Isekai For My Ex Chapter 57: DECISION


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The second gate that separated two forces were two portcullises made with steel, it was large enough for an army to pass, it was mounted in vertical grooves in the walls of the castle and could be raised or lowered quickly by means of chains or ropes attached to an internal winch.

Two of them were necessary because it was used to trap the enemy, the one closer to the inside would be closed first, and then the one farther away. After the enemy was trapped burning wood, fire-heated sand, or oil would be dropped onto them from the roof or murder-holes.

But for the coalition forces this wasn't a threat, as this time they would be at the defending side. The key to their victory was the defeat of the leader of the elf-possessed humans which was residing inside the emperor's body.


"Get to the roof immediately and bring as much gunpowder as you can!" Geraldine walked around the busy encampment, this time she wore her regular knight armor under a brown robe, indicating the color of the demolition battalion. "The supply point thing made it easy to transfer food, weapons, gunpowder, and projectiles, this way we don't have to worry about running out of them, even if we are just a small force with this we should be able to last longer, the concept is amazing," she thought as she looked left and right overseeing the whole preparation.

Bulky men in green clothes and hats ran around carrying wooden boxes that had powder and projectiles in it, meanwhile, men and women wearing brown in two's, carried boxes of BC's and Molotovs carefully, they went to different houses and areas. The settlement had wooden houses all over, except for its wooden gates, the houses were made from a sturdy material such as stones and bricks, the gun carriers were able to take positions within the houses nearer to the gates.

Before the portcullises there was a small stone bridge where a small river flowed, with Andrei's instruction, they used all available hands to create mounds as barriers following that line that will serve as the firing line.

"Anyone who's free immediately help create the barrier! Our fight is for when we get to close combat! We don't know if any of them escaped but assume that the enemy knows our tricks, your job will be just like before except that you will be defending the green men as they take down the incoming enemies from a distance!" Michaela gave her instructions to the warriors, they knew well that their advantage comes from having a longer range thanks to the gun carriers battalion, but they also knew that their efficiency lies on that only, if the enemy are able to breakthrough they would have to protect them at all cost.

Together with the mounds they positioned golden knights who are also casters, they can create spells by using the elements through their swords or wands, they know how to use magic but it's limited, unlike Witch/Wizards who are blessed by spirits themselves, this time their task is to protect the firing lines from casters in the enemies side. The coalition forces had two days to complete their fortifications.

"Michaela, shouldn't you rest by now? Everyone's started working already" Andrei asked her, while walking together.

"No, I have to be here, if they see me just sitting around, who knows what they will think, they might get the victory over their heads and slack off, unlike your well-disciplined battalions, knights have a different mindset after all," she crossed her arms while looking at the mounds being built by knights and green men together.

"Well, I could understand that, but you haven't had a rest since the last battle right?"

"Well, if you want to sleep with me, I might consider it"

"Oh, you must be so busy giving instructions, I don't want to get in your way so, bye!" Andrei waved at her with a smile.

"I'm figuring out your attitude a bit, you're a jerk aren't you?" Michaela pouted as she put her hands on his hips.

"Yes! I am!" he responded by putting his hand on his chest.

"Hah! Intentionally turning me off like that won't affect my love for you you know?"

"Michaela, you are in front of the knights, you're gonna reveal that side of you you know?"

"Hell do I care!"

While they were talking, Claire came over with her silver armor under her green robe.

"Sister, the scouts have arrived, come over, and bring that idiot with you" Claire pointed to Andrei.

"Me?" Andrei pointed to himself, to verify.

"Yes, or should I call you by another pet name?"

"Darling? Maybe?" Andrei retorted flatly, imitating her tone.

"I'd step in your face you know?" her eyes turned like dead-fish.

"Andrei, what is this difference in treatment?" Michaela asked with folded arms and raised eyebrows, which sent chills to Andrei's spine.

"Well, well, there's a peaceful resolution for everything right? Oh there's Geraldine!" Andrei tried to walk over to the chestnut hair girl passing by but was caught in the collar by Michaela.

"I'm gonna lecture you later, so come over here"

Michaela and Claire went to a house where the scouts were waiting, unlike knights that wore armor, they wore commoner's clothes, but when they saw Claire and Michaela walking over to them, they greeted them with a knightly salute.

"So, how many are there?" Michaela was the one to ask.

"Around 40,000 in foot, 20,000 in the cavalry," he responded while looking down.

"Just about the intel huh, any weird movements around them?" Claire asked.

"Umm… it's hard to say but, they are… dragging living humans with them," the three went silent, remembering what they saw in the settlement, this was something they expected.

"What do you think they are using them for?" Michaela asked.

"I don't know your highness Michaela, but it was said that during the fall of the emperor they used humans to get near the knights, so probably… "

"Shields huh… they know about our weapons," this time Andrei joined the conversation. He imagined them using humans to test the minefields.

"Tch, this is bad Michaela, Claire, if they use those humans to trigger the explosives, we can't use BC's!" Realizing the fact, Andrei turned to Michaela, but she did not react so much, she was lost in thought, with her hands squeezed into fists.

"We won't sacrifice them right?" Andrei asked anxiously with his eyes shaking, he couldn't bear the weight of his inventions killing innocent people.

"Stop it Andrei, don't put pressure on sister," Claire went in between them, "Sister, you don't have to listen to this idiot, just do what you think you need to do."

"I got it, let's think about it, when it happens, you guys prepare yourselves and leave the battlefield to me, you guys are more crucial to make this happen." she made a slight smile and turned around, "Andrei is right, I'm a bit tired, I'm gonna take a nap for a bit"

Michaela knew what was at stake, and that she would have to make the decision, as the leader of the coalition. "Sorry, Andrei, but in order for us to survive, I have to do this," seeing her beloved in such an expression hurt her deeply, she gritted her teeth while walking away, "I'm sure she'll hate me after this," tears welled up from her crystal blue eyes as she imagines him walking away from her.

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