Isekai For My Ex Chapter 76: The Man of the Mis


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The sounds of spell bombardments awakened us, as we rested on one of the camps of the Free Elven Forces, a collection of elven military forces, that continued to fight against the Dark Elf King after the fall of all the kingdoms, we are the rightful owners and beings in this world, the true and pure elves.

Since the royal family and some young elves fled to another world to ensure the continuity of our race, some chose to stay to continue the resistance. Like me, being born to a family that is within the elven military it is my fate to fight for my world, my family did not choose to flee, they chose to fight.

I've lived a young age of 120 years, and became a mage of an elven kingdom, although it got overrun by the enemy's forces, my desire to protect my race and this world burns like a fire in my heart.

"Lyra, take the others, and use the hidden routes to escape, hurry up! This camp is finished! We won't last long! They outnumber us greatly, this isn't just a recon team!"

Amid the loud sounds of the spells of the dark elves who wore black robes, our commander still had the composure, as he shouted orders while fending off the spells using anti-spells that can be done by identifying the spells and countering it with the opposite element. In magic it is important to know the elements and to know which to use to counter in a defensive battle, light elves who are proficient casters are able to do that.

"Yes commander! Take care!"

I immediately took my staff and took some supplies with me in my drawstring, the others seeing me shortly followed.

It's a soldier's duty to follow the officer's orders although I'm worried about our commander, it is his command for us to escape and nothing more. If he told us to fight we would have done it, but as expected he is no fool, he sacrificed himself as a delaying action so many of us could escape and meet up with the others, to continue the resistance in these high mountains.

"Run! Run! Run!"

I screamed as we crossed the stream by jumping at the rocks, we went beyond the thicker forest and split up as we plan to meet up at a certain location and go together to the main camp where our leader lady Allannia Leotoris waits for us. It is our duty to defend the last royal blood of the elven kingdom, the only one capable and strong enough to lead us light elves in the resistance.

"As usual, it's not working, magic and numbers, they are above us, the brave ones are dying first, but still hope is left us, we will continue resisting no matter what! For our fellow elves, for our race, for our world!"

I ran towards the thick forest covered with all kinds of vegetation, one thing that works to our advantage in this escape is that we are used to the woods compared to those dark elves soldiers who have been used to their comfortable city lives as they abused and used their captives, sometimes we launch attacks and free them to get them to join the resistance.

To me running in this thick forest is just like dancing with it, with my light body I jumped from tree to tree, used vines to cross trees that are out of my reach. But there's something strange going on today, they are being so aggressive that I could still feel their bloodlust from here.

"What the hell happened? Usually they wouldn't chase us this far?" I looked back and saw some shadows forcing their way through the forest, swiftly cutting and destroying everything that blocked their way, based on the scale, it is one company that is chasing me.

"This is bad, if I go to the meeting place like this… we would all be discovered, tch! I have no choice but to make a diversion"

I pointed my staff on the plants and called forth my guardian spirits.

[Spirits of Green, Uproot, and Bind Thy Enemies!]

Seeds that glowed green manifested in my hand as I threw it to the ground, which grew immediately into several treants, up to six feet high.

They formed a barricade that made the shadows that followed stopped shortly, my green spirits can use any part of the body of the tree or plant I choose a body to fight, this time I used a hard tree that I spotted that also produces vines, I pray that it would be enough to stop or at least give more time to escape.

"Surely, they won't be able to get through them that fast… "

Now that I release my spirits I went from treetop to treetop, now I can finally go back to the original path.

But I underestimated too much of the enemy's persistence, a rain of paralyzing arrows flew at me at high speed. I adjusted my body to different angles as I ran by using the trees, until a small mistake would cost me my life.

As I was evading the arrows I stepped into an old branch, it was supposed to carry my weight but as I was evading the arrows my focus was directed to my whole body and not on my feet as a result, I slipped and fell down.

