Isekai For My Ex Chapter 34: MARRIAGE FOR THE KINGDOM


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Hours before the encounter, Michaela gathered everyone at the planning chamber, Erneis, Claire and Andrei, to reveal the big news of the unavoidable war, everyone had a sullen look on their faces when they heard her explanation on the sudden turn of events, accompanied with the letter from the man named Christopher Stanier.

"I guess that's what happened huh? No wonder I thought it was strange for that old man to desire power that much, that old man who seemed to have been so stubborn on dying on his homeland, well… it was us who forced him to get treatment on Kydus after all" Erneis said while putting his hand on his forehead, and continued, "Whatever the case, we currently don't have a way to pull out those damn elves inside their bodies, with those two Kydus regiments with us, we may even stand a chance, just as Your Highness Andrei told us, 'Offense is the best defense'."

"Indeed, I have already spoke with the ministers to start preparations for war… well, I think we have already started" and she looked at Andrei who was standing at Erneis' side looking at the map, she remembered when Andrei told them to prepare and boost the war assets ahead of time, and thought that the suggestion turned to be very useful when the war situation finally heated.

"But, can that man be really trusted? What if he's just bluffing?" Claire asked as she took a sip of her tea.

"If our spies sent it for him, then it's true, if we match it with Rara's description of what happened to his father it all makes sense" Michaela replied, and went towards Andrei.

"Andrei, please lend us your strength in this war, you can marry me ahead of time so that you'll be the King and prote-" she bowed to him unbecoming of a queen however she wasn't able to continue as, Andrei was just nonchalantly tracing the map with his fingers, and interrupted her without looking as he was focusing all his attention on the map before him.

"About that, don't worry, I already consider this place as my home after all, I don't intend on letting anyone destroy it, but I don't want the marriage if it's only to keep me here." Andrei knew what would come next, after the word "marriage" but this is one thing he cant give up, he wanted to marry her not for a position or an advantage, but when the time truly comes for them to be.

"I intend to fully give you my support without the marriage, I would prefer it to happen if everything is settled and the perfect time comes" and finally his finger stopped at a certain location at the map, he looked at her and smiled, "You also don't want that do you?"

What he said left a hint of sadness in her, but deep inside she didn't want to hasten the marriage, so what he have said was true, but she placed her hope in him to help her guide the people of the kingdom during the war where a King is needed, so she needed something to tie him to the kingdom and have the authentic authority to lead.

She was surprised to hear that the man that she loves have already decided to protect the kingdom even without her offer, in his eyes there were no signs or hints of lies, he just simply told her that he already treats the kingdom as his home and that the response that came from him was very natural as if it was inevitable that he would serve the kingdom and risk his life without anything in return, to her he gave a mysterious aura like never before, as if the man, who had the knowledge and skills to rule, didn't have any ambition to do so.

The expression on her face was still, but Andrei could deduce on what she was thinking, so he bent forward to the map again and used his index finger to trace some parts of it while talking to her "And isn't it a bit too late for that? I already went on a mission once right? I even gave you the knowledge for the new weapons, and I think being a King wouldn't suit me at the moment, but maybe in the future, okay?"

Andrei was fully aware of his feelings for her, but he couldn't just accept the role of being the King that easily, and marrying her in order to have the authority and power, as a modern person he knew that in the old times marriage was one thing that people offered to their protectors for them to keep protecting, but to him it was different; bonds and feelings were enough, so he wanted to help her protect what was precious to her, which also became precious to him.

"I don't even know how long can my knowledge be useful" he thought as he made a sigh.

"It's done" he said, surprising the people around him, and continued, "I found the right places to create our landmine defense line" he looked excitedly at everyone.

Unfamiliar words blurted out from his mouth that everyone's expression became complicated, while Claire whom he always lectured while making the metal parts in his room, didn't even have the slightest hint of surprise, she just took another sip of her tea and sighed a bit.

Andrei started to explain what he meant, so with his fingers and the figurines on top representing the battalions, he traced on the map what was the defense line he meant, when a raven went into their room and transformed into a man without clothing.

"Who goes there!" Erneis shouted as he unsheathed his sword while Andrei instinctively covered Claire and Michaela's eyes.

"I can't see idiot" Claire complained but stood still, while Michaela couldn't say a word as it was a long time since his hands touched her face.

"I come from Viscount Gideon Savoy of Kydus Empire, I am his messenger, currently our forces have defected and wishes to join with the princess Rara's army.

The enemy pursuing us carries is strong as well as they are accompanied by an unknown force enough to throw a large swords to our troops, the viscount requests any assistance from your kingdom who's currently allied and is sheltering our princess" he said as he knelt, while maids covered him with a cloth.

Michaela removed Andrei's hand and stepped in the corner to think, and looked at Andrei who removed his hand from Claire's eyes too.

"What do you think? Should we lend our assistance? If it were me I would leave it to the princess' troops"

"No…" Andrei pondered for a bit, "Let's make use of this opportunity to test our weapons against the enemies forces"

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