Isekai For My Ex Chapter 4: THE ESCAPE


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"♪♪Hmmm hmm hmm ♪♪ " a young beautiful girl in a white one-piece summer dress, with long and blond hair, blue eyes, and rosy white complexion was lying next to Andrei happily looking at him from his side as if she had bought a new toy. The man she was looking on happily was Andrei with his hands and feet are being tied on all four corners of the bed.

"Wha-What the hell are you guys doing!!!!!" Andrei screamed from the bottom of his heart.


The girl in white silver armor - the stealth mode monotone girl was called by a maid and left the room. Not knowing what to do about the heavy proclamation, taking this chance, Andrei decided to escape,

"Okay, just like that one anime I watched, I'm not gonna be bounded by royal kingdom ties! I'm gonna explore these continents and eat delicious food everywhere, hmmm, hmmm this is a man's romance - journey!" he proudly said with his right hand on his chest thrilled for an adventure.

Andrei growing up in a modern-era military family since childhood his mind has been hammered with basic knowledge in survival, emergency, and even combat skills, which would also include his escape skills.

"Okay, here we go", he slowly stepped outside the door, and looked around, where he found a long hallway in red carpet, where doors can be seen at each interval, and the ceiling was high, clearly showing that the place was huge.

"I didn't imagine this, but it's really in a castle", Andrei smiled bitterly thinking how big the place was and that the success of his escape would be greatly be affected by the structure of the place which he really didn't know in the first place. He looked over the window to get a slight idea, but he could only see a cliff and a tall stonewall with medieval war tools mounted, but this sight gave him an idea that he was on a very high place.

He walked through the hallway, hiding from pillar to pillar until he reached a door which was an entrance to a garden. It looked so magical that even in broad daylight, he could see purple-colored firefly-like lights, "Fireflies? In the middle of the day? and they're purple!" He was thrilled but at the same time felt a bit scared not knowing what kind of world did he end up in.

"It wouldn't be surprising if I encounter fairies here, but it wouldn't be funny if they had fangs and start attacking me"

As he walked through the garden the lights surrounded him, there were all kinds of flowers in the garden, some of them he didn't know, he went around sniffing them caressing their petals. He didn't realize that he was already sightseeing, he then got tired and found a bench made of wood covered with vines of roses.

"That would hurt if it had thorns", Andrei stepped closer to the bench and checked if it had thorns and found out that it didn't, which made it perfect for him to sit on.

"Escape is also good, but you need to enjoy the things you want to enjoy," he sat on the bench, spread out his arms wide and looked at the scenery before his eyes. While looking at the beautiful flowers and lights around him, he felt very happy, but at the same time emptiness filled his heart and as he sighed, he let out words of regret and sorrow.

"She would totally love this if she was here"

Whom he meant was the woman who brought colors to his dull-colored life, the one who left a deep hole within his heart when she passed away.

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