Isekai For My Ex Chapter 77: Meeting the Man of The Mis


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I, Lyra Vaeri Sarwynn have arrived safely on the main camp, of the resistance, by one of our leaders spell it is being kept hidden on the top of the mountain, our camp was simple, we had our houses embedded onto the large trees on top of it, we can't create elaborate construction but it's enough for our necessities. As usual, everyone seems rowdy as they ate the provisions the hunters and foragers got for us, we are self-sufficient and didn't need much in daily necessities, I have lived here for 95 years of my life, most of the residents here are the ones we have rescued from the towns controlled by the dark elves, we take them away, rescued females who have been raped by dark-elves or used for their production undergo 50 years of cleansing and live under the esteemed high-elf lady Allannia, rescued males are trained as hunter, forager or fighters. For me, I'm lucky to be on the saving part rather than the rescuing part, having to spend 50 years in cleansing, in order to restart your life seems horrible, the atrocities done to them is horrible enough. I can't forgive them… for what they did to my town… to my parents, and to the people around here.

As I walked with the black robe I donned at myself to keep my body from being exposed the elves who saw me immediately came to me, most of them were from the fighters guild, most of them wore a red bandana, scarf or bracelet, to signify what they are fighting for, a fight to eliminate the dark-elves from our homeland.

"Lyra! What happened?! Where are the others?!" The one worriedly coming me to me is my best friend, Valeri who's also a fighter and proficient at the same magic that I do, nature magic. I shook at her question, the others? The others did not arrive yet? Does that mean…

I unconsciously bit my lip, thinking that what might have happened to me happened to them, if it wasn't for that mysterious man I would have been caught long ago without having to deliver the news to them.

Perhaps at the sight of me broken as I shook in fear as I held myself at my shoulders, she didn't say anything more and hugged me.

"It's fine… It's fine… let's go inside for now"

I have been together with Valeri since I came to the resistance, our kingdom fell because of the overconfidence of the leaders, they refused to work together, and when they realized it, only a few kingdoms remained to join the fight, the remnants of the nations became part of the resistance.

It's the stubbornness and pride of elvenkind that led to its own demise, Valeri is from one of those kingdoms who crumbled at the first offensive. She was the one who reached out to me when I was in my shattered elven armor, as a refugee from the kingdom I tried to defend. We are usually mistaken as twins, although elves have the same golden-white hair, Valeri and I have the same long and smooth hair, our differences are on the color of our eyes, I have blue, she has green. Right now she is wearing a light white breastplate. I also wore the same except that it got destroyed when those evil dark-elves took off all the clothing from my body.

"Valeri… it was… it was scary… they almost…. "

"Yeah I know, I know…"

Everyone who saw us hugging each other had sympathetic eyes, as elves being hunted down was normal, but its the first time a whole camp didn't return. They all took their hats with feathers on it and placed it on their heart, in silence for those who weren't able to escape with me.


After crying with Valeri inside our quarters, we immediately headed to the leaders quarters where I told our leader the esteemed high-elf Allannia Leotoris the highest-ranked light elf, the founder of the resistance, and the most powerful elf that I know of, she was the princess of the strongest kingdom that held its ground, on the front.

Contrary to her position and high power, she was approachable and loved by the people of the resistance, she had an excessively tall figure, with glossy, golden hair hanging down her back. She has white skin, almond eyes, a high nose bridge, and thin lips, at one look anyone can tell that she looked so beautiful and one look at her face expresses her kindness.

She is magnanimous and is kind to everybody, just like any other elf, she laughs and interacts with other elves no matter what the rank is, opposite to the other officials in the higher echelon, she is the reason why the mental state of the elves in the resistance is still in a good condition, even in the long years of battle. As I arrived in her quarters she immediately came to me and hugged me putting my face on her health chest.

"My child, the battle must have been hard, but don't worry, our comrade's spirits are with us"

I was comforted of her kindness and concern, does she even get tired of this? I mean, personally caring for lots of people is a hard task, her words made me almost cry, I was deeply depressed by hearing the deaths and capture of the comrades I spent years with at the forward camp.

But that is why, I shouldn't spend any more time I should give information about that man, he may be the key to destroy the dark-elves, the key to our victory.

I immediately knelt in one knee to deliver the news, I am a soldier of the resistance, I must pay attention to formalities.

"Lady Allannia, I have something important to report to you, it's the details about the one who saved me"

I told them everything that happened, about the mysterious mist, about the multi-layered magic circle spell, and the mysterious man who saved me.

"I see, that's strange, the way you described him… black hair… in the first place we elves have golden-white hair, while dark elves have pure white hair… strange clothes… in the first place elven and dark-elves have different clothes but you say you also have not seen that type of clothes, and that multi-layered magic circles which is certainly different from our spell usage, as if he's using magic as a tool and not as partners or friends as we do... "

"Yes it's really strange, and the mist, only a spirit user can create such mist in a short amount of time"

"Using spirits and magic at the same time… wait, isn't this the man that has been taking down dark elves' settlements and stations?!"

