Isekai For My Ex Chapter 42: THE WAR EFFOR


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As the threat unfolds itself to Ethareri, in order to counter it, Ethareri's workforce shifts quickly towards the war effort. Everyone became busy in the palace, in planning, conscription and the production of the weapons.

In the city, the message from the queen about the incoming war was posted into boards, in the message it describes the situation in Kydus, on how humans were being treated like cattle, abused, raped, put into slavery and being used as sacrfices, and that if the kingdom doesn't make a stand now, Ethareri would become the next Kydus.

Anxiety and fear welled up among the masses. Since the last great war centuries ago, where the Kingdom of Ethareri battled together with Kydus in order to defend the continent from an invasion of midgard monsters that came from the depths, Ethareri haven't experienced real war against another nation, whereas Kydus with its great strength, conquered smaller countries making a bigger empire centuries after the great war.

The people know how strong Kydus is in terms of its army, and with the intervention of the dark elves that they have only read in the scriptures they couldn't imagine Ethareri winning in this war.

"We are done"

"We shouldn't have accepted those refugees!"

"We should enlist immediately!"

"I was just getting started with my business!"

There were all kinds of sentiments going on from the citizens, this affected the war effort which wasn't doing good already. There were far less number of people who volunteered to enlist than expected, some citizens in fear decided to get out of the country reducing the workforce, supplies deliveries are getting late.

Michaela closes her eyes feeling a minor headache while listening to the reports, everyone was out of sync with each other, ministers often bumped into each other on their duties, on occasions raising voices and blaming each other for failures.

Michaela knew that at this pace, they wouldn't be able to make it in two months.

"It's because you allowed the guards to open the gates that we are experiencing this manpower shortage right now!"

"Old man! If we dont keep them open, supplies that we have procured will stop coming! What do you want me to do? Stop the trade? We are getting delayed already due to the lack of ships!"

The youngest and the shortest ministers argued, Prys was in charge of the conscription and citizens affairs while Bradwen was in charge of trade.

"Hey you two… stop that already" Trefor tried to come in between the two, Trefor was in charge of the treasury, "Have you forgotten that you are in the presence of Her Highness?"

Trefor was a higher official, being appointed to the treasury he has a higher position and responsibility compared to the two. Trefor was also the oldest among the three, his long and white beard makes him look like a sage, he was a minister even before Michaela and Claire's father died of illness.

The old man looked after the sisters and guided them to become the great queen and princess that they are right now, he was behind the rules of not allowing slavery and other laws that makes Ethareri a comfortable place for citizens to live.

However this comfort can become a double edged sword especially during war times.

Michaela pressed her lips together and stood up from her throne in annoyance.

"We aren't getting anywhere! We are in preparation for the war and all you could think of is pointing at each other's faults, dismissed!"

The three ministers bowed and disappeared from the throne room. Michaela massaged her temple. "Ahhhh those old men" and made a deep sigh, Michaela has been working on the plan that they have made in order to prepare for the war, but it didn't go as she expected, that it stressed her out so much.

Michaela went to search for Andrei, she went to his room but he wasn't there anymore, all he could see was scattered paper all over. When she saw his bed she remembered the passionate night when they kissed and slept together.

Mchaela jumps to the bed and smelled the pillows. "Sniff… Sniff", she could smell Andrei's familiar scent, "Ahhh this takes away the stress", but Michaela didn't notice that the door was open, while indulging herself by hugging and smelling the pillows. Claire came in and knocked at the door even though it was already open.

"Sister, what the hell are you doing?" Claire was creeped out, her expression was the same, but she lowered her voice so her sister could figure out how she felt about seeing her.

"Ahhh it's you Claire, come and join me" Michaela said while hugging the pillows.

"Join you in?"

"Smelling his scent?"

"Why would I?" this time a visible expression of her disgust can be seen on her face. "Stop fooling around and come with me, that idiot came up with something I'd want you to see"



Michaela then threw herself out of the bed and fixed her hair, Claire went out first and Michaela followed her as they went to the kitchen.

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