Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 666: Killing Hou Jingfeng


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A ray of the mid-grade healing light was sufficient for Hou Jingfeng's injuries to heal completely, allowing him to return to peak condition.

Mo Wen and Gong Zhangyan were both heavily injured and did not have the strength to fight anymore. Whatever happened next could only be decided by him.

Hou Jingfeng looked at Mo Wen and laughed madly and savagely. Only he knew how many treasures Mo Wen had. Once he killed Mo Wen, all those would belong to him: the Beast King's treasure box, the profound level weapon, the Black Gold puppet would all be his.

Hou Jingfeng could not help but feel his heart speeding up. This was the first time he had ever felt so excited in his life. Not many could ever experience the feeling of almost being in reach of some formidable treasures.

There was a brilliant red glow and the mid-grade healing light encapsulated Hou Jingfeng's body. In just mere moments, his complexion flushed and his breathing stabilized. The glow in his eyes grew brighter. The weak and pale state he was in from his serious injuries disappeared without a trace.

"Mo Wen, die. Everything that you have will become my personal possession." Hou Jingfeng pulled out a long sword and approached Mo Wen with a ferocious smile. He walked really slowly and deliberately, one foot in front after the other. He was not in a rush to kill Mo Wen. He wanted Mo Wen to feel the fear as he approached death bit by bit.

Anyway, in his eyes, Mo Wen was like the meat on the butcher's slab, ready for him to kill.

At this moment, Hou Jingfeng wanted to play a game of cat and mouse. A genius like Mo Wen dying bit by bit at his hands was such a joyful thing.

Mo Wen looked at Hou Jingfeng coldly. His expression had been cold and distant right from the start. However, he was sighing deep down in his heart.

He did not have any mid-grade healing light. However, he had a top-grade healing light. It was just that it was too much of a waste to use the top-grade healing light right now.

However, it would indeed be difficult to kill Hou Jingfeng with the current state his body was in. Unless he used the seventh-grade talisman to kill Hou Jingfeng straightaway, he would have to use the top grade healing light. There was no other way.

Both the seventh-grade talisman and the top grade healing light were rare treasures. It was quite a pity to use them now.

Mo Wen was still wavering between whether to use the top-grade healing light or the seventh-grade talisman.

Just then, there was a flash of white light that approached them from afar. In just mere moments, a lithe white figure descended from the sky. Her clothes were pure white and she held a long sword. Who else could it be but Pei Fengwu?

Pei Fengwu had been blocked by a large crowd of seventh level monstrous beasts when they were retreating. As such, she had only just emerged from the ancient city. She had not expected to discover Hou Jingfeng and Gong Zhangyan attacking Mo Wen. "Hou Jingfeng, you are too much," she said, clearly unimpressed.

"Pei Fengwu, you don't have any business here. Don't be nosy." Hou Jingfeng's expression cooled. He did not expect someone to meddle in the matter halfway through. Why did Pei Fengwu have to appear at a time like this?

"What do you mean by being nosy? Hou Jingfeng, don't forget, our common enemy in this space is the seven beast kings in the Fire Domain. If we do not defeat the seven beast kings, we will all die here. How can even contemplate killing other human warriors at a time like this?"

Pei Fengwu's expression was cold. In this space, the threat of the seven beast kings hung over the heads of all the human warriors. If the human warriors began to turn on each other, they would not be able to work together to defeat the powerful foe. What difference would this be from committing suicide? It was impossible for everyone to leave this space alive.

"This is a personal vendetta between Mo Wen and I. I hope that you will not interfere in it. Furthermore, there are many human warriors. Mo Wen will not make a difference. Don't stop me, or I will kill you as well." There was a flash of killing intent in Hou Jingfeng's eyes. Pei Fengwu had bothered him multiple times. He could not take it any longer.

"Hou Jingfeng, since you have no sense of priority, then I have nothing else to say. Kill me? I want to see if you have the ability to." Pei Fengwu stopped in front of Mo Wen with no intention of backing away. No matter what, she would not allow Hou Jingfeng to kill Mo Wen.

"Since you are seeking death, then I will send both of you on your way." Hou Jingfeng was enraged. He used the Enlightened Buddha Sacred Flame. He still had a cultivation level at the peak of the Golden Elixir realm. Since Pei Fengwu was seeking death, then he would send her to hell.

However, just as he prepared himself and was about to attack, a ray of white light flashed across the sky. 

Then, a voice spoke simultaneously in the minds of Mo Wen and the other three.

"I have detected that the beast king's treasure had already been stolen and taken out of the abandoned city. Congratulations. You have completed this task and will get a reward from the Fighting Spirit Temple."

Then, four dim lights suddenly descended from the sky, turning into pillars of lights that shone on each of them.

Something miraculous happened the next moment.

Their inner Qis, physical power, mental power and other abilities all recovered at a terrifying speed.