"Really?! Wait... SettlementS and StationS meaning its many? By only one man?! Impossible! Even we are outnumbered by them! Am I hearing things wrong?"

"It's unbelievable but it's the truth, so far he has hit 10 stations and 21 settlements, the conditions are the same… white mist, strange magic, a covered figure, and eruptions coming from above"

"Total of 31 divisions… that's more than what we have achieved so far! While we have been in a defensive battle, he's out there fighting dark-elves without being seen, plus eruptions? I haven't seen him use that when he saved me."

"According to the elves that have been running out from those settlements, they were highly destructive it came dropping from the skies and from the ground, so maybe he didn't use it out of consideration for you"

"So the recent influx of refugees was from his doing? And not because our comrades have freed settlements one after another? Why haven't I heard of this until now?"

"That's because that information is limited to the higher echelon only until you have been involved with that gentleman directly that I am allowed to disclose this information to you, it's unfair but please understand that this is part of protocols, as we are using it to promote our cause, and claim responsibility for those attacks, in order for us to look stronger, but on the case of your unit it backfired, I'm very sorry"

"It's alright if it's for the resistance, so it's because of him that the dark-elves have been more aggressive, going so far as hunting a company-sized unit with a battalion"

Then, esteemed high-elf, we should come in contact with him, and get him to our side! If we can have him the resistance would win more fights and it would boost the morale of our soldiers"

If that man joins us, the resistance would have great momentum, with this we can even hit cities and free out countrymen.

"That's not a bad idea, but will he even join us? And can he even understand our language?"

"Esteemed high-elf! Allow me to find this man and-"

But before I could continue, we suddenly heard an explosion.

"Huh? An attack? Directly? Here in this fortified forest?"

I immediately headed outside the quarters with the lady Allannia, and we saw a fearsome scene, no… it was much more than that.

We saw the pathway from the gate with our comrades screaming as if their eyes were burning as they coughed in pain. Don't tell me, it's poison? I saw smoke everywhere that mixed with the air and became mist.

"Don't breathe it in!"

I shouted, the mist had a transparent color, and I didn't detect a single trace of magic in it. As I went towards some of my comrades to drag them away from it, there appeared a man, from the mist, walking silently with a strange staff on his hand, the same staff I saw when I was rescued.

He confidently walked past my comrades with confidence without batting an eye as the belts on his body sounded, the smoke didn't bother him, maybe because of the mask he is using or he is simply immune to it, I can't tell... because I'm sure he's not an elf. I could tell that he wasn't killing them but knocked them unconscious.

He continued walking towards me and the esteemed high-elf, don't tell me he followed me to kill our leader? What a blunder! How presumptuous of me, to suggest taking him as one of our comrades, look at what he's doing to our kind right now!

"What the hell are you? Why have you come here?"

I covered my nose and mouth with my hand as I asked him, but he didn't answer me, he only looked at me with his dead eyes,

"I am… your… ally"

He knows our language? How come!? He spoke in broken elven, it's clear that it isn't his language.

"An ally huh? To put my children into that state, reveal your self or I'll obliterate you here right now!"

This time it was lady Allannia who asked, she seemed to be mad, that the earth shook with intensity as she faced the masked man, lady Allannia has the spirit of the land with her and with a higher-ranked spirit at that. For some reason lady Allannia didn't attack him, maybe she's sizing him up? If she were serious she could take on the dark-elf commanders.

Strangely the man was numb of the lady's intense spirit power, which is making me feel nauseous, how can he endure this pressure? Is this the power of a man who defeats dark elves on his own?

"See, I… prove it… you"

He pointed his index finger at the skies, is he gonna attack!? Damn! I left my blade at my quarters! It doesn't matter, I still have my fists to use, I have to support and protect the lady Allannia!

But as I was about to move, the lady stopped me with her hand and the strong pressure she emitted was gone.

And there a chilling scene unfolded into my eyes.

As the piercing cry of unfamiliar birds reached my ears, flags of divisions of the dark-elf army were falling from above, dark colors, with different accents that represent different designations, also they weren't just small divisions, there were also bigger divisions that have elf commanders in it.

All of these were done by one man? I don't know whether to cheer in the joy that my enemy is defeated or to fear the man who has done it.

"Dark-elves… we'll destroy"

The man showed his fist, and opened it, and there hanged the high powered amulets being used by the dark elves commander that served as power amplifiers that originally came from the elven kingdom's leaders.

From taking down our guards easily, and walking in confidently as if he's walking on his own yard, to be numb from the lady's intense spirit power, the dark elf division flags that have now scattered on the floor, and then to the high-powered amulets which can change the tide of the battle.

Even I can see the lady's astonishment, she was left in agape and disbelief.

Who the hell is this man?

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