Isekai For My Ex Chapter 31: ON THE RUN


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"On to me!" a flash of fire rose to the sky forming a phoenix, it came from a straight wand made of an old bark, the one holding it was Gideon Savoy, one of the nobles who opposed the order, when he confirmed that the king wasn't on his right mind, backed by his wife's clairvoyance, he immediately made the decision.

Together with their people and knights who rode on horses and carriages, going at a speed, they approached the gate made of wood, Gideon knew that this gate was the weakest gate to breakthrough from Kydus.

The Savoy's are known for their magic caster company, most of the knights that they lead knew military-grade spells, as knights who specialized in ranged magic they wore gold heavy armor to focus on protection.

The gatekeepers didn't stand a chance, some of them when they saw the viscount, even jumped on their horses to follow his lead. Before Gideon plotted the escape, he already sent messengers to his like-minded nobles, the more they got closer to the gate the more their numbers increased, the phoenix that flew at the sky together with them was the signal.

The phoenix made of fire flew into the gate broke it to pieces, everyone freely went out of the gates. It wasn't just the Savoy's who defected, there were also the Hawken's and the Netland's who was led by their Lords Raymond Hawken and Sunniva Netland respectively.

Their force combined was a measly 5,000 however when they brought the civilians that they ruled with them their numbers went up to 10,000 during the escape. They were chased by arrows and a cavalry running at top speed, they couldn't see their faces because of their helmets but from the high-grade lightweight armor that they wore, they immediately knew it was the knights of the nobles who accepted the king's order.

The screams of battle could be heard, while on the run towards Ethareri they were fighting for their very lives as the knights from enemy nobles chased them relentlessly. When they were near the border, their numbers were reduced to 9,000, the missing ones were killed or have fled.

"We're almost there! Raise the white flags!" they were near the border, however, a gust of wind passed through them and a huge sword stuck to the ground where they were approaching to, the sword was as thick as a carriage and was as long as a tree.

When the large smoke made by the impact cleared up and they saw the appearance of the big sword engulfed in dark aura, their run stopped momentarily, as everyone was on shock.

"Your highness! Defectors from Kydus have come to our borders they are approaching at high speed and seemed to be asking for assitance!" A knight reported to the planning chamber, where Erneis, Michaela and Claire was listening to Andrei's as he pointed on certain parts of the map on their defenses.

Michaela and Andrei looked at each other and nodded.

"We will give them assistance, inform the princess of Kydus about this matter, Erneis, sound the alarm, we will be going to battle!" Michaela declared.

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