In the fictional world with a System Chapter 2: Path toward future


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A week has passed since the Nine tails incident. Hiruzen dropped me at the orphanage in the village where I shall grow up. I have decided my current plan of action. As a Uzumaki I have chakra that can rival that of an average Chunin I decided to lay down the strongest foundation possible.

I decided to use nature energy to enhance my physic. I have tried to sense it for the past week and barely met with success. (It's easy for a baby to sense nature energy as its difficult to move for a newborn.) I could barely contain any nature energy as my body was still that of an infant.

I started mixing nature energy with my chakra. But it would disperse because Kyubi was releasing chakra in waves due to losing control over its temper. I could barely mold any nature energy in senjutsu chakra. I made sure to keep the amount of senjutsu chakra to minimum required to avoid any complications in my new life. I let the senjutsu chakra circulate along with my blood to make sure every single cell in the body in strengthens passively. Although this method has a great flaw that I would take a huge amount of time but at the same time it would increase my bodies sensitivity to nature energy.

I also used it to sense any ninja in the area. If I felt any strong presence like the Uchiha or Hyuga or the Hokage himself than I would disperse all chakra to appear as a normal baby. I will use deception to survive the current predicament and the ones to come in the years to follow.

As a former otaku, I had known about how the main character always ends up raising a death flag as soon as he shows off what little ability he has. Hence, I decided to keep all my knowledge and wisdom hidden everyone. I would behave the same as Naruto did in the original series.

I also thought of not using any skill points. I would enhance my body through hard work and perseverance. I plan on starting to train in stamina and agility at the age of three. Chakra control and ninjutsu at the age of four. chakra shape transformation at five. Chakra nature transformation at the age of six. I also plan on mastering the eight inner gates technique also known as the Hachiman tonkou.

I am three years old now. Due to constant supply of nature energy, my reserves of chakra and stamina have grown a lot. I can now enter sage mode at will. But I can't last long enough. I always end up using all my sage chakra in one go. It is a lot of trouble being unable to control chakra.

It is also time to start my close combat skills. I started at dawn by running around the village, followed by stretching, push up, pull up, crunches, sit ups, horse stance extra. I pushed my body to its limits. After dinner at night I used sage chakra to restore my body to its best condition. This will also help improve recovery speed in the long run. Than went off to sleep.

It's been a year since I started my training. All my efforts have paid off. Training also helps me keep my frustration in check. I really hate the way the villagers treat me as if I am a monster. But for the sake of my survival and the last dying wish of my parents I struggled trying to not hate the villagers around me. I finally understood the life of a child as a Jinchuriki . I used this as a drive to force myself to train as I was an otaku in my last life who hated physical labor the most.

I finally decided to see the results of my training before starting my chakra and ninjutsu training.




AGE: 4 years


HP: 100







(note: 1 represents a normal average adults levels)





Before starting my training in chakra and ninjutsu, I decided to meet the nine-tailed fox. I sat down in samadhi and started thinking about how to meet Kyubi. After a while I succeeded in entering the Kyubi mindscape. I saw him sleeping inside the cage. even though he seemed asleep inside the cage I could feel the rage it had.

"Hey nine tails what's up"? Naruto while trying to sound energetic and friendly. Kyubi directly ignored him and continued to pretend sleeping despite being woken up by Naruto's sudden arrival.

Being ignored Naruto felt sad. As he barely had anyone to speak with. He decided to befriend Kyubi while training. Getting irritated Kyubi started releasing killing intent towards Naruto.

Knowing that he was bound to fail to in winning kyubi's trust, he decided to use the knowledge he had about him from the manga. He called out "Kurama, please be my friend!". He startled Kurama (Kyubi's name).

Kurama suddenly got interested in knowing from where Naruto learnt of his name, as it is the first time he saw Naruto coming face to face with him. He questioned Naruto "from where did he you hear that name brat?" Kurama's killing intent intensified.

"I met an old man in my dreams. He called himself the sage of six paths, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. He told me many things about you and rest of the tailed beast. He hopes that you let go of the hatred you have towards the shinobi world. He asked me to help you in your mission. He had a ripple pattern that spreads over the eyeball. He called it the Rinnegan." Said Naruto.

"He predicted that in the near future someone will try to revive the Jyubi(ten tails). The hunt for jinchuriki will begin soon. The world will be in chaos as the fourth shinobi war is coming. It will be like no other before. One that can't afford to lose . If lost, every living being shall be enslaved. Hence, he entrusted me with the future of the world. He told me only with your help can the world be saved." Naruto continued.

Hearing these words calmed Kurama. His wariness towards Naruto reduced. He started contemplating the words spoken by Naruto. He knows about Naruto's intellect. He also knows about the way naruto had trained himself for the past few years. He knows how Naruto hid himself.

After a few moments Kurama informed Naruto that he is responsible for the death of his parents. To which Naruto replied: "I know.I remember everything that happened on the day I was born till now. Nothing stays hidden from me.I know why the hokage left me at the orphanage, why the villagers hate me, also why I don't have any money, nor why nobody knows who truly I am."

This has made me grow up. It has made me know that there is a lot of darkness in this world. No one but one I can erase the darkness from my life. The only way is hard work and gaining recognition of others. I know if I let everyone know who my parents are than the way they treat me might change but the fact will not change that the one who they are treating well will be hokage's son and not the jinchuriki Naruto Uzumaki. Hence, I plan on deception, the true way of ninja. Only through that will I be able to rise. I know that the resources I have are too poor, but that will only strengthen my resolve to meet my goals.

You know about my training plan don't you. I did not have any one to truly instruct me, hence I want you to aid me in my training. Kurama told him about his parents, how they trained, how he should train, how to make sure that he could stay hidden from the eyes of the Anbu and root.

He taught Naruto how to hide his chakra, how to fool the Anbu and taught him the shadow clone justu and informed him about the positive and negative effects of the jutsu. After that Naruto decided to call it a day. He promised Kurama that he will find a way to release his seal for sure.
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