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While Andrei was busy reminiscing the past, Michaela was absorbed in thinking about what to do, and Claire still nonchalantly drinking her tea. But no matter how much she brainstormed it ended up in a dead-end, clouds began to darken and rain begins to fall so thickly, the three could hear it from inside, and they were all silent, as no one knew the answer.

"She's really at her own pace huh? Just recently he was gonna be like a superwoman who was going to save the world" Andrei thought while stealing glances at her.

Then, he looked at Michaela who was still in doubt.

From his memories, comparing the two enemies, the enemy that had taken away his beloved was an illness that couldn't be treated in normal means, it wasn't an enemy that he could fight, all he could do was pray, he was at the mercy of it.

However the current enemy before them were thoughtless villains who wanted to take advantage of the situation and lead a nation into chaos for personal gains. He couldn't stand the situation, he knew how it felt, being powerless to protect someone you love, but this time something was different, the enemy is not invincible, they are flesh and blood humans, "there must be a workaround to save the hostages while also ensuring the queen's safety." He thought while looking at the two.

"I can't stand this" Andrei stood up the table, but a fork immediately came flying to him from Claire's direction.

"What??? You want to play hide and seek again? Can't you read the situation dumbass?" Claire's expression was serious, and her eyes were not dead, only her tone remained the same.

"No! No! not that situation, but YOUR situation," Andrei jerked away for having a fork suddenly thrown to him, when he looked at his back it buried itself to the wooden cabinet. "Glad it didn't hit me, that was scary, more like... this girl is scary," he thought to himself with his hands in the air, telling her not to throw another one again.

Michaela who was worried came to her senses and shifted her attention to Andrei. The old knight is still on his position, waiting for the final decision.

"This has nothing to do with you until you marry my sister, don't get involved," Claire didn't want Andrei to get involved further.

Seeing her, Andrei was reminded of how he was when he heard the news about Ann when someone asked he'd be silent or walked out. He kept himself and Ann away from those who only wanted to know and to say something about their situation. He was doubtful of anyone who came asking him or tried to get involved, he didn't care whether he would make enemies or not, one person was always on his mind, and that person was the only one that matters to him.

Andrei took a deep breath, stood straight and faced Claire.

"You know, I was in the same situation with you guys, I couldn't do anything either," he spoke to her bluntly.

"Really? Then you understand right? If they get killed, my sister would blame herself, even if I want to go, she wouldn't allow me!"

"I'm still not done Ms. Claire," Andrei told Claire seriously when she saw his expression, she realized that he was dead serious, she decided to shut up and tried to avert her gaze playing with the empty teapot.

"My situation was that the enemy was invincible, and I had no means to fight it, all I could do was pray.

But for you guys, the enemies are flesh and blood humans, the outcome can be possibly changed if we think more about it. There must be some workaround in order to achieve both, ensuring the queen's safety and rescuing the attendants.

If you feel not giving up, you shouldn't give up, or else you will only have regrets in the end, like what I had before," Andrei told them bluntly, "not that I have already moved on from those regrets though," he thought to himself.

"That is what I'm thinking about right now Andrei", Michaela was thinking with her hand on her chin.

"Is that so? From what I am seeing you are thinking of a decision, not a plan right?" Andrei could guess what she was thinking, before coming up with a plan, she had to make a decision. But for Andrei its important to know first about the success rate of each plan, so the leader's decision would make sense more.

"What else should I think about? I may not look like it but I command troops to war, and I know a large scale of strategies, but no matter how much I rack my mind for an answer, it won't come.

A way not to risk me being in another accident, while also rescuing the hostages...

First, if I myself and some knights were to step into that territory, it could be considered hostile and a declaration of war.

Next, even if I sent spies who are used to walking around Kydus undetected, they aren't armed well against those bronze plates they won't stand a chance, they are also very valuable assets for us to gain information.

Lastly, I can't ask help from Kydus Empire, even we are allies, there's an ongoing power struggle, we can't risk getting sandwiched between them.

So all I could do was to think of the right decision, to save or not, realistically the latter would be much better, as the queen, the pillar of the kingdom, but I have to admit, my heart can't just settle down, it's all... it's all my fault." Tears gathered at Michaela's eyes, the servants were not just ordinary servants for her, they were her closest aides since she was a child she was with them until she grew up, she had a fondness for them.

