Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 668: Primordial Soul Separation Technique


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Glimmering starlight shone directly onto Mo Wen's body. Soon after, his body split into two, then four. Slowly, more and more Mo Wens appeared on the nebula.

In the blink of an eye, there were more than a thousand of him. Each and every one of them was extremely lifelike, such that one could not tell the real and fake ones apart. 

A voice rang out in Mo Wen's head. The Primordial Soul Separation Technique! The mysteries of the Primordial Soul Separation Technique made their way into Mo Wen's mind. 

A feeling of shock rose within him. The Primordial Soul Separation Technique was a great magical power, even in the world of Immortal Cultivators, and only the most capable Immortal Cultivators on the Road to Heaven would have grasped it.

It was widely known that a single person could only focus on one thing at a time. It was unheard of for anyone to split their attention into two, much less split it multiple times.

However, this would not be an issue if one had the Primordial Soul Separation Technique, which allowed the primordial soul to be split into multiple parts. Each and every part of the primordial soul had an independent body that could be under independent thought and control. It was actually no different from being a completely separate person.

In the world of Immortal Cultivators, some of them who had mastered the great magical power of the Primordial Soul Separation Technique could separate their primordial souls and use other great magical powers at the same time. This greatly increased their powers and killing abilities. In fact, one could use the Primordial Soul Separation Technique to split into an unlimited number of bodies, forming a whole army of clones within a split second.

Mo Wen did not have much of an understanding of the Primordial Soul Separation Technique. However, he knew that it was a secret technique that only the Immortal Cultivators with great magical powers could master. Even those of the Tide Changing realm, and not just the Immortal Cultivators of the Primordial Soul realm, would find it difficult to master the Primordial Soul Separation Technique successfully.

Under the starlight, Mo Wen noticed that he had automatically harnessed the Primordial Soul Separation Technique, which had produced over a thousand Mo Wens in an instant. Each one of them had a separate consciousness, yet they maintained a connection with one another and so felt like a single person. This all felt extremely odd to Mo Wen.

It felt as though there was a countless number of him, yet only one of him all at once. With a single thought, all the Mo Wens could actually coordinate their actions with one another.

"So this is what the highest reward is!" A look of understanding flashed in Mo Wen's eyes. The reward was not giving him the Primordial Soul Separation Technique, because not even the Tower Spirit could gift such great magical power. Instead, the Tower Spirit could only allow Mo Wen to experience the effects of the Primordial Soul Separation Technique.

On the surface, perhaps it did not seem like much use. However, that was not the case. Mo Wen felt as though the Tower Spirit was responding to his current situation, by tailoring a reward for him. Every reward he had received so far seemed very suited for him.

Only Mo Wen himself understood his own situation. Up until now, he had not taken a break at all. He had been constantly working on raising his cultivation. However, the effort had caused cracks to appear in his foundations.

For example, Mo Wen was currently already of the Golden Elixir realm. However, his main cultivation techniques of the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Techniques were only trained to the fourth level. That simply did not match up with his status as a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. Under normal circumstances, someone of Golden Elixir realm cultivation should have trained them up to at least the sixth level. However, Mo Wen was still stagnating at the fourth level.

This was not due to a lack of his capabilities. The time that he had been able to spend working on the skills was too short. He simply did not have time to study and perfect his techniques. Therefore, they had stagnated.

All along, when Mo Wen went against opponents, he combined his inner Qi and used it as a foundation to achieve victory. He very rarely relied on his techniques.

The Nine Yang Divine Technique, for example, was accumulative, and would only accumulate more Yang Qi as one's cultivation increased. It was said that at the highest realm, it could even cause whole rivers to boil, and could melt entire mountain ranges.

However, Mo Wen's cultivation of the techniques remained stuck. His Nine Yang Divine Technique was neither here nor there. He was unable to fully unleash its powers. In fact, it was no different than his average techniques. He simply could not harness the specialty of the Nine Yang Divine Technique.

He had not had enough time to train his Nine Yin Divine Technique and the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon either. He had not actually taken the time to cultivate many of the techniques passed down by the Ming Clan. For instance, the scarily powerful Tai Yin Claws had been one of the most renowned techniques. However, in Mo Wen's hands, it had become utterly useless.

Since he had no time to cultivate the Tai Yin Claws, even if he forcefully demonstrated it, its powers would be very limited. In fact, it could not even compare to the mere three Glory techniques. However, it was an introductory technique that was already very strong for the average ancient martial art practitioner.

Ultimately, Mo Wen was still human and he could not handle so many things at once. Learning was endless and he had always wanted to learn the separation technique. All along, he had focused all his energy on increasing his cultivation. After all, one's cultivation was the main foundation of an ancient martial art practitioner. He had no choice but to give up working on other things.

However, at this moment, the Tower Spirit had gifted Mo Wen with a chance to make amends.

The Primordial Soul Separation Technique could turn one Mo Wen into a thousand Mo Wens. If he used that to train and cultivate, it would be as though a thousand clones of himself were training at once.

If each and every one of the Mo Wens worked on a different technique, it would be more than enough to cover all that he wanted to learn in one shot. Moreover, the Primordial Soul Separation Technique still allowed a link between all the individuals. If a few Mo Wens cultivated the same technique at the same time, it would also reduce the time needed and increase the results.

