Isekai For My Ex Chapter 44: ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE


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The recruitment happened at the plaza at the front of the palace, a mock weapon was displayed for applicants to lift.

What's new to this requirement is that even the common folk was being recruited as long as they satisfy the requirements, usually common folk or commoners would only be conscripted and they would comply in order to protect their homes and families, but this time it has a salary that rivals what an average knight would receive, if they were accepted the commoners would be able to feed their families with meals they didn't dream of, and they would be able to buy the things that they weren't able to due to their status. For them it was a dream and an honor at the same time, as this platoon would directly report to the queen's betrothed, His Highness Andrei.

Commoners, and average soldiers lined up hoping to be chosen, they had all kinds of body types but what they were all confident of was their strength.

The selection was turned into phases, first the candidate should easily be able to carry the weapon, next they should be able to carry it into a certain positions, and if they pass, Andrei would personally interview them in a room.

"The process was straightforward but why did you have to speak to them one by one?" Rara who was beside Andrei asked in curiosity.

"Because I'll be their commander after all, if I don't know them how can I lead them?" Andrei rubbed his shoulder due to the long line of candidates. "Next"

One after another Andrei talked with each candidate for 5 minutes personally, he introduced himself, explained what the candidate will be going through in his leadership and asked the candidate their intentions on joining.

Most common folk answered honestly that it was their way to earn more money than their current labor work, or that they need more to provide for their family and that they are ready to risk their lives for it.

For the soldiers, some heard rumors about him being an awesome commander or so, and that it would be an honor to serve him instead of their current platoon commander. Andrei giggled on this manner, it reminded him of his brother who was asking his father to be reassigned somewhere because he didn't like being under the command of their father on the air force.

Everyone gave different answers that it spent a half day to interview at least 100 promising candidates.

But unknown to these candidates, this was just the start of the recruitment process.


"Ahhh, it's so hot out here" Andrei almost wanted to take off his clothes due to the heat, but he still has to preside over the last recruitment stage.

"Hey Rara" he touched her lightly as Rara was oogling the weapon intensely.

"Ohhh Hey Andrei, what do you need from me?" the little girl stiffened like a cat but got back her composure immediately.

"There's something I like to try out at the kitchen, want to help out?"

Then he saw Erneis nearby, now on his full armor and was looking at the records of the applicants.

"Erneis, you come too if you are free"

The two couldn't say no to Andrei with both of them looking up to Andrei at some degree, but for Andrei they were simply his close friends, as he saw how stressed the people around him was; Michaela was working as Ethareri's center, Rara establishing her temporary government together with managing the escaped civilians and readying her troops, Erneis with the loads of demands for him being at the queen and his beck and call, and Claire…

"Claire? Isn't she always free?" Andrei thought.

Claire was always hanging around Andrei when it comes to interesting stuff, but when she gets bored she immediately disappears.

Immersed in his thoughts, the three finally arrived at the kitchen, and one of the maids was already there waiting for them, she was the maid assigned for the food preparations, she had violet hair that reached up to her shoulders.

"Celeste, were you able to prepare the ingredients I ordered?" Andrei waved at her.

"Yes Your Highness! Milk, sugar, cream, vanilla,salt and some fruits everything have been prepared!" the maid responded in a happy tone. "What are you gonna use these for? Another weapon?"

"Thank you Celeste, but no, I just want to create food out of these!" Andrei went to the table and saw that everything was indeed complete for what we needed. "Why do they think I always create something dangerous? Well… this is perfect to show them that I'm not that a dangerous person at all"

"Your Highness Andrei knows how to cook???" Erneis exclaimed.

"This really doesn't count as cooking though" Andrei shrugged his shoulders and made a wry smile, when he saw Rara's red eyes sparkling with curiosity, he knew that she would definitely like what he will be making at her current age.

"Okay! Let's begin everyone! Watch me closely! Especially you Celeste! Because you will be making this for us all the time!"

"Yes Your Highness!" The maid made a cute salute.

"You're strangely fired up Andrei, are you going crazy again?"

"Yea- … Claire why are you here suddenly?" as Andrei was about to begin Claire suddenly appeared in between Erneis and Rara, the two was also startled that she was even there.

"No, you guys were just so focused" Claire then made a gesture to Andrei to continue what he will be doing. "Is this girl going to give the old man a heart attack?" Andrei thought when he saw Erneis reaction.

Andrei mixed the milk and sugar until the sugar into a bowl and beat it until the sugar dissolved, then next, he put in the cream, salt and vanilla and stirred it. Finally it turned into a good texture, Andrei had a satisfied expression but he forgot the last thing. "Crap! Does this world even have a freezer"

He looked at his four audiences, who also stared at him back.

"Ummm… sorry everyone, I think we need to freeze or cool this, in my country we have a cabinet that freezes things... is there anything similar here in the kitchen?" he looked at them one by one but they seem to be also thinking… except for Claire, Claire doesn't care.

"If that's the case why don't I use my ability Your Highness?" Celeste raised her index finger.

"I thought you weren't capable of magic?" Andrei asked as Celeste went near to the kitchen.

"Ahhh about that Your Highness, I'm actually self taught, I don't have that much magic capability to create ice from nothing like Her Majesty Michaela, but I am capable of using it for chores" Celeste took a cup of water and put it near the bowl.

"How should we freeze this?" Celeste asked.

