Isekai For My Ex Chapter 1: PROLOGUE


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"Should I just kill myself right now huh?" A young man asked, contemplating on how he had fucked up the semester, he looks around the McDonalds, and wonders if they're hiring because he doesn't think he'd get a better job with his grades.

"1.20; 1.50; 5.00; 1.00; 1.25; ohhhhhhhh, all your grades are good except math. Does your professor hate you?" the woman in front of him asked. The woman had long black hair and a thin figure, and wore a pink cardigan with a skirt.

"Well, kind-of. you see, in our computer science classes, I can always sleep when I want to, so having a Math class among all my programming classes, well… you could predict what happened" The man gave a deep sigh and leaned on the table as he played with the fries in his hand.

"The difference in professors is scary." He dipped a fry into the ketchup and ate it. "Dad's gonna kill me, he's gonna send me to the Military Academy for fucks sake"

"Ahhh, the difference between professors, huh?" The woman held up a finger as if she was counting. "In your CS classes you mostly get your marks from laboratory subjects, and this is where you are good at, and where you are mostly active." Then she raised another hand. "However, at Math classes, even if you are good in algorithms, you are always sleeping." Then she put both of her hands on the man's face. "In other words, everything is yooooooour fault, hmm! Hmm!" She happily hummed as she stretched his cheeks forming it into different and funny faces.

"I got it! I got it! so stop playing with my face!" The man scowled as he slowly placed his hands on her gentle hands "Ahhh, this makes me calm, don't remove it okay." Then he closed his eyes as if he was at peace. She just stared at the man in front of her, they have been going out for more than four years, and are as close as ever. They had started off as best friends and eventually became sweethearts. Reminiscing, she couldn't help but smile, "Learn from the past, live in the present, plan for the future," she said, as she stroked his face with her delicate hands. "If you are depressed, you are living in the past, if you are anxious, you may be living in the future, so babe, live in the present, okay?" She smiled.

He closed his eyes and listened to her words. He blushed and felt warmth within his heart, like he had hit the jackpot. He would turn against the world for her.

"There you go again, with your words of wisdom. You sound like a grandma you know," he said as he removed the soft hands on his face. He didn't let them go, and looked at her crystal-like eyes.

"I can't help it since I was raised by my grandma," the woman looked away and blushed as she said this.

"But that's why I love you. Thank you for being my strength, Ann," he smiled. She returned his smile, and they laughed together.

Andrei roused himself from his memories of Ann. It was hard to believe she was gone, that there was nothing left of her in the world except the memories he held deep inside his heart. She had been his everything, and she always would be.

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