Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 667: The Highest Reward


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Although Pei Fengwu was from the Sirius Mystery Dimension, she had a certain understanding of the entire ancient martial arts world. Regarding Hou Jingfeng, she knew some things about him. Rumor in the ancient martial arts world had it that the Ming Temple was cultivating Hou Jingfeng to become a future Sect Grand Elder. This meant that Hou Jingfeng had the qualifications to become a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

Hence, in the Ming Temple, Hou Jingfeng's position was even above that of normal elders.

Mo Wen killing Hou Jingfeng was equal to killing a future Ming Temple Sect Grand Elder. With the power and tyranny of the Ming Temple, how would they let Mo Wen go?

Regardless of the reason, offending the Ming Temple was not a wise decision.

"What is done is done. Sister Fengwu, thank you for just now." Mo Wen nodded at Pei Fengwu. Just now, if Pei Fengwu had not appeared and blocked Hou Jingfeng for a while, although he would not have been killed by Hou Jingfeng, Mo Wen would certainly have lost a treasure. He would not have been able to hold Hou Jingfeng off until the Tower Spirit's reward descended.

Pei Fengwu sighed. Since Mo Wen had an indifferent attitude, there was nothing further that she could say.

After killing Hou Jingfeng, Mo Wen's suddenly turned to look at Gong Zhangyan. A killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Gong Zhangyan felt a chill down his spine. His body subconsciously tensed up as he looked nervously at Mo Wen. He had also wanted to escape, but after Mo Wen killed Hou Jingfeng, he did not dare to try. He knew that if Mo Wen wanted to kill him, he would not be able to escape Mo Wen's grasp.

Right now, Mo Wen was just too powerful.

"If you kill me, Yinyuan Sect will not let you go. Aside from my grandfather, Gong Xingyu, the Yinyuan Sect sect leader is also a Martial Arts Grandmaster who is famous far and wide in the ancient martial arts world."

Gong Zhangyan's body was trembling. He had realized just how helpless he now was. He could only depend on his identity, hoping to draw out some caution in Mo Wen.

"Oh? I've just killed Hou Jingfeng. Why would I be afraid of Yinyuan Sect?" Mo Wen said with a cold smile.

"You…" Gong Zhangyan couldn't stop himself from taking a step back. He felt the killing spirit from Mo Wen's body. His face was already turning pale.

"Mo Wen, let him go. Although Gong Zhangyan has provoked you many times, he has not done anything that is unforgivable. In this space, another ancient martial art practitioner is another chance of victory for us all. What more…"

Pei Fengwu could not help but look at Mo Wen. Although she did not like Gong Zhangyan, she had no grudge with him either.

Also, the conflict between Mo Wen and Gong Zhangyan stemmed from her. If Gong Zhangyan lost his life because of this, she would feel guilty. Although all this was because of Gong Zhangyan's wishful thinking, she had no intention of harming anyone.

"Get lost. Do not provoke me again. You are not qualified to do so," Mo Wen said plainly.

Since Pei Fengwu had stood up for Gong Zhangyan, Mo Wen would let her save face by releasing him. The question of whether or not he should kill Gong Zhangyan was inconsequential to him. Also, this strange place had strict rules in place to punish him. If Mo Wen killed Gong Zhangyan, he would be issued a further a penalty by the Tower Spirit.

Gong Zhangyan's face turned pale. He had not imagined that one day he would only live because Pei Fengwu spoke up on his behalf.

You are not qualified…

These words kept reverberating in his mind. Every time it reverberated, his face turned paler. It furiously collided around in his mind.

Indeed, what qualifications did he have to fight Mo Wen? Pei Fengwu was against him and he was far inferior to Mo Wen in terms of ability. What qualification did he have to fight him?

In an instant, a feeling of desolation filled Gong Zhangyan's heart. Every man could pursue the woman that he was attracted to but if they were not compatible, then refusing to let go would be shameless.

Mo Wen's words had directly hurt Gong Zhangyan's dignity.

Gong Zhangyan looked deeply at Pei Fengwu. Then, with a pathetic laugh, he turned and left quietly.

Pei Fengwu sighed but did not say anything.

Mo Wen did not care about the state Gong Zhangyan was in. In reality, Gong Zhangyan was the one who was overthinking things. He had decided by himself that Mo Wen was his rival in love and his most threatening competitor. 

However, the reality was that Mo Wen and Pei Fengwu did not have such a relationship.

Gong Zhangyan had just turned to leave when a voice appeared in Mo Wen's mind.

"You will receive the highest reward of the hidden task. Do you wish to receive it right now?"

Mo Wen did not think twice, directly nodding to confirm. The highest reward of the task? It must be something extremely powerful!

In the instant Mo Wen nodded, a light descended from the sky, enveloping Mo Wen. The next moment, his silhouette completely disappeared.

At the same time, the same voice appeared in Pei Fengwu's mind. She had obtained the special reward for the task. 

A moment later, a light descended from the heavens and fell upon Pei Fengwu. Then her silhouette also disappeared.

Gong Zhangyan walked despairingly into the dark night. The Tower Spirit's voice also appeared in his mind. However, this time it did not ask whether he wanted to receive the reward immediately or not. Instead, it simply gave him the reward. He received three masses of light. One mass of medium grade Unsealing Light, a mass of medium grade Healing Light and a mass of medium grade Recovery Light.