"Is it possible to just freeze it around the bowl and on top of it so that it won't freeze the mixture inside?" Andrei describes with his hands.

"Surely!" Celeste murmured her chant as she let water flow into her hands, water turned into ice and just like molding clay it took the shape of what Andrei wanted to make without freezing the mixture inside.

"Okay then we wait 30 minutes for it to chill inside"

==AFTER 30 minutes==

Celeste undid her magic and ice turned to water and water returned back to the cup.

"Okay everyone let's taste it!" Andrei gave a cup each, to Erneis, Rara, Claire, and

"This is for you Celeste, thanks for helping me make this", Celesta was surprised as she was trained that the maids would only eat after their masters finished, and it was taboo to eat together with them.

"But Your Majesty…" Celeste exclaimed, "I couldn't accept such…" but Claire who knew what she was thinking interrupted.

"It's fine Celeste, go ahead and accept it, I'll allow it"

It's the first time for Celeste and this made her feel very lucky that she almost had tears in her eyes, to eat with her masters is the greatest honor that she could get as a commoner and as a maid.

"Nice follow Claire!" Andrei made a thumbs up to Claire which she ignored. "Now that everyone's got their glass, let's eat!"

Everyone dips their spoon, and puts the strange mixture to their mouth, and just like thunder their taste bud was blown into pieces with the marriage of the sweetness and coldness that they couldn't explain.

In the end Andrei ended up making a weapon that made the ladies into cute maidens and made the old man look like he was going to heaven… except Claire.

Claire left together with her share and disappeared.


Claire returned back with Michaela, she didn't want to leave her beloved sister out on such a wonderful occasion, when Claire tasted the food Andrei made, she made an expression unlikely of her, as she didn't want Andrei to see it, she immediately left, accompanied by her passive stealth characteristic, no one was able to notice her.

At the kitchen Michaela saw Rara, Andrei and Erneis eating something together, Rara's eyes were smiling as she was eating while Erneis had a heavenly satisfied smiling expression.

"Andrei, what is happening here? Why is everyone having such silly expressions?"

"Ahhh Michaela, there's something I want you to taste" Andrei untied his apron turned to Michaela, he took a cup and scooped it inside the container, and gave it to Michaela.

When he saw Claire scooping for another serving on her own clumsily without saying anything he felt happy in his heart. "This girl really looks out for her loved ones, what a sweet sister" Andrei was reminded of that night when Claire slept with him in order to quell his nightmares.

"Here, taste it" Andrei gave Michaela her cup. "It was very hot so I thought of making this dessert for everyone, it's not as advanced as what we have in our country but it should still taste the same"

Michaela sweated seeing their expression, "Is my face gonna turn that weird also?" she was scared and somewhat excited of the food in front of her, but knowing that her beloved was the one who made it, and with Celeste on the side signalling her that it wasn't poisoned, Michaela decided to take the dip.

"HERE I GO!" she put the spoon with the mixture to her mouth and just like everyone else in the room, just like a divine revelation, she suddenly felt so happy, Michaela smiled like when she was a child putting her head on her palm.

Andrei felt happy seeing Michaela eating his homemade ice cream at a fast pace happily, he knew that Michaela was handling too many duties and was barely able to relax lately.

"How was it everyone?" Andrei puffed out his chest confidently seeing everyone's expression.

"This is… a dangerous weapon" Rara said as she took another serving, "Nations would fight over this national treasure"

"It's not a dangerous weapon and its not a national treasure so just keep enjoying it" Andrei retorted.

"Mmmm… for once I would like my grandchildren to taste this" Erneis looks at the cup he finished.

"For Little Shri right? You saw how easy I did it, you should be able to make it in your home!"

"Really Your Majesty? I'm grateful! But yeah, for that I need someone who has water and ice aptitude right?"

"No worries Sir Erneis, if you need it you can always come to the kitchen and ask Celeste to create the chilling method" Claire interrupted, Claire have always liked children but doesn't know how to interact with them, knowing that Erneis would want a child to to taste it, she knew she had to help.

Michaela was still speechless, and continued eating so Andrei didn't ask her further.

"Celeste I think they need second servings, can you take over from here? Also you can add flavors to it like strawberry to the cream, it would taste different" Andrei handed Celeste the apron.

"Leave it to me!" Celeste was fired up, and excited she knew her maid skills wouldn't lag behind.

Andrei then wore his jacket, and as he was about to go out, Erneis knowing that Andrei would be continuing the selection tried to stand but Andrei held his shoulder.

"Erneis you keep eating, I'll do the rest of the selection myself"

"But… the writings? Can you read?"

"It's okay, really, plus Geraldine would be there" Andrei took the records from the table. "Take this opportunity to relax, Celeste would be making another serving that is much more delicious"

Celeste took over the kitchen and Andrei disappeared from the kitchen.

Everyone had happy faces as they ate together, seeing this happy image before his eyes Andrei was satisfied to be able to clear his goal for the day. That is to release them from stress even for a short time.

"Everyone seems to be on the edge these days afterall"

Andrei thought, right now he stands at the wooden platform where Michaela once stood to command his knights when he tried to escape with the armor he borrowed from the knight named Elford, together with him was his vice-commander Geraldine who was holding the records.

Below them are the men who were able to clear the initial requirement, the strength capability and intentions requirement.

"Okay, it's time to see if they could survive the final selection" Andrei thought as he cracked his knuckles and made an evil smile.

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