Isekai For My Ex Chapter 81: Falling Resistance


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"General Bulas have arrived!"

The general who visited the main HQ has arrived, he seemed to have just been woken up from his sleep, we are lucky that he and his forces are still here.

Everyone is in panic, magic casters used all spells in their disposal, and spirits were released and went wild, from water maidens, fire phoenixes, rock golems, and nature treants.

Unlike magic casters, we spirit casters fight along with our spirits with our weapons, our spirits unlike magic can move in different directions we want them to, in other words, we are the only ones who can possibly deal great damage against the dark elven forces that have nullifiers, which are mostly in the form of swords and shields, but we are in a great disadvantage, with the spirits varying in sizes and their abilities, our chances rely on the individual's spiritual strength, so even if you are a spirit user if your spirit is weak and slow, it'd be useless, aside from that we spirit users are also greatly outnumbered.

The strongest spirit that can harm the nullifier units is General Bulas who is in contract with a spirit capable of producing a powerful rock golem that wields a large sword in his hand. We elves don't fancy swords but for some reason, his spirit likes to swing such a barbarians weapon, which is proof that spirits didn't originate from our ancestors as what history book told us before.

At the moment knight and commander level, dark-elves are entering the barrier one by one, cutting through with their nullifier shields and swords, the sounds of their heavy armor were heard across the headquarters, as the magic casters bombarded spells on them and spirit users released their partners as they released their arrows towards them.

But the dark-elf knights that are are 10ft tall, easily brushed off the spirits and magic that flew to it, they slashed them with their swords. In a clad of black armor with the skeleton protrusions from their bodies that were clearly unnaturally attached, they smiled at the spirits coming at them as they swatted them easily with their clubs made of dark power. Some were careless enough and was taken down by phoenixes and treants, the ones are taken down, making them immobile as they gnaw at the enemy they used this as an opportunity to swat them with their sword even killing the knights that have fallen.

"Spirit Users! What the hell are you doing? Don't let your partners head straight to their weapon! Remember your training! As magic can't go through them you need to go slip through their defenses!"

"General! They aren't giving any gaps, the knights lining up side by side, and have converted their swords into defensive barriers upfront! Our spirits cant get through anymore"

"Tsk… Damn! They really have read our strategies! Reserve your strength! Tell the lady that we are not going to hold out for long!"

"B-But if they proceed any further they will soon reach us! The exit point has already been blocked in the south!"

"No choice! We have to push our way out! Or we will be completely annihilated!:

"General! a company of dark-elf knights is also coming from the south!"

"General! company-sized unit of dark-elf Knights coming in from the west! We are holding them by continuous bombardment! But they are still ineffective! Only our golems can hold them back"

"Two dark-elf commanders spotted coming here from the east! General! Your instructions!"

Everything was in chaos, the general could only hold his head as he gritted his teeth intensely trying to find a way out. The lady was focusing hard not to let the barrier fall, as thousands of spells bombarded it from all directions, while also repairing the gaps that the nullifiers made when they entered, because of the heavy bombardment, the lady stopped fighting entirely and focused on defenses when general Bulas arrived.

"We have been surrounded so easily!"

Don't tell me, we have already been surrounded?! Just how many nullifiers have they brought in this mission! I can understand their supply for magic beasts and casters, but having too many dark knights and generals… it's similar... to invading a kingdom! But why?! They treated us like prey but they didn't go after us this intense before?

"Come! My partner! Rise up!"

The general shouted, and the stones on the ground moved and placed themselves on top of each other, forming a humanoid shape, it appeared then as a 14-meter stone golem, the strongest golem, of the resistance, general Bulas is the strongest golem users in the resistance, and could fight with it fiercely, having full control of it.

The general seemed to be talking with the esteemed lady about something, the esteemed lady is using her earth spirit to make the barrier. If I could remember there were two ways to use the barrier, to use it as an immobile fortress that hides and protects anyone that goes inside it, and to wrap in on herself where she uses it to flatten enemies.

