Isekai For My Ex Chapter 24: NEW WEAPON


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"Like I said, I need your help!" a young girl argued with Michaela on the planning chamber. The girl was still wearing her bulky armor, her silver hair flew through her shoulders and her scarlet eyes widened as she tried to make a plea.

"Yes I know, I know, but I am asking, why? Why do we need to help you? Why do I need to risk the lives of my soldiers, if it was a normal enemy we would have lent you some of our forces but against a force like that, what you're asking for is insane!"

Michaela responded in her majestic demeanor, wearing her gold armor, her crystal blue eyes sparked and was filled with authority.

"Aren't we allies? Isn't that reason good enough? Then, I'll give you some of our land and our resources! Please… please help us" she bowed her head, and knelt.

"Please save… my father… my people" she pleaded.

Michaela felt sorry for her, but there was no way the she could risk all of her soldiers getting killed by an unknown enemy.

"Let's save that talk for later, what about the other refugees who came with you? Where are they now? Why did you come with all your soldiers covered in wound and bruises? Were you chased by the enemy?"

"They are currently on the east side outside the gates of your kingdom, alongside the river, and about these wounds, half of our forces, the soldiers that the king took from me in order to reclaim the throne returned crazed and chased us until we reached your border" Rara still on the floor groveling.

"Then the help I could give you is shelter and food for three months, until then you can stay on that part of the border, also I will lend you our tents and fishing tools"

"I'm thankful for that but… won't you really help us with this war?"

"I think I've already gave you my answer?"

"But what if… they attack your country next? Before my brother went insane, according to father he was talking about ruling over the world and invading other lands such as yours, what will you do when that happens? Everything then will be too late!" Rara felt helpless deep insider her heart that groveling was all that she could do, he understands the Queen's position, but it was all that she could do.

"Raise your face and stand before me, you're a princess right? You shouldn't be groveling like this" This time Michaela kindly picked up Rara from the ground and supported her stand up, Michaela couldn't see her face earlier but now when she looked clearly at it, her eyes weren't filled with revenge and grudge as she assumed, tears well up on her red eyes with the expression of guilt and helplessness.

"I said we will talk more about this tomorrow, it's not that I don't want to help, I just want to think over this over again"

She then looked at Andrei who was silently looking at them, and the girl Rara did the same.

"Thank you, about this person, is he your betrothed? The one who performed that reckless rescue mission on Mizar?"

"Yes indeed, he's the one who punished those bandits from another faction who tried to use my servants to kill me" Michaela bragged and looked at Andrei who gave a wry smile, and gave a slight bow.


The little girl only looked at him in awe, she was looking at the person that piqued the Emperor's interest.

"What about you Lord Andrei, what are your thoughts on this?" Erneis asked him from his side.

"Well… if you think about it, sooner or later they will most probably attack this place, and with what has been described, that dark power is really scary.

I think it should be better to crush them as soon as possible, offense is the best defense after all, but we can't really risk our soldiers dying against the power of the unknown enemy"

Erneis eyes widened as if he received enlightenment.

"Thank you Lord Andrei, I have learned from that" the old man bowed his head to Andrei.

"No, no it's not that great, I'm just repeating what she said" he said as he waved his hand.

The alarm that went off wasn't the Kydus attacking, but rather the fleeing Rara and his companions towards the kingdom for asylum

Rara on the other side with Michaela had heard their conversation and had her eyes more fixated on him.

"Your Majesty, is your betrothed perhaps a military strategist from another country?"

"Hmmm… at least, I don't think so, but he was the one who came up with that reckless plan and fulfilled his promise of bringing everyone safely, which makes him very cool, especially when he made those weapons" Michaela had a dreamy expression on her face as she imagined Andrei in her mind differently.

"Ahhh I've heard from the eyewitnesses, those weapons made from bottles huh?" This time Rara moved closer to Andrei, she inspected him from head to toe, and even circled around him which made Andrei uncomfortable.

"Say, Queen's betrothed, do you have something will make us win against that unknown power?" she closed in her face to him, she tiptoed as her height was below Andrei's shoulder.

On the other side, Michaela's aura suddenly became darker and darker as if there was a demon behind her.

"This is bad, I have to answer quickly" he thought and his forehead started to sweat.

"Ahhh about that princess Rara, I think we should fight the unknown using another unknown right? To make things balance, at least that's what... I... think?" he checked on Michaela's expression.

"You're… interesting" Rara said with a serious tone as she closed in her face more into Andrei's this time that their noses almost touched, Michaela picked her up with one hand and carried her back to her seat.

"Andrei stop answering her like that!" Michaela protested cutely.

"I'm only answering in a normal way!" then he looked at the corner and saw Claire drinking her cup of tea, and this made him jump.

"You were there huh?" he thought as he didn't notice her again, Claire only glanced at him, fixed her tie and drank tea again, Andrei facepalmed.

"By the way Michaela, I have something to talk to you about" he glanced at Rara "It's somewhat related to that, is it alright for Rara to also hear it?"

"It's fine, I think she also has the right to hear it, since their empire is involved after all"

"Actually, I'm thinking of making another weapon to increase our forces capability"

And the whole room suddenly became silent that they could hear Claire still sipping from her tea alone.

"Maybe... it could help... Rara and... everyone?"

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