From the Tower Spirit, Mo Wen learned that time stopped ticking in this mysterious space. More accurately, time passed infinitely slowly. Hence, he did not have to worry about the limitations of time and could peacefully commence his training.

Simultaneously, a thousand Mo Wens began to sit cross-legged with their palms facing the sky as they closed their eyes to cultivate.

After an unknown period of time had passed, a cold aura emanated from Mo Wen's body. The aura was mostly full of Yin energy, which seemed to cause even the mysterious galaxy to drop in temperature.

However, after a while, a boiling hot aura was emitted from Mo Wen's body, causing boiling hot waves, turning the entire space into a huge boiling cauldron.

As time barely elapsed, Mo Wen focused wholeheartedly on cultivating his technique.

There were nine layers to both the Nine Yang and Nine Yin Divine Techniques. However, the historical sect leaders had only been able to train both divine techniques up to the seventh layer. Hence, it had always been rumored that the Nine Yin and Nine Yang techniques only had seven layers.

In reality, both divine techniques each had nine layers. However, the final two layers were not originally from the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Techniques. Instead, it had been newly created by the Ming Clan's 34th Sect Leader when he had combined the two divine techniques. The other Sect Leaders had only managed to train up to the seventh layer. 

As time passed slowly, Mo Wen's body temperature fluctuated between the extremes of hot and cold. The Primordial Soul Separation Technique allowed him to experience a peak that he had never felt before. His cultivation was particularly successful and the realms for the two divine techniques were constantly increasing. Unknowingly, he had already broken through into the seventh layer.

When the two divine techniques achieved the seventh layer, both the cold and hot aura he was able to emit were of relatively high strength. Every generation's Ming Clan Sect Leader was an ancient martial art practitioner and the divine techniques defined the power of the sect. In this case, the sect was a very strong one. In fact, some of the Ming Clan Sect Leaders had been able to break out of the ancient martial art practitioner world into the realm of Immortal Cultivators, all owing to the two divine techniques.

Mo Wen was rather perceptive. Moreover, with the help of the Primordial Soul Separation Technique, he had already gone past the seventh layer for both divine techniques and was already working his way towards the eighth layer.

Mo Wen didn't know how long had passed when his eyes finally opened slowly. In his left eye was a cool and bright moon, while in his right was a scorching sun. With both the sun and moon shining, the entire area was brightly lit. A cold moon, as well as a hot scorching sun, appeared in the sky above Mo Wen at the same time. It was as though the power within him had transformed into two stars out of the entire starry sky.

A simultaneous display of sun and moon! That was an indication that one had already trained both the divine techniques up to the eighth layer. Mo Wen was the first person to reach this stage since the 34th Sect Leader of the Ming Clan long ago.

When the sun and moon appeared simultaneously, Mo Wen's aura changed drastically. The cold and heat from the two techniques were no longer useless. In other words, the potential of the two divine techniques had been fully unleashed.

Mo Wen continued to train. However, he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to break through into the ninth layer of the two divine techniques. After trying for a few more times without reaping any results, he had no choice but to give up reaching the ninth layer for both divine techniques in one sitting.

Judging from experience, some luck was required to reach the ninth layer of the two divine techniques. Under normal circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to attain such a level.

Other than the Nine Yang and Nine Yin Divine Techniques, Mo Wen still had to train up on the Celestial Scriptures: Sun and Moon. It was fortunate that Mo Wen had trained on that in his past life. Hence, he was very successful once he continued to train in it. Immediately, he had already achieved the eighth layer.

The Celestial Scriptures: Sun and Moon only had eighth layers in total. Previously, Mo Wen had only trained it to the seventh layer and was unable to further break through into the eighth layer. He had not expected that he would now attain the highest level so easily, even with the influence of the Primordial Soul Separation technique.

The Celestial Scriptures: Sun and Moon, was the most powerful technique of the Mo Clan. It was a wood-type technique that was very suitable for Mo Clan's medical pathway. Perhaps the people who cultivated the Celestial Scriptures: Sun and Moon did not have a very domineering inner Qi and their power could not be compared to the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Techniques. Despite this, it was definitely a very unique presence in the universe.

Cultivating the Celestial Scriptures: Sun and Moon to the eighth layer, Mo Wen believed that based on recovering inner Qi, even an entire sect could not compare to him.

Unknowingly, Mo Wen had already trained his cultivation to the highest realm. The next step was to begin cultivating ancient martial art techniques. 

The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, Tai Yin Claws, Soul Shuddering Demonic Sounds, Tai Succubus Dance, Indestructible Gold Body, Heavenly Hand, Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist… Each and every one of Mo Wen's techniques had stagnated because of the lack of time. Thus, he was taking the chance to make up for everything. 

He did not mind ignoring a normal ancient martial arts technique. However, the absolute rank of martial arts was a very rare existence. If he could cultivate them to the highest level, the power would be frightening. Very few people could train the absolute rank of martial arts to the highest realm. Even the entire history of sect leaders could not do it. However, because of the Primordial Soul Separation, Mo Wen was boosted like never before, which provided him with the chance to train all the techniques to their limits.
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