"Mother. Father, I'm sorry, at least I won't be a burden to the rest, I'll be killed here and they won't be able to follow their tracks"

As I fell down, the next volley of paralyzing arrows hit my shoulder and my limbs, strange… Why didn't they go for a direct hit? I landed on the ground at my back, I couldn't feel it but I'm sure some bones are broken. It hurts… but I can't do anything, the spell that coated the arrow wont let me. I couldn't speak, nor move anything in my body.

"Well Well, what do we have here, a spirit user brother!"

The dark elves who easily escaped my plant magic appeared as I laid on the ground with my head facing above, I can see them surrounding me, the stench of their dark mana pierced my nose, as usual, they looked like hideous monsters, taking the shape of an elf.

"Heh Heh! We got a haul today! We got spirit users and the commander's head!"

DAMNIT TO TREAT US LIKE ANIMALS, WHEN THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LOOKED LIKE IT! Spirit Users!? The images of my commander and my comrades who fled with me appeared on my mind, I thought that they were only chasing me! Just how many forces do they have, did they send a battalion just for a small force like us!

"Let's playyyyyy with the femalesssssss before we hand them off! They will be used as ingredients anyway!"

These ugly bastards!!! NO!!! Just kill me! Please! Someone! Kill me!

And then I felt it, my clothes being ripped off one by one with their smelly and bloody fingers, with their ugly faces looking at me with saliva dripping from their mouths in their deformed faces, no matter how much I resist, I can't move. I should have killed myself before I got paralyzed…. O God, how can you let these creatures do this to us, isn't evil supposed to be extinguished?

Then, suddenly I felt the temperature around us going down, I can feel it with my naked body, that it also made the dark elves stop as they tried to make sense of the mist that started to cover the area crawling in the deep forest, making the visibility zero.

"Be on your guard!"

"Yes commander!"

What the hell is happening? All of them are on guard and this mist… it's a spirit, and then I heard it, as if answering my prayer and desire to live, coming from the mist, a sound of a metal projectile going through it piercing through the heart of the dark elf, I can't see what it is but base on what I hear, it is indeed a fast-moving projectile coming at them at high speeds, I can hear them falling one by one.

"No way…"

"Who the hell are you! Show yourself you coward!"

But no one responded to their cheap provocations, this time it was their time to be hunted by something that caused them to fear, someone they can't see, and defeat, as one of them got taken after another, on sound, another sound.

In a few seconds, only the commander was left surrounded in the strange mist, who had a big body, the sounds hit him two times, but his fats served as a cushion, his flesh fell out but it didn't bother him.

"Where the hell is the girl? I could use them as a hostage!"

He can't see me? Could it be that the mist is also protecting me? I looked around the mist, with my heart singing in thanks, if not for it I would have been raped without having to die an easy death.

As I was thanking the invisible attacker in my mind, it happened, pretty two magic circles appeared on top of the commander's body representing water and lightning, lightning from its circle fell on the water magic circle and a strong stream of water gushed out from it hitting the commander under it.

It's a strange magic, the caster can't even be seen everywhere, nor I could hear a spell casting from anywhere, usually casting would mean to call out loud the magic.

A phenomenon occurred that I couldn't perceive in my mind. The commander was suddenly electrocuted by the water as if he'd been hit by thunder, the commander screamed in pain as he was endlessly electrocuted as the water flowed everywhere in his body.

Someone casted a spell without saying a word, sent magic circles directly without touching the enemy, and the concept of layering magic circles, creating a strange phenomenon, and then a spirit user using mist spirit to cover the area. There are certainly two people responsible for such a feat.

But what appeared to me was a single man covered in a dark cloak with a hood that covered his ears, he wore strange black clothing, but it wasn't armor, he held a staff with some metal tubes on it, smoke rose from it as if it was heated, the person wore a mask covering half his face, his eyes were black and looked dead for some reason, his complexion is the same with me, which rest me assured that he isn't a dark elf.

I, Lyra Vaeri Sarwynn, have just been saved by an unknown man, who has unconventional magic casting techniques and a capable spirit user. He took off his robe and covered me with it as he disappeared together with the mist.

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