Isekai For My Ex Chapter 50: KEVIN AND ROCK


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The dark elves cared much about multiplying their numbers, they didn't just burned all the babies they can find within the empire, but using the dead bodies they dwelled in, they raped women as they pleased, this was to ensure that they had more sacrifices to offer, in the cycle of months, which was to the dark elves in their long life span, was just a short time.

Dark elves lived from 200-300 years, even if they were called elves they are a different from their light counterparts which lives up to 750 years, it was said in the ancient scriptures that they came from a mutated race of a cross between a light elf and an inhabitant of Hel which was the land of the dead, since then, they worshipped the Gods of Hel, which in turn gives them power stronger than the light elves, however, this made their life span sunk to 200-300, combined with the deformations.

"What should we play today?"

"Ahhh let's do that again! Let's release all of these young humans and aim for a beheading!"

Two dark elves telepathically talked to each other, they all lined up with 1000 other dark elves within a dead knight's body at Mizar Settlement, the weakest point of Kydus and was the entrance that faced Ethareri, the weaker kingdom in the continent, until a months ago where their plan failed and a few humans escaped with half of Kydus' skilled knights due to some irregularities.

To the dark elves, it was rumored that the eruptions were done with Muspelheim's help, the land of fire, the dark elves expected war with Muspelheim's inhabitants as such, instead of attacking the weaker nation once and for all, they focused on strengthening their force.

Behind these knights at Mizar was a wooden cage full of captive humans, who bathed with the blood of their parents, for the elves this was just entertainment, to kill the parents of the young ones in front of them. All of them had fear written in their faces, some even lost their mind, however, there were still some who looked at the knights with contempt and rage, a sign of willpower and hope, for the dark elves this was an emotion they liked to play on.

Even as they sought help no one came for them, they were helplessly massacred and were put into harsh mental and physical conditions, those who tried to escape were helplessly cut off limb by limb, those who didn't resist was raped or tortured for fun, they couldn't hear their laughter, but it was evident with how the knights were acting, they were doing it for their pleasure.

"No, we should keep the females"

"Okay, then just the males, I'll release six, let's get them with Unholy Swords, the one who hits other than the head will lose, 'kay?"

"Yiehhhhhh! HAHAHA this will be fun brother"

They opened the cage and got six males, some of them were young adults, or teenagers. The boys immediately what their captors wanted for them, as they saw this happen every day, in a few hours they would get a number of people and have fun killing them.

The Knights pushed the five boys outside the cage and made a gesture shooing them away.

In fear the boys tried to plead for their lives, but the knights didn't respond, instead, they killed one of them for pleading, and made the shooing gesture again.

Having no choice, the boys ran with everything they could, fearing for their lives.

"Rock keep running!" one of the boys told his friend who was getting behind, the knights were still doing their incantations with their hands in the air.

"Kevin! I can't my feet are-" running without any shoes has made his foot swell.

"Damnit!" Kevin had to decide, whether to abandon his friend who can't run anymore, or to run together with the three teenagers who have gone ahead of them.

"If they finish chanting, it would be the end of us" Kevin thought, stopping beside his friend while looking at the other three who ran for their lives.

Kevin was a son of a noble who was celebrated by the commoners, his father was also the last lord to fall into the enemy's control. The last words he said to him was "Escape, Live on!" as his father was skinned, tortured and beheaded in front of him.

"Kevin, leave me behind, in the end, I'm just a commoner," for a teenager at the age of 15, Rock knew his status well, he knew what the right choice was, he only knew Kevin a few hours on the cage, there's no way a noble's kid would save him.

Or so he thought.

"Damnit!!!!!!!" Kevin, like his father couldn't leave behind anyone who was in need of help he took Rock to his shoulder and carried him.

"Kevin what are you do-"

"Shut up! If we die, at least let me die like the heroes in the stories!"

"Brother look at those puny humans! They are merging together! He's using him as a shield! HAHAHAHA" one of the elves telepathically sent a message to the knight beside him where his kind dwelled on.

"Oke, let's get them for the last, a kill tastes more if we give them false hope GYAHAHAHAHAHA"

Finishing the chant, one of them threw a small unholy sword, it was so fast that it hit the first one running, tearing him to pieces. Seeing this the other children still kept on running while screaming.

"Brother! You hit the body!"

"My bad GYAHAHA, you next!"

A new unholy sword appeared and swung horizontally creating a vortex, and it cut the other kid into two pieces.

"HAH! You suck! Okeh my turn!"

This time the third one running was hit on his neck, his body still kept on running a few steps and fell down to the floor, the head was thrown to the fourth target, who was carrying the fifth target.

As the head fell in front of Kevin, he could hear his innards growl.

"Not good, I'm throwing up"

"Kevin… leave me behind" Rock said shivering as he saw the severed head.

"NO!!! I'm not leaving you behind!"

"It's okay, you've done enough for me"


Rock, who was touched by Kevin's kindness, climbed down from his back and spread his arms facing the knights, yards away from them.

"This time, I'm going to protect you! Now run! I also want to become a hero after all! It's not just you!"

"Kevin, run! Don't give up!" He then turned his head to Kevin as he says this, but as he did this, an invisible sword cut his head, and his head with a smiling face fell to the ground.

Kevin couldn't help it anymore, he cried as he fell down to the floor and threw up.

"See! 1-1 now were even! BWAHAHAHA!"

"Now… how do we settle this"

"There's still the last one right?"

"But he stopped, what should we do?"

"Geheee, we'll wait until he gets to 60 yards, that's the limit range of our unholy swords"

"I have to stand…" Kevin said to himself as he held the ground, seeing Rock's severed head made him lose almost every ounce of his strength left.

"I have to stand! For father! For Rock!" with his flimsy hands, he dashed forward.

"I have to go left and right, please let me make it! Please!"

Kevin didn't look back, but he heard the last part of the chant from the knights, it was the only time they would say a word - that is when they made a chant.

"I'm done for," it was on Kevin's mind but he didn't stop, "I'm done for but at least I can show dad and Rock that I didn't give up until the end!"


The sound was getting closer and closer to him, but still he ran and ran and ran going to different directions.

"Dad, Rock, in heaven, lend me your strength!" he prayed within his heart and shouted. "I'll survive and I'll kill you all!" when he felt his hair move due to the flying object coming to him, he thought that it was his head will be rolling this time.

Until numerous sound echoed throughout the entire plain, and the projectile that was supposed to hit his head has disappeared.


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