Mo Wen discovered that the terrifying injuries inside his body were starting to dispel bit by bit as if they were ice and snow being shone upon by the sun. In mere moments, everyone's injuries were all completely healed, both internal and external injuries as well as injuries to their soul. They had all completely recovered. Additionally, their inner Qi and mental states had all recovered to their peak.

The ray of white light was like the amalgamation of the recovery light and healing light. In mere moments, their conditions reached their peak state.

Furthermore, it was not just their inner Qi that had recovered. Their physical strength had recovered completely as well.

The recovery light could not recover one's physical strength. Their physical strength would continue to be drained as they continued to fight. However, at their cultivation levels, their physical strength was naturally high. Regular warriors could not compare to their recovery abilities or their endurance levels. Warriors in the Golden Elixir realm could last for ten days and ten nights in a regular battle without any problems.

What Mo Wen had not expected was that the physical strength he had expended in the past few days had all been recovered as well.

"Congratulations, Mo Wen on completing the task. You have performed excellently in this task and managed to steal the beast king's treasure. You will receive the biggest prize."

"Congratulations, Pei Fengwu on completing this task. You have helped your teammates many times in this task and performed well. You will receive a special prize for this task."

"Congratulations, Hou Jingfeng, on completing this task. However, your performance in the task was average. You will receive the ordinary prize in the task."

"Congratulations, Gong Zhangyan, on completing this task. However, your performance in the task was average. You will receive the ordinary prize in the task.

Mo Wen and the others could hear the voice inside their heads. The message of the Tower Spirit meant that they had completed their task.

"No! What's happening. No…!"

Hou Jingfeng took a large step back. His eyes were filled with fear and he was in no mood to listen to what the tower spirit had to say. That was because he discovered that Mo Wen had recovered completely and was in his peak state. He no longer had any injuries.

The white pillar of light had restored everyone's conditions to their peak state in just a blink of an eye. Indeed, Hou Jingfeng had returned to his peak condition too. However, he was not excited at all but only felt fear and flustered.

When a tiger ends up on the fields, it would be bullied by dogs. And when a dragon falls onto the shore, it would be teased by prawns. 

He had dared to challenge Mo Wen when Mo Wen was seriously injured. But when Mo Wen was at his peak condition…

Mo Wen smiled and then secretly replaced the top-grade healing light that he had been holding in his hands back into the medicine spiritual ring. He had not expected something like this to happen at such a crucial moment. The tower spirit had announced their completion of the task at a time like this and had so kindly restored their health.

"Hou Jingfeng, weren't you very arrogant? You wanted to kill me, right?" Mo Wen smiled lightly and started to approach Hou Jingfeng. His aura was thick, strong and endless. It was no different from a warrior at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir realm.

"How is this possible!" Hou Jingfeng could not help but scream hysterically because of the sudden and sharp turn of events. He screamed as he ran. He knew that he was no match for Mo Wen now.

What did treasure, or the beast king's treasure box matter now? Compared to his life, they were all worthless.

If Mo Wen allowed Hou Jingfeng to run away now, then he would not be Mo Wen.


There was a crisp sound. The Cries of Hades Bell started to shake gently. Hou Jingfeng froze where he stood. He vomited blood every time the bell shook.

Mo Wen did not even move. However, the Cries of Hades Bell continued to shake and Hou Jingfeng continued to vomit blood. His body started to dry up oddly as if his blood was being drawn out and he was drying up bit by bit. 

In a short while, Hou Jingfeng's body exploded into a cloud of blood.

Mo Wen had known what would happen. What was unexpected was that bits of blood-colored glimmer appeared from the mist of blood and gathered, rushing toward Mo Wen and enveloping him.

"You have killed your teammate. This is your first warning. You are now covered in blood and will doubly attract the attacks from illusionary beasts. There will also be a 10% deduction to your cultivation levels. If you kill your opponent again, 20 % of your cultivation will be deducted."

The tower spirit's voice suddenly rang out. Mo Wen smiled bitterly. He had not expected that he would be punished for killing human warriors.

He was however fine with being covered in blood and attracting twice the number of illusionary beasts. He was even rather pleased with it. However, he was a little upset at having 10 % deducted from his cultivation levels.

Mo Wen could sense his inner Qi decreasing by a little. It was as if that portion of cultivation had disappeared without any trace. 

He could perhaps enter the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm if he killed one or two other monstrous beasts at the pinnacle of the seventh level. His original cultivation levels should be high enough to allow him to do so.

However, he now needed to kill at least seven Lord Monstrous Beasts to advance in his cultivation once again.

Furthermore, he would suffer an even greater punishment if he killed a human warrior again. The rule that he could not kill his teammates was rather bothersome.

 "Mo Wen, you killed Hou Jingfeng!"

Mo Wen had killed Hou Jingfeng in the blink of an eye. Hou Jingfeng had not even had the chance to defend himself.

Pei Fengwu regained her wits then and said somewhat worriedly, "You are too rash. Hou Jingfeng was the most talented disciple of the Ming Temple and he was being groomed as the future temple leader. You killing him could well mean starting an unresolvable feud with the Ming Temple.
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