Isekai For My Ex Chapter 15: OPERATION PREPARATION


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"Mizar settlement is on the east side of the Kydus Empire, for travelers going to and from our Kingdom Ethareri and Sagrait Federation, this place is the only entrance and exit.

Kydus also had a west entrance and exit for the travelers going from and to the Holy Land of Adrar, a religious country headed by the pope."

Erneis began discussing the locations of each country as Andrei requested, in order for him to properly come up with a plan, he needed to have information firsthand, but Andrei was astounded of the great difference of the worlds hearing the discussion.

"So this is a part of the map of this world huh, it seems that they don't have a world map yet," he thought, as he opened his mouth while looking at the map while listening to Erneis' discussion. It was a detailed map on the continent where countries are plotted, it included rivers, mountains and some Island nations, the closest nation to Kydus was Ethareri, and next to it was Sagrait Empire, further north was the Holy Land of Adrar, a nation founded by religion. Andrei focused on the country he resides in, and the potential enemy, Kydus.

"So if you want to raid the settlement you would need to place some forces here," Erneis moved several figurines to the left of the entrance of the settlement.

"The location can be a good cover for archers who will fire from the gate, assuming the enemy soldiers were really knights from Kydus, they would have never forgotten some lookouts on the walls regardless-"

"Wait… assuming? Weren't they really knights from that empire?" Andrei interrupted.

"No, I don't really think so" Michaela responded, sitting on the chair, crossing her legs.

"Or should I say, the possibility is very low for Kydus to attack or kidnap me directly like that, first of all, our kingdom has an alliance with them. Next, our military strength is of no threat to them, plus even if I did offend the prince in some way, he just can't issue an order like that overnight. Finally, their plan was perfect, that if there wasn't an irregularity it would have really succeeded"

"Irregularity?" Andrei asked in confusion, "Was there something like that?"

"It's you, idiot," Claire interrupted.

"Ahhh okay, but wait… the way you say that really pisses me off you know Ms.Claire? If you're gonna diss me at least put some feelings or it will feel so real!" Andrei crossed his arms as he puffed out his chest, not willing to lose to her.

"Ahhh because it's real"

"Ahem…" Erneis interrupted the banter of the two.

"So how will you execute the mission Sir Andrei? It would be better if you could tell us the details. How many of our soldiers would you be needing?" continued the old man, pressing Andrei for an answer.

"Ahhhh I don't think I will be needing your soldiers" Andrei said nonchalantly.

The room was filled with silence. Until Michaela decided to talk.

"I thought you were more than this darling" she sighed.

"Real deal idiot" Claire joined in.

"Wha-what did you just say Sir. Andrei? Are you underestimating our soldiers? Our knight orders? That is an insult!" The old man almost choked while shouting his disagreement with Andrei.

"Hey hey hey! At least let me finish first!" Andrei calmed down the three of their disappointment.

Before going to the planning chamber Andrei already had a feasible plan in his mind, in order to complete the objectives of the mission which are, the safety of the queen, rescue of the hostages, and an optional objective; to punish the assailants.

However he was unsure if the materials needed to complete the mission were around during the era of the country he is in right now. He also wanted to know everything about the settlement, it's structure, the materials of the houses, and other information that could greatly affect the success of the mission.

"First, why I said the I don't need knights, that's because you don't want that superpower to go to war with you right?" Andrei held out his hand to make a point.

"Then we'll make them wear commoners clothes" Erneis suggested.

"But what if they got caught? Torture will surely make them spit out where they are from. Plus, your knights are prideful and indeed very honorable, however, with the way, I will execute these things, those good qualities will simply be on the way." He crossed his hands and shook it.

"Then what do you need darling?" Michaela interrupted with curiosity and worry.

"First, I want to confirm if you have some materials," he smiled as he looked at them.

"Materials?" Michaela asked him, curious of what he needed it for.

"Yes, I need, empty liquor or wine bottles, sugar, wax, saltpeter, lamp oil, and rags or any unused clothes"

"Are you going to bribe them Sir?" Erneis was in shock however, he was also curious about what the young man in front of him would want to do with such household materials.

"No, I'm going to make something, if I get the materials and make it, it would easier to explain the purpose while making the tools and conducting the tests. Michaela can I ask you something?" Andrei looked at the worried face of the beautiful blonde girl beside him who responded in a startled manner.

"Wha-Wha-What is it darling?"

"Was there a location of the meetup indicated on the letter?"

"No, in situations like this, the royal family would have to send a messenger for a reply, if I write that I agree to meet up with them, then they would send the messenger back to me with the location and conditions"

"How long does this process take?"

"Three days at the most"

"Then please send the messenger tomorrow morning, agreeing on the proposal"

"Watch your words, Sir Andrei! Even if you're her highness's betrothed, you can't just send her to the enemy, even if it's only for decoy purposes," Erneis said in a serious tone, which startled him a bit, looking at the brave aura of the old man.

"No I don't plan on letting the queen even take a step outside this palace," Andrei explained and continued. "If Michaela is right, the hostage-takers should be fake knights or bandits right? Going by that, then there's no need to be honest with our response letter, its just to give us time. Once we know the location, the operation will start."

"You've got a point" Claire commented while playing with the pieces. "So you need people right? How many would you need?" she took one piece of the figures and dangled it in front of Andrei.

"I don't need knights, but yes, I do need people" he took the piece from Claire and made it stand on his palm and stretched his hand to the map, and stared at it.

"I need people who can act, good with their hands, and are agile enough, they should be able to execute these three qualities even under pressure," then he put gave the piece to Michaela who's on his side.

"It would be also better if they can fight, I can't really kill or fight for real you know?" Andrei smiled which made Michaela look down and blush, "weren't she always on the offensive earlier?" Andrei thought as he looked at her girlish behavior. "Can you find people like that? I would need at least the number of merchants and their servants that'd be in one caravan"

"We already have people like that" Claire stood up."Percy, come in" a maid with black and short hair came in, Claire went to the maid and whispered something, the maid nodded and went outside immediately.

Andrei and Michaela looked at Claire.

"What did you tell her Claire?" Michaela asked.

"Ahhhh, I just told her to gather all maids available in the house," she answered nonchalantly.

"Why?" Andrei tilted his head in confusion.

"Our maids and butlers have combat experience, they are also good with their hands, and most of all they are of common birth, which means…"

"They are a perfect fit for the operation!" Andrei interrupted in delight.

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