Isekai For My Ex Chapter 40: JUST A NEW DAY AND A NIGH


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After the firing exercise, Andrei immediately went back to his room to have rest, with the events that happened, he felt so tired, with his energy taken when he lost consciousness.

"But… that healing magic is really amazing, but yes, I should sleep early now" he thought.

When he separated from the others, Michaela went back to her duties, while Rara and the Savoy's went back to the camp, as for Claire, she stealthily disappeared before anyone could notice.

Andrei faces the ceiling as he laid down on his bed, "I did… the right thing… yes… I did…" he muttered to himself until he fell asleep. But shortly, after five hours he woke up in the middle of the night. The lamps already had run out and it was dark and freezing in the room, except for the left half of his body, where a soft sensation hugged him from his side.

When he looked at what's warming his body, there lies Michaela with her blonde hair, scattered everywhere as she slept soundly.

"You finally had the time to sleep huh?" Andrei said to her as he stroked her hair with his fingers, "Now when I think of it, she looks just like this when I helped her escape… she looks cute, it feels odd being the fiance of this beauty" he gave a laugh as he lightly pinched her nose to wake her up. "But, I can't have you sleeping here you know?"

As he pinched her nose, Michaela opened her eyes, "You can tell huh?... but I'm not going anywhere" she smiled as she hugged him more tightly. Michaela pretended to be asleep as she only arrived several minutes before Andrei woke up.

"Hey… your sleeping quarters are times more better than this bed right? Are you sure you want to take your long awaited sleep here?"

"Not going… Andrei is here after all, plus Claire have already slept with you right?" she said the words in a naughty way.

"That was for the new weapons sake… and stop making it sound dirty, and shouldn't you be scolding me for that?"

"Why should I?"

"Well… I'm… your fiance right?"


"'Then what? Of course you would be angry about that right? I was even scared for a second when you found out that Claire slept here with me"

This time, Michaela, thought about for a while, as she played around with his face and hair, but shortly gave her answer, "Well, I'm gonna be angry if you married another girl without my approval though, but if it's Claire, my sister, there's no problem, much more I would like to celebrate the fact, after all I want to be with her even if we grow old, I also don't think that there's anyone but you, who could handle her attitude"

Andrei hearing her answer thought, "She doesn't seem to be lying… but if that's the case, then polygamy is normal here" he looked at her eyes that were as clear as the skies, even if the room was dark, he could smell and hear her breathing, with her eyes just fixed on his. "In this tempting situation, something bad might happen… I should divert the topic"

"Y-Y-You can't be so sure! Claire doesn't even like me, maybe Claire meets someone on the way… hey why are you talking about marriage so suddenly"

"No… I don't think so, no matter how tight-lipped my sister is, I know much about her than you, now let me tell you a good reason…" she put up her index finger towards his lips.

"Claire… doesn't just sleeps in another man's room just because she intends to do something important that means she's comfortable around you and trusts you, and much more sleep with that man, cuddling each other… I just don't know why you were on the floor, but definitely Claire is acting odd , but in that way it's cute" and she gave a little giggle.

"But… I can't have her monopolizing you you know, even if she's my sister…" and she hugged him more tightly, "Now… it's my time for the cuddles"

Andrei knew what she meant, and organized his mind, "I just can't figure out this girl, well… I think they're both important to me, so..." he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead, "Well, if you're both okay with me then… one day if possible… for now, I just want to sleep"

"Yes, you'll marry us both right?"





"If the time comes alright? let's not rush it! and don't increase the pressure, you'll break my bones" Andrei complained as Michaela's hug on him became much more tighter, causing his bones to create a breaking sound.

"Thank you, Andrei, with you by my side, I think I can go on with the troubles of this Kingdom, definitely, surely I'll protect my people, I'll have them be able to wear the smiles as they please, without the fear of getting harmed. I'll do it… yes, I'll do it for sure, I may be weak by now, but surely… someday" she raised her fist to the ceiling.

Andrei laughed seeing the girls expression, "Are you an anime character or something?" he thought as he remembered shonen manga MC's that raised their fists when they talked about their goals, "For now… the great Queen has to sleep so save that for tomorrow"

Michaela snuggled up to him, and closed her eyes, "...and don't forget, you're not a murderer, those people took up their swords to us, it's normal for people to protect themselves to such lengths, don't worry, I'll be here to make sure that your weapons don't kill the innocent, so for now… the future King has to sleep soundly okay?"

The word "King" made him shudder but seeing her sleepy face he chose not to retort.

Hearing that with her sleepy voice, not only removed the recent guilt that started to build up inside his heart, but he was able to look forward to another day, without the fear of his weapons being pointed at the innocent, with Michaela's words, he regained his peace of mind.

He felt that the uneasiness that made him vomit has disappeared without a trace, with the beautiful girl within his arms, he looked forward to a bright future for the people around him and for himself.

"Thank you, Michaela, thank you, then on my side, I will make the things that will improve the peoples lives, not just weapons"

Michaela didn't respond anymore, but with her eyes closed, she smiled, the feeling for Andrei was so comfortable for the temptation to start to take him over as the light of the moon reaching the room, and as he looked at her unkempt hair, pinkish lips, vulnerable state, and her white and soft complexion, and the sensation that he felt under his arms, before he could notice, his heart was already beating faster, and he couldn't feel the cold anymore, he slightly tilted his head down and kissed her lips.

Michaela was surprised of what he did, her eyebrows raised slightly, but for her this was the first time her lover made a move on her, driven with the love and longing for him, she responded by also kissing him without opening her eyes, and before they knew it, the rhythm started to build up and their mouths started to move around and their tongues have already intertwined with each other as if it was dancing.

Michaela moved her arms on the back of his neck as they kissed and Andrei pressed her body more onto him, as he wanted to feel more of her. They kissed as if they longed for each other, and haven't seen each other for a long time, but they both knew that they should stop there, they looked at each others eyes when they separated and with that position, they fell asleep together.

When Andrei woke up, Michaela was still sleeping, hugging him tight, with her hair still scattered everywhere on the sheets. But when he noticed a shadow cast over him, where the sun's light was supposed to be basking him from above, the shadow formed a humanoid shape, a shape that gave Andrei goosebumps as he could predict who was the person behind him.

"Claire… umm… do you think you should knock before coming in?" Andrei talked to her while just looking at her shadow in fear.

"Ahhh… ohhh, ummmm why should I?" she replied on her usual deadpan retort.

"Well… know this is a boy's room isn't it?"

"... but I see my sister in here though?" the shadow grew larger with this reply.

"Claire… I just woke up today, please don't do it to my eyes… "


"Claire?" he slightly tilted his head to the direction of the shadow's owner, and when two fingers poked his eyes he screamed in agony that echoed throughout the palace.

Those who heard it, had a deep sigh, the maids, Erneis, and Rara who was on the palace hall waiting for the audience of the queen.

Gideon and his wife who was outside the room waiting for Claire, was startled and tried to take out his wand, "W-W-What was that scream Your Highness?" he started to panic and got ready in chanting position with both of his hand in the wand.

"Just ignore it… you'll get used to it soon" the princess Rara who was approaching them gave a shrug making Gideon curious.

The one who got it was Layla who gave chuckle while covering her mouth with a fan, "Is that so huh?"

"What is it?" her dense husband asked her.

"Nothing important, they are simply living up to their youth" Layla answered him with a smile seeing her husbands curious face.


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