"My lady, we are not going to survive if this keeps up! We should use your barrier in spear form and go past the enemies!"

The general suggested as he left his partner the 14-meter rock golem on a rampage, for its size, the dark knights couldn't do anything to it, however, they fought back with their swords as they swung it, parts of the rock golem was broken.

The general is right, if we were to get out of this situation, we would have to gather all our firepower at one point and break through the encirclement. With the general's golem to throw nullifier units of enemies, and with the lady's shield to protect from magic bombardment this might actually work!

"Indeed, the enemy is using its full force of dark knights in its disposal, we should have had the upper hand if they were few but to think they have brought a whole battalion of these freaks. We have no choice but to risk it all"

As the lady responded, the 14-meter golem was taken down, as it also took thirty dark knights with it in its rampage, as it hit the closing knights from the south, with their magic nullifiers finally having gaps, the other elements such as fire, water, and air spirits tarted their assault once again, taking down the entire company of a hundred of dark-elf knights, but they were easily replaced by another company lining up with no gaps.

However, it wasn't all for naught as it gave us a chance to set our plan in motion.

We, the supporters and fighters formed a spear-like formation with the non-combatants inside, with the lady's magic we will be able to shield ourselves from magic attacks, the only thing that could harm us are those dark-elf knights and commanders.

"All golems form a circle with me with the non-combatants at the center!"

"Yes sir!"

"Treant users! Try to hinder their movement!"

"Sir! Our treants have already been taken down! It will take some time to summon them again!"

The one who responded was someone who wielded the same magic as Lyra, a power treant.

"Hinder thier movement... hmmm... General my little ones might be able to do it!"

"Really?... then I'm counting on you!"

Did the general just believe me without confirming it? I steeled my heart and made a salute.

"Yes! Leave it to me!"

This isn't for fame or for pride anymore, this for the survival of the elves!

I evaluated the formation that was pushing towards us, trying to sandwich us, with their nullifying magic acting as shields... no, as an absorption matter to all magic, no matter what type of magic gets near it, the magic is suddenly sucked into the black sheet that can be turned into a sword or shield.

While the non-magic arrows that were flying to them were just blocked by their hard armor or were deflected by their swords, at this distance we could see the smiles on their mouths under their helmet, and a part of their horrible appearance. It sent chills down to my spine, but I have to do something!

I spoke to my spirit, the little ones.

"Little ones… please burry yourself in front of them"

[Plu? Glu?]

"Yes, at their feet, slowly... without them noticing after they pass by you, alert me"

[Plu! Glu!]

"Thank you"

My spirits that went to different directions to heal, have now disappeared and buried themselves somewhere the enemy couldn't see.

"General Bulas! Movement restriction are complete! If you want to have good timing to escape it would be the best time to do so!"

"Thank you, Valeri, your small power will make a difference to the elven people"

"Yes sir!"

"Now! Lady Allannia! Towards the east!"

"East?! Isn't that where the commanders are!?"

"Yes my lady, but they are fewer than the knights we are facing in all directions"

"But.. something is strange! Why would two commanders go on their own!"

"It doesn't matter now lady! We have to escape now! They are closing in rapidly!"

"Got it! I'll trust you!"

All the 50,000 more or less, non-combatants gathered at the center of the headquarters where there is space to gather. Everyone held the people dear to them, their children, their wives, and husbands, their family, everyone made sure that there would be no one left, they know the despair of having a loved one fall into the enemy's hand.

As we looked back on our headquarters, the place where we trained for years and became our second home was slowly burned into pieces by the bombardment that went through, due to lady Allania removing the barrier and engulfing it around us, with our formation the barrier looked like an arrowhead.

Dark fire magic burned our houses and swallowed them whole, dark rock magic penetrated the walls and turned them to rubble, due to the numerous bombardments the scenery around us was a raging hell of burned houses, broken buildings, clothes burning, even the resistance banner that flew proudly in the lady's quarters was brought down by dark thunder magic, it cut through its stick and dropped down.

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