Gong Zhangyan's eyes narrowed slightly. The three masses of light were all medium grade ones. Since he had been in this place, he had not seen any medium grade tools. He never thought that he would receive three different medium grade tools for completing a task.

Also, he had obtained the normal reward for the task. If the normal reward was so generous, then what was Mo Wen's highest reward and what was Pei Fengwu's special reward like?

Gong Zhangyan laughed bitterly. He suddenly released that he was somewhat disillusioned. If it hadn't been for Mo Wen, he would not have been able to complete the task at all.

Earlier on, he had been completely caught up thinking about Mo Wen and had been despicably plotting with Hou Jingfeng to get back at him. If he had used a different method, fully cooperating with Mo Wen to complete the task, maybe he could also obtain the Fighting Spirit Tower's special reward.

The more effort put in, the greater the reward. As expected, the Tower Spirit was not fooled.

The sky was full of twinkling stars, streaking across the deep space. It was beautiful, as though it was in a dream.

Mo Wen once again appeared in the mysterious outer space. Stars circled around him. Starlight shone brilliantly. The endless starry sky hid countless mysteries.

Mo Wen stood on a nebula. He felt as though he was standing on flat ground and not in outer space.

"It's this place again." Mo Wen looked curiously around. He had been here earlier, because of the Lotus Lake trial. He had not imagined that the highest reward for the task would actually bring him here.

He still felt that this place was extraordinary. It seemed that in the Fighting Spirit Tower, this starry sky was no ordinary place. He had no idea why he felt this way.

Mo Wen lowered his head and looked at the Beast King's Treasure Box in his hands. He had not yet had the opportunity to open the Beast King's Treasure Box. Now, he couldn't wait.

The Beast King's Treasure Box did not have any sealing power. It opened very easily. A mass of gentle light was released from the Beast King's Treasure Box. From inside the gentle light, another thunderous power leaped out. It was gentle and tyrannical at the same time. It was indescribably bizarre.

Within the Beast King's Treasure Box lay a silvery-blue spear. The spear was only three feet long, seemingly designed to be easily carried and transported. But when Mo Wen removed the spear from the Beast King's Treasure Box, the silvery-blue spear suddenly shone brightly. It instantly expanded, becoming twelve meters long. Lightning flashed on it, emitting a destructive and oppressive aura.

This spear was entirely silvery-blue. Its design was simple and refined. The front of the spear had the skull of a king cobra. The sides of the king cobra's head were very large. Its mouth was opened wide and its tongue was stuck out, extending out until it became the tip of the spear.

"The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear!"

A piece of information suddenly appeared in Mo Wen's mind. This spear was called the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear. It had the thunder attribute and was a profound level weapon. Also, it was a very rare superb grade profound level weapon.

A superb grade profound level weapon!

That was something Mo Wen had never dared to imagine. In this lifetime and his previous lifetime, he had never seen what a superb grade profound level weapon looked like. Back then the Primordial Soul realm alchemist that taught him alchemy only had a mere medium grade profound level weapon on him.

A superb grade profound level weapon was a valuable treasure that Primordial Soul realm immortal cultivators could only dream of having. Above it was the legendary treasured level weapons!

However, before Mo Wen could get excited, he laughed bitterly. This Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was a product of this space. It could only be used here and could not be taken out.

Therefore, this Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear could only be used against the illusionary beasts in this space as well as the Fire Domain's Seven Major Beast Kings. It could not be taken out at all.

Also, what made him even more speechless was that this Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear could actually only be used after being unsealed! Without being unsealed, it was almost utterly useless.

A superb grade profound level weapon could only be unsealed by a superb grade Unsealing Light. Where was Mo Wen supposed to get his hands on one of those?

Mo Wen smiled wryly. This seemingly very cool Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was actually a piece of trash.

Casting the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear aside, Mo Wen looked into the Beast King's Treasure Box again. Aside from the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear, there were still other items. The most eye-catching ones were three masses of light. One was silver, the other red and the last one was blue.

They were a top-grade Unsealing Light, a top-grade Healing Light, and a top-grade Recovery Light.

A look of joy flashed in Mo Wen's eyes. Something somewhat useful had finally appeared. The three tools were all top grade ones. Putting aside the rest, a top grade Unsealing Light could help him unseal another profound level weapon.

The top grade Healing Light and top-grade Recovery Light were also life-saving items.

These were the only items in the Beast King's Treasure Box. Mo Wen could see that the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was most likely the true treasure in the Beast King's Treasure Box. The three top grade light tools were but incidental goods. But nonetheless, a superb grade Unsealing Light was too difficult to obtain. He could only see whether he had a chance of getting one later on.

Mo Wen had just retrieved the treasures from inside of the Beast King's Treasure Box when a beam of starlight suddenly descended from the endless starry sky. The starlight traversed the distant ocean of stars and enveloped Mo Wen.

The next moment, Mo Wen's figure went through strange changes. One Mo Wen suddenly became two. Two then suddenly became four...

One became two, two became four…

Mo Wen's figure seemed to be splitting and cloning itself. More and more of him appeared.

"The task's highest reward unlocked – Primordial Soul Separation." Somewhere, a voice sounded from the distant starry sky.
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