holding them down and have set their eyes to us.

O god… are we just gonna die like this, being hunted like animals, even how far we try to get away from them they always make sure to chase us and trap us like this. We don't have anywhere to go now.

"Can any god hear me? Please tell Lyra, to carry on the resistance! And drive these vile creatures to extinction..."

We lost all hope as we were stopped on our tracks as the clouds of dark knights and the commanders behind us are about to crush us and turn us into slaves and prisoners. Most took out their knives, those who were ready to die rather than being captured.

They hugged their children and loved ones, ready to kill each other as they cried in their arms. General Bulas, fell into his knees as he consoled the lady who was crying her heart out, maybe she's blaming herself for the defeat.

Until... as if my wish has been granted, a God appeared... no... a man wearing nothing but black with his mantle fluttering on appeared on the skies falling down and what he carried with him was...


No... he isn't falling a large bird I have never seen before acted as his wings.

He swooped down for a bit and dropped Lyra, to me in a few feet.

"Take her... hindrance"

In a few feet, Lyra came falling to me.

"Ahhh!!! You'll pay for this Slaine!"

Slaine? Who is that? That man in the mantle... isn't he the one who scattered the flags at HQ!!!!

Oh gosh, how could a man just throw a beautiful elf-like Lyra so easily? Maybe he knows girls much beautiful than Lyra?

Airborne he pointed out his staff towards the skies just above of the gathered knights, he took something from his pocket, and it gleamed three transparent crystal balls that looked so beautiful. He inserted the first one to the back of his staff and pointed it to the skies and his staff made an explosion.



Then, inserted the ball in the same manner, at the same angle, another explosion occurred.



Finally, for the third time.



This time the angle as to the cloud of dark knights that gathered.

A large magic circle appeared beneath the cloud of dark-elves, and it expanded that it covered most of it, and then it appeared, from the skies a large boulder appeared, dashing with fire.

His voice, in a deeper tone, he declared something, that I think would be the name of the most destructive spell that I have ever seen in my life, but was declared with no passion at all.

"Layered Magic: Meteor"

And then I caught Lyra, as she screamed at us.

"Everyone! Get down!"

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