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This time everyone opened their mouths in awe.

"But Lord, didn't you tell me that it was all you knew?" Erneis asked in complaint and disbelief.

Andrei shook his head.

"No, I'm sorry Erneis, I didn't mean to trick you, but back then I was scared of making this weapon that would mostly kill ten or more people in a blast, which would totally make me a murderer"

"T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-ten or more?!!!!" Erneis, Michaela and Rara could only gasp, while Claire focused her attention on Andrei.

He already predicted their reactions so this time he exhaled and continued.

"Yes, and in your case it would kill more than twenty I guess, I don't have the details about how much we could make with the materials, but as I have visited other places with Michaela I found some mineral deposits that I think we could use.

I already drawn the blueprint, if you could give me time, I will make a sample in a week with Claire's assistance that is" and he looked at Claire who made a sigh and kept drinking as if she doesn't care.

"But what changed your decision Andrei?" Michaela was the one who asked this time, "If that weapon is so destructive to kill at least…. 20 a blast as you've said it would totally make you a murderer right?"

"When Rara's army marched here, comparing it with our own forces, I saw the difference in strength, at the force is already fleeing from an enemy, and probably, I became scared…" Andrei looked away

"No... I was really really scared if something happens to you, to Claire, to the people on the town's square, to the farmers we visited, to the funny old ministers that accommodated us.

A force like that running from the enemy, and the princess of that empire wanting to join forces with us.

So inside my head I decided, if we could perhaps make it another day or two, with me lending you all my knowledge without any restriction, even if it's something that could make me a murderer, as long as I have been able to protect you all that's enough"

Everyone on the room became quiet, Michaela became red and Claire looked away while sipping from her tea, and Rara could only look at him with her red eyes shaking.

"If we don't join forces right now, and if we abandon those civilians outside, I don't know how else we are going survive this, by joining hands together I believe we can do something, rather than waiting for our doom, I believe we should at least make some preparations"

Andrei made a deep breath. "I will leave the decision to you Michaela"

Suddenly the old man beside him knelt in front of him.

"I Erneis will serve you until the day I die, you are truly fit to become Lord-no, Your Highness Andrei"

Andrei became embarrassed. "I totally got carried away and said that…" he thought, he wasn't used to old people kneeling at him. "Hey, please stop that old man"

Then he felt suddenly someone was hugging him, when he felt the soft sensation he quickly knew who was the one that was hugging him. It was Michaela who buried her face in his chest.

"I don't know what to say but… I really feel, very, very very thankful to have heard you say that" then she turned her head to Claire. "Right, Claire?"

Claire only looked away while knawing a piece of bread and became a bit red.

"Michaela, I'll leave the formalities to you, your deals with Rara and other complicated stuff"

Michaela nodded, she felt that she truly found a kindred soul who loves the kingdom as much as she does, she felt very happy that she couldn't help but hug him tight.

Andrei became flustered of the sudden turn of events. But deep inside he was thankful, that the people that he would be sacrificing for have already appreciated of what he was going to do. In his moral code killing isn't necessary, but that moral code was already broken days ago, he decided to carry this baggage for the greater good.

"So what weapon is this Andrei?" asked Claire who nonchalantly asked him about the weapon.

"You will help me make it Claire, after all your magic could make any form of metal right?"

"Yes, as long as it's a metal I've seen the ore up close"

"That's awesome!!! Then let's start right away!" Michaela tossed her hair.

"Then… are you going to help me recapture Kydus?" Rara asked bringing back the pressure in the room.

"Michaela is the only one who can answer that, I'm just going to make the weapon to defend ourselves with, but if she decides to use it to attack or help you retake your Empire, then maybe she'll help you. Right? Michaela?"

"Yes, after I see it I will decide, as I've said I will think it over again, the turn of events is too sudden that my mind couldn't keep up"

"Then let me help you Lord Andrei! With my power any sword, spear, arrow and bow would be invincible!" Rara volunteered herself almost jumping into Andrei but Michaela caught her by the collar.

"Power?"Andrei curiously asked "What power?"

"I can enhance any weapons power to triple"

Rara knew what she was talking about however Andrei who lived in a world where there are different sources and kinds of power, didn't know what she meant.

"Power is power!"

"Shut up you two" Claire interrupted who seemed irritated of the exchange, and looked at Rara.

"You see Andrei here is an idiot despite of his knowledge, so I think it would be best if you show it to him, I mean, your weapon enhancement magic" Claire stood up and smiled at Rara.

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