Isekai For My Ex Chapter 33: UNKNOWN MEETS UNKNOWN


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"Brothers! Those puny humans have stopped, don't let them get away even if they beg for mercy! Kill them! Kill Kill Kill Kill! Kill those insects and turn them into meat!" the crazed dark elf telepathically sent his message to his brothers.

The pursuing party was composed of two divisions which amounted to 20,000 strong knights, 500 of them was possessed by dark elves and the rest was a gathering of nobles and their knights who were hungry for power and acknowledgment from the emperor, they only followed the silent knights in the vanguard of them in whatever they did, just as what the emperor has instructed them to.

Even when they went to a foreign land they didn't stop the chase, even the situation was abnormal, and their horses were exhausted they still continued the charge, until a rain of arrows from the battlements of the neighboring kingdom flew to them.

"What a lousy rain of arrows, hahaha there's a limit on how pitiful these little insects can be! But I can't afford to lose this body right now" the dark elf leading the pursuit thought, "Change direction!"

The moment they changed the direction they went to an area filled with tallgrass, that it hid the ground, however, their horses were fast enough, that it was able to go through it without a problem.


[Click, Click, Click]

[Click, Click]

Until they all heard unfamiliar sounds underneath their feet.

What followed was a loud explosion that disoriented them, a piece of metal appeared from the ground and it broke to pieces showering the enemy knights with fast-moving circle-shaped pieces of metal, the speed was so high that it passed through their armor without any problem.

"W-W-What the hell is this!" Exclaimed the leader, who saw hell behind him as the battalion was being killed one by one by an unknown force which makes the metals fly in different directions killing them one by one.

As they panicked, they moved their horses, and with click after click explosion could be heard not only affecting the one who stepped on it but also the knights around it. The explosions were too loud that they didn't know what to do.

The chain of command was broken, the cowards who tried to escape first stepped into another mine and led the doom of their group.

"Damn it the ground is exploding!" the brother of the dark elf leader called for help.

"Let's join together! It must be those archers on top, let's murder them!" it was already hell around them and for the nobles as the pieces of metal flew everywhere piercing holes in the knight's body without a problem and as the explosion set off dozens and dozens of knights dropped dead, severing the knights their head from their body, some bodies were pierced by so many metals that they were already unrecognizable, the ones who were left, tried to band together to form another silhouette, as it was no problem for them to see the sea of dead humans around them.

However when they went to gather, the leader's horse stepped onto the familiar sound [Click], another chunk of metal flew from the ground killing the knights that tried to gather around with him, when he came around, the body he was possessing on has been cut into half, filled with holes everywhere.

"Damn it, I could still feel the pain even if it's just my spirit moving it" he exclaimed, as he saw the rains of the pieces of metal, accompanied with the explosion, his eyes hurt and almost went crazy, "HAHA, HAHAHA, HAHA", the spirit inside him laughed, the scene of humans dropping dead one by one for him was a spectacle, however, the immense power that it displayed made him crazy.

"This… this must be Muspelheim, Muspelheim the domain of fire has sided with the humans sister! It's not only us who wants it!" He screamed in his soul as the body he lost control with the dead body, losing his chance of rebirth in the land, however, his telepathy message also reached the dark elf that resided in the Emperor's body who was astounded of the situation.

Almost no one was able to escape the massacre, as more explosions happened the horses panicked and rushed wherever they wanted, stepping on every bomb, making the little balls in super speed fly to their owners.

Everyone on the battlements had a complicated reaction when they saw the enemy soldiers helplessly getting killed by the explosions on the ground, there were others who vomited out of the sight of the innards getting splashed around from the soldiers' body.

Andrei was of no exception he felt like vomiting, but he decided to hold it in until the end of the battle, he was standing together with Claire at the battlements, who could clearly see the sweat on his face, and how his eyes and mouth were shaking as he looked at the battle.

"Are you okay? If you want, you can choose to get down from here you know?"

"No… I'm alright" he responded straightly without looking at her.

"But… you're gonna have those nightmares again" Claire said in a low voice in order for the soldier to not hear them, she was reminded of the night when Andrei wasn't able to sleep.

"I already decided on this, so I have to look at the scene with my own eyes, this is the result of my invention after all, what it kills is what I kill, I would feel worse if I look away if I have to say - it is my responsibility to see this through," he said with a tone of determination put his hands on his back and looked at the explosions, "I already decided on this, so I have to get used to it… there's no turning back" he thought.

Claire could only look at him with a plain expression, but she knew that this was all a facade, as the people on the battlements was looking at him, if he looked weak it would affect their morale, Andrei did his best to look good in front of them.

"That power to erupt the ground, it's amazing!" an man who was an archer cheered while raising up his bow.

"Such a cowardly weapon, it does not honor the battle at all! This is just a massacre, I do not acknowledge this as a battle at all!" a stern golden knight commented.

".. but, its somehow, disgusting… and… uaaaa" the archer on his side couldn't take it and vomited on the ground.

Everyone had different thoughts on their minds; but it was grouped into two sentiments, the advantage that it gives on the battle, and the way it doesn't honor the battle itself.

As Erneis raised his protective spell everyone moved closer so that they would be included within the range of it, some chanted the same spells and made shields to protect them and the civilians, they were in utter shock as they saw how easily their pursuers was being shredded into pieces, they felt happy being safe but no one was able to raise a cheer, they could only look at the scene unfold.

"W-W-What the hell is this Erneis?", Gideon asked as he couldn't believe his eyes, flames covered the whole ground in a flash while a thousand enemies that ran after them were taken down at every second that goes by, the wounded immediately ran back to their direction together with those who were at the rear who were able to escape first, when they knew that the pursuit had failed and an unknown force is currently shredding most of the vanguards body to pieces.

Pieces of ball shrapnels flew to Erneis' shield, however, it was stopped and lost its momentum dropping to the ground after the impact, the old man had a complicated expression on his face, "It has become stronger… damn it" he thought, as he remembered when Andrei muttered that the power was too weak, "So this is what he meant huh? Increasing the powder makes a louder sound, disorienting anyone who hears it, creating panic, and that panic itself endangers them much more" he looked at the shocked magic caster Gideon to answer his question.

"At my age, I don't really have the energy to find out how it was built, but the young-... I mean, Your Highness Andrei named it after the Queen's sister, a bomb that takes the pride and honor of the battlefield, killing ten or more soldiers in a single blast… honestly, I thought it was silly at first, however seeing this in use, it's truly terrifying, this weapon called, BC"

"Your Highness Andrei?... Andrei Spia?... bomb?" Gideon could only mutter the words unfamiliar to him, as he saw the massacre in front of his eyes.

The heavy explosions ended leaving tons of corpses and severely wounded soldiers of more than half of the pursuing force. The rest have scattered already, the nobles who only cared about their riches, fame and honor, and those who wanted to take advantage of the situation.

The knights who spearheaded the pursuit was nowhere to be found, they were the ones who triggered the first set of mines.

The defectors arrived at Ethareri and were successfully received by their princess at the refugee camp.

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