Isekai For My Ex Chapter 75: Farewell, Michaela


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I, the queen of the Kingdom of Ethareri, Michaela Acirendra, holds some people dear in my heart, first my sister Claire Acirendra, we have different mothers but since we were children she was always there for me by my side after my father's death, being there with me I didn't feel alone, she was also one of the reasons why I became as what they say - a just and magnanimous queen, being next to me protecting me and learning with me.

Next is Andrei Spia, my fiance, although it's sketchy from where he came from, he was the one who saved me when I was about to be captured, and helped me in lots of things by going as far to go in missions and even in a war, winning it by using his peculiar inventions and unique ideas.

But after the war against the dark forces, I overheard Gideon talking to Andrei who was asking desperately about Claire's situation, based on how Gideon answered him there's only one conclusion, Claire has been affected by a curse, which was why she won't wake up.

Hearing it, I felt like the whole world came crashing down upon me, I couldn't imagine my little sister dying in front of me. I lost all my strength and fell down to my knees, as I felt my heart sinking. Andrei and Gideon seem to be telling me something, but I choose not to answer, no… my mind is just full of thoughts and fears and I was being overwhelmed by it.

I have already lost my father at a young age, and the thought of my little sister, my last remaining family dying, it sent chills all over to my body, I couldn't speak, I couldn't feel, my head was full of thoughts, and my heart was in pain. It seems too unrealistic, Erneis, the loyal knight who has served us since my father, whom I treated like an uncle figure, have died recently by the hands of the dark-elves, and now, they will take my little sister?

"No… No... NOOO!!!!" I screamed as the rain covered my surroundings, it echoed in the surroundings just like the roar of thunder, I felt was I was breaking inside. The maids tried to take me to a shelter but I refused, I wanted to be alone.

O God, how many more loved ones will I lose? Is it my fate to lose the ones that I love the most? As I questioned the almighty the memories came back, as I was in my father's deathbed, at the age of 10 as he patted my head.

"Michaela, Erneis here will find Claire for you, she is your little sister, and your last remaining family, be a good older sister to her okay?"

He told me, but father… for the sake of the people, I endangered her life, and now her life is hanging in the balance, a curse done by an unknown power would be a curse uncurable.

I screamed, again and again, punching the wall near me.

"Claire… no… this can't be happening… AHHHHHGGG... hah.. hah.. hah... AHGGG!!!"

I screamed to let out the pain I was feeling, but it was suddenly stopped by the gentle warm arms embraced me from behind, as he buried his face at my shoulder, held the hand that was bleeding due to me punching the wall, and whispered to my ears.

"Michaela… it's okay, it's okay, Claire… Claire will be okay"

This voice, this warmth, it's him, my fiance, the one and only man I and my sister loves, Andrei… are you gonna save us again this time? How many times am I gonna be saved by you? I was supposed to be the queen, but you… a stranger who came from nowhere is risking your life for me and the people around me… yes, you have been doing it since the beginning.

I turned back to him as I clutched on his arms and showed him my face as tears were flowing from it, but it couldn't be seen, as the rain was taking it along with it, however, as if knowing I was crying, he still wiped off the tears in my face, with a caring and loving gaze.

"Really? Claire's gonna be saved? My little sister is gonna be saved?"

I asked him to confirm that the words he said were true, all he showed me was a peaceful smile that suited his dark hair and eyes.

"Yes… she will leave, I will make it happen"

"Really? You're not lying right? You're not just saying this to comfort me right?"

I asked him, I don't want to have false hopes, he told me his answer by getting closer and hugging me tighter.

"Yes Michaela, don't worry, everything will be alright, Claire… Claire will live definitely"

"Sorry... for being such a useless Queen, don't leave me… Andrei, please… don't leave… me, please"

"No… it's because of you that I had the motivation and will to live… here in this world, because of you I didn't feel lonely, because of you I had a chance to redeem myself, if it weren't for you I didn't have the chance to be able to make these wonderful encounters and memories and I was able to find new people whom I can call friends. In such a beautiful world you became the sun, and Claire became the moon, and as I decided and as I promised Erneis, I will take care of you too from now on, so for that, I will make sure Claire… Claire comes back to you… "

O God, Is he your answer to my prayers? Such a wonderful embrace during the cold rainy afternoon, that warmed up my withered spirit, and filled me up with such a wonderful feeling of love, yes I can feel his love for me overflowing through his embrace. Do I even deserve such love? When all I did for him was cause problems?

Unconvinced that Claire might not be returning I asked him desperately to stay, but he didn't tell me he would, but I just ignored the fact and hugged him tightly without saying any word, without asking how he would do it, on that day he only reassured me that he would do it until I was able to fall asleep in his arms comfortably as the rain covered us, never did I think that it meant he was going away, without telling me.

The next day he disappeared, leaving only papers of instructions to maintain the green and brown soldiers, manuals and blueprints of his new inventions to be tried out by the blacksmiths, and some recipes for the sweets that he thinks I will enjoy.

I asked the maids, and they say that they saw him leaving with his battle outfit, it also didn't feel odd to them. I also asked the Kydus representative Gideon whom he talked to yesterday, but they didn't tell me anything, they seem to know something but I guess Andrei made a gag deal with them. I can't get anything from them no matter how much I shook Gideon, being a representative of another country I have no authority to force out the information from him. Unlike Andrei who doesn't understand nobles, I have my position to consider, it's frustrating... did he also predict this?

I held into my chest the papers that he poured all his soul into, with the sweets recipe at the front page, as I reminisce the times when we happily ate ice cream at the kitchen, with happy smiles on our faces

"... but how can I enjoy this… without you, who left me without any words, not even a farewell in the notes you left, Andrei… "

But as I held it a small piece of paper fell from it, I picked it up and flipped it and there was a message written on it.

"Learn how to bake that yourself, when I come back, and let's eat these sweets together with Claire"


I, Andrei Spia, decided to leave Ethareri early and went towards Kydus with Eagle and Raven accompanying me, it's a bit earlier than the planned 30 days but after what Michaela told me, during that rainy afternoon, I can't stay there anymore, if I would she wouldn't let me go, or worst she would come with me.

Without Michaela at its heart Ethareri would surely crumble, it's almost a year since I have been with them but it feels like I've been there with them for a lifetime. Really, time flies when you are with the right people.

In the 30 days, I would be trained by Gideon and his men in fighting and magic, although it was confirmed that I had no mana to begin with, I still have my gun with magic bullets in it, that alone gives me the need to understand magic as a whole and increase my odds of surviving a bit before I go to Alvheim.

"Farewell, Michaela, I have to go so you may smile once again, together with Claire"

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