The words echoed with Andrei's heart, "This is my fault". Memories came flashing to his mind, it was the times where he felt powerless and depressed fighting for the things in his dark past, and when he was drowned in self-hate, these were the times when Ann would sit with him, console him and cry with him, he could remember her doing so much for him, so much that he couldn't count anymore, "can I be like you Ann?" he muttered silently, he knew something large was at stake, and he would be hurting people on the process, but right now he knew what was needed to be done. Andrei definitely doesn't want to become a hero, but he wanted to pass on the warmth that his ex-girlfriend gave him, the warmth of going far for someone, because they are important, because they are precious, because they are sad and in need of help, because they have also supported you in the past.

"Then, I will rescue them for you, this is not your fault," he went closer to Michaela and patted her in her shoulder.

"So now, it's my turn huh… Ann" he thought deeply as he saw Michaela's crystal blue eyes looking up to him. "It was instinctive but I really don't have a plan on how to deal with it. But, It's true that I want to help them, I want to offer my strength, just like what Ann did for me, there must be something only I can do for these people."

"What are you saying dumbass? Don't think you're special just because you saved my sister, even if it's you we can't send knights with you to enter another territory," Claire stopped sitting her tea and stared daggers at Andrei.

"No I'm not talking about that-" before Andrei could say anything, he was again interrupted, but this time by Michaela.

"No, I won't allow that Andrei, you only got lucky that time, but a rescue like this is not that simple as you think it is," she turned away from him and crossed her arms.

"Hey listen to me first both of you…" Andrei became tired listening to the two who kept interrupting his sentences. "I also know that this rescue mission is insane, but let me draft my plan first before you say anything okay? And Claire, I don't need knights"

"Three, you don't need knights? Then are you planning to go alone?"

"No, I said let me formulate a plan first, then you decide whether I go or not, okay?" He looked at Michaela who looked at him with worry. "Okay, if you're this persistent"

"What made you think… no, why did you decide to volunteer Andrei? Too fishy" Claire asked in her sweet and flat tone.

"Secret" Andrei put his index finger in the front of his mouth stylishly.

"Ahhhhh is that so" Claire's eyes turned to dead-fish, which made Andrei panic and tried to retract his words.

"Okay okay I got it, I'll tell you before or after we conduct the mission"

"Ehhhh you're confident that you'll be returning safely?"

"What's wrong with that!"

"No, but yeah, it really makes you wonder, why a wuss like you would suddenly want to conduct an insane rescue mission, and you said you don't need knights. Are you crazy Andrei? Isn't that too fishy? You're not even a strong warrior. Sister maybe we should have the doctor take a look at him again?" Her deadpan expression made the insults more offensive for Andrei.

"Thanks… for pointing out the harsh reality Ms. Claire… BUT I AM NOT CRAZY YOU KNOW! I DON'T NEED A DOCTOR!"

"See he's acting up again sister, it's creepy" Claire seemed to ignore Andrei's protest.

"Stop it Claire hahaha" Michaela laughed slightly which made the two who was bantering to look at Michaela at the center.

"Maybe your sister is the crazy one Michaela," Andrei said still looking at the laughing twin-tailed blonde in front of him. "I guess you really find the smallest things funny when you're sad huh?" Andrei was reminded of a psychology trivia he has seen on the internet.

"Forget formulating a plan, I will kill you right now," then a kitchen knife flew at the side of Andrei's head from Claire's direction.

"Stop it! No to violence! Are you a ninja or something?! You're even wasting utensils!" Andrei's almost got a heart attack every time the utensils from Claire's plate came flying at him.

"Give me a map and a pen" Andrei stood up from his seat and extended his hand to Michaela, "I'll come up with the best plan I can, it's up to you if you want to use it or not"

"What's a pen?" Claire and Michaela asked in chorus.

"Ahhh sorry, anyway just give me something to write," he said while opening his one hand towards Michaela.

"If that's what you need, you can have a quill and paper. It's amazing, you can write Andrei?" Michaela's eyes sparked with excitement.

"You can write dumbass?" Claire didn't want to let go of the conversation without dissing him for the last time.

"You know Ms. Claire, aren't you becoming more brutal to me?"

"Then follow me, I'll lead you to the planning chamber," Michaela offered, as she held his hand and lead him the way.

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