Inherited love Chapter 6: Proposition


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Neither of them could make any sense out of her uncle's Will.

Aidan was as bewildered as Sarah. And to top it all it was as if her uncle chose to die just a week before Sarah's birthday. That meant Aidan, who was two days older than Sarah had about 48 hours to get married to a local girl. How were either of them going to find a partner so soon was beyond her.

Leaving the planning to later, Sarah put on her pyjamas and went in search of food. The housekeeper had made their favourite hot pot. Like always, she took the pot and sat on the kitchen counter with a spoon without bothering to serve it in a plate. Countless memories of eating hot pot made Sarah emotional and her eyes got watery. As she tried to blink away her tears, she heard someone clinking a spoon.

"Mind if I share?" Aidan asked as he proceeded to dig in his spoon in the dish. "You can have the entire thing, I lost my appetite." Sarah left her spoon in the pot and hopped off the counter.

"Wait" a strong hand on her slender waist halted Sarah's progress. "You know you could never sleep hungry." He said as he offered her a spoonful. Deja vu made Sarah shudder. She wiggled out of his arm's hold.

"Okay! No touching. But I am famished and I am assuming you are too. Let's just share this meal like two adults. Also, I would like to talk to you." Aidan said as he gathered spoons and moved the hot pot to the table.

He pulled a chair for her and sat across her waiting. After some contemplation, Sarah joined him and began eating.

After years of togetherness, then suddenly apart, both didn't know where to begin. They ate in silence, their movements synchronised. When the meal was finished, Aidan got up and filled coffee mugs for them both. Sarah followed him to the hall and sat down at her spot. He handed her the cup and sat at the other end of the couch. She was surprised how easily they fell into old routine. In his presence It was difficult to remember the heartbreak she had gone through when he had left.

"What have you thought about The Will?" Aidan's question bought Sarah out of trance. "Nothing yet. I am thinking of going to Mr. Jaxons tomorrow and see if there is something I can do about it." Honestly she knew there won't be much Mr. Jaxons could do but she wondered if they could put marriage clause on hold. "No use. I spoke to him earlier today, he says that it is iron-clad and we have to fulfil all requirements." Aidan confirmed Sarah's suspicion.

Sarah had several thoughts in her mind. Why was he here after so many years? Why was her uncle suddenly friendly with him after ignoring his presence for so long? Liking him as far as giving half his property to him? Was he managing uncle's properties in Australia for so long? She wondered what had he thought about marriage? Or was he dating anyone? What about these past few years, had he loved someone else?

"I have a proposal for you" Aidan's words once again bought her back to present.
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