Isekai For My Ex Chapter 35: HOW THE HELL WAS MADE


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Hearing the news everyone went to work immediately, Claire gathered the archers and went to the battlements while Andrei went to the platoon he is in command of, they were the ones who were trained on how to assemble the weapons as well as how to set it up on the ground.

He stepped in front of them and said, "Today we will be planting the BC's on the south-east side outside the gate, just do as what we did in the drills, and no accidents will happen. He looked at his Vice-Commander Geraldine, who now wore the same armor Claire has.

His troops were mostly made of conscripts, maids and knights, the knights came under the command of their Vice-Commander Geraldine to be the guards during the camp, and the maids and conscripts were the ones responsible for assembling and planting the bombs.

"I'll leave it to you to look out for enemies as we plant them"

"Yes Your Highness!" Geraldine put her hand on his chest as a salute.

Andrei nodded and looked at the team who will be planting the explosives, on his request they were made to wear the same pattern as his grassland camouflage jacket on top and their pants. This way it will be most unlikely for them to attract enemy detection than wearing their usual working clothes.

At first they complained about how they looked so silly wearing the clothes painted with different colors, but when Andrei told them its purpose, they felt happy that their commander was looking out for their safety. Right now as they stood in front of their commander their eyes were full of pride and determination.

Andrei showed them the map and formed the strategies on placing the bombs after that Andrei put his hands on his back and commanded them.

"Everyone! Let's head out!" unlike the nobles who gave orders to their subordinates, he used a different phrase which made them curious and looked at each other, however, he only ignored this and rode the horse carriage Geraldine prepared for him, it was the carriage that carried the explosives, the carriage's mast was also painted the same colors as their clothes. They rode three carriages in total, each for carrying the knights, the planters and the last one for carrying the explosives where Andrei rode on.


When they reached the outskirts, the knights quickly hid on the woods ahead of it, circling the area where the planters got down and started getting an explosive per person.

"This is weird Geraldine, why are we hiding in these woods instead of guarding them directly?" a knight complained as he wasn't used to the job, when knights guarded an area they would stand proudly with their swords, however, this time they were commanded to hide on the woods as a lookout.

"Yes, it feels strange too, I feel like a bandit or something, but this is the commander's order, we should just obey it"

"That's right" a middle-aged knight supported, while he closed his eyes., and continued, "I was looking from afar but I could see how powerful those weapons are, we also helped in assembling those dangerous things didn't we? But we didn't really see at close on how it kills the enemy, all we need to do is to assure that they plant those carefully without the threat of being found out, or else accidents might happen and they'll blow up themselves to pieces with us"

Hearing this the knight that complained simply gulped down his doubts and didn't dare to ask anymore.

In a few minutes the set-up of the explosives were done, and according to instructions they left at high speed, that when they entered a hidden passage that they could barely feel the shaking of the ground due to the number of people on the run.

Andrei quickly climbed to the battlements and went to Claire's side while panting heavily. "Preparations are done, according to instruction, have the archers arrows guide them to the target place"

"Got it" Claire looked at the archers on her left and right, "Ready your bows!", on her instruction they pulled an arrow from their quivers and docked it to their bows. Then Claire looked at the approaching men and saw the two groups, a large number who were clearly running away from another group behind them, and it seemed that there were huge swords getting thrown at them in intervals that appearing magically on the center of the knight groups creating panic and murdering wherever it lands.

However Claire stood calm and waited for the right opportunity to guide the enemy force to the traps, while Erneis alone went to the defectors to make them stop on the right place becoming the bait.

When Claire finally found the right area he raised her sword to a certain angle, which the archers imitated, and then she shouted, "Release!" the archers' lets go of the arrows and it went to the direction she wanted it to be, Claire was a natural-born commander, even she wasn't blessed with powerful magic power, she was blessed with a strategists mind. When Andrei told her what he planned to do, Claire adjusted the plan in order for it to happen realistically, which he immediately acknowledged.

When the rain of arrows were approaching the knights, just as planned they turned their direction to the area, and with click after click, hell from the ground erupted on them, shredding them to pieces as if the armors that they wore were no more than a sheet of paper.

The commanders of the operation stood on top of the battlements, while the Queen and her knights prepared to receive the defectors together with the Princess of Kydus - Rara in order to protect them from the huge swords being thrown to them if the plan failed, as Michaela have great magic power of Ice and Flame while Rara's magic can boost any weapon she touches, currently leaving Erneis at the ground to shield them from the splinters.

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