Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 659: Success, Fainting


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"You Yue?" Ge Lang witnessed Sima You Yue spit out blood. He wanted her to stop, but she raised her hand.

"I'm okay." She wiped the blood on the corners of her mouth and continued to pour her divine sense into the dantian of Ximen Feng.

"Feng'er , you forgotten. Sister has been reborn. We met outside of Shangdong city. Do you remember?"

Ximen Feng recalled the meeting. A safe and strange girl housed his sister's spirit.


"Feng'er, you remember me."

"Sister, you're hurt? Did I hurt you?" Ximen Feng could hear the weakness in her voice. 

"Sister's okay. Sister has been waiting outside for you for a long time. But you won't come out. Sister can't see you. I'm worried. Feng'er, do you want to see sister?"

"I want to." Ximen Feng eagerly answered.

"Sister also want to see you. Can you come out of there?"

Ximen Feng looked at his pitch-dark surroundings. "Sister, I don't know where I am. I don't know the way out."

"No problem. Sister will lead you out." Sima You Yue said. "Can you sense sister's position?"


"Pour out your spirit power and light up the darkness in front of you." Sima You Yue said, "Sister will be with you and guide you out."

"Okay." Ximen Feng poured out his spirit power in accordance to Sima You Yue. 

At the same time, the spirit power in his body was really mobilized again, and he swam his whole body along Sima You Yue's consciousness. Under the influence of the medicine power, he enclosed, devoured, and assimilated the aura he met. Although it was very slow, it changed the aura in his body little by little.

Sima You Yue didn't know how long the time outside had passed. She only knows that she must be highly focused on guiding the spirit power of Ximen Feng, and work with him to completely devour the aura in his body and then transform it into his power.

Ximen Feng had been fighting against the darkness. By the time he became consciousness, he knew what he was doing and Sima You Yue was helping himself. He wanted to do it by himself, but he couldn't. He hadn't left the dark environment completely.

A little bit of light, a little more and a little more. When he left the dark environment, he felt that the shackles attached to him were gone, and his eyes seemed to open at last.

"Sister." when he opened his eyes, he saw a pale face.

"Feng'er, you're finally awake…" she let go of Ximen Feng's face, and fainted beside the bathtub.

"Sister!" Ximen Feng wanted to stand up and help her up, but he was held back.

Ge Lang grabbed his shoulder. "Although you're awake, the aura in your body hasn't been completely refined by you. You stay here and continue. She will be fine."

Ximen Feng still wanted to struggle. Ge Lang roared, "Your sister is so tired that she fainted for you. If you get up, you will lose all your previous progress! Do you want your sister's hard work to be all in vain?"

Ximen Feng was stunned. Ge Lang had released him, and he had carried Sima You Yue onto the bed. Sitting back down, he clenched his teeth and continued to refine with closed eyes.

Ge Lang was right. He cannot let his sister's hard work to be in vain. He must complete the rest. 

Ge Lang gave a pill for Sima You Yue to eat. Then he turned around to watch Ximen Feng. He finally relaxed.

Ximen Feng had finished refining the rest of the aura. Then he refined his own aura before pouring it all into his dantian. 

A great deal of power poured in and he was promoted while inside the barrel. By the end of his promotion, his body was back to its best condition, and his organs, which had been corroded by the dark aura, were quickly restored to their original appearance.

"Not bad." Ge Lang looked at Ximen Feng, nodded, and then sat down by the bed with some weakness, took a pill.

Ximen Feng got out of the barrel, dressed himself, and saluted Ge Lang. He said gratefully, "Thank you for your help."

Ge Lang waved his hand. "Don't think me, your sister saved you."

"Sister, she…" Ximen Feng saw her pale face, and his heart ached. 

"She infused her consciousness in you for half a month, leading you to refine the dark aura. She was hurt by you at the beginning, but it's good that it went well towards the end." Ge Lang said, "Well, I've lived for hundreds of years. I've never seen such a desperate action! But thanks to this guy's strong mental power, otherwise you two will have to finish this time!"

"How is sister now? Is there any life danger?" Ximen Feng asked. 

"There is no danger, but this time her consciousness is seriously injured. I'm afraid it will take a while to recover." Ge Lang shook his head and said, "When she wakes up, you can tell her that the things she prepared are almost used up because of some changes in the situation. Only the earth's eye has a little left. Fortunately, the earth's eye was abundant. If it's prepared according to the previous estimate, I'm afraid you're hopeless."

Originally it was eight ounces. the result was Sima You Yue bought almost two catty. At last, more than a catty was used and a little bit was left in the case. 

Ge Lang handed the box to Ximen Feng and said, "When she wakes up, she must have a good rest for a period of time. It's better to stay in bed for a week and recuperate for a month. Remember to not use divine sense again in this period of time. It's better not to think about things. Well, there's nothing more to explain. I'll go back to the sect first."

Ximen Feng accepted the box and bowed deeply. "Teacher Ge's kindness today, Ximen Feng will remember in his heart."

Ge Lang waved his hands. Passing him, he left through the large doors. 

Kong Xiang Yi and Jing Wen were still waiting outside. They are both surprised to hear the door open. Seeing Ge Lang coming out, Kong Xiang Yi wanted to go up and ask about the situation of the Ximen Feng. But before she started, she saw Ximen Feng coming out of the house.

"Feng, you recovered!" Kong Xiang Yi swooped over and hugged him!

Ximen Feng was speechless by Kong Xiang Yi's action. His hands were suspended in midair. He didn't push or not push her away.

"Don't do that, I'm fine!" he could not help consoling.

"I knew that You Yue would save you!"Kong Xiang Yi cried. But this time it was not a cry of worry and remorse, but a cry of joy.

"Let me go. I have send Teacher Ge off." Ximen Feng finally put his hands down and patted her shoulder. 

"What send off, It's not like I can't find my way. I'll go myself." Ge Lang said. 

"Teacher Ge, I'll send you." Jing Wen was shocked when he saw Ximen Feng exited. Now that Kong Xiang Yi was so happy. he would take the place of his master to send the teacher.
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