In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 9: Training and first Kill


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We descended babel and after 5 minutes we reached the dungeon, as we reached the first floor Chloe let me down because this is where my training take part.

The first floor of the Dungeon started with a wide hall, it could fit at least 30 adventurers besides each other.

As we reached the floor Chloe started to coach me. Just at our swords collided I checked 'Saki' well at least, I will now name it like this because 'Saki' sounds nicer than 'Saki Hakai' and it's easier to pronounce.
And just as I thought it lost 1 mana from the storage.

"Chloe, would you mind fighting a monster so that I can observe a fight with a monster?"
Well even if I ask something like this, my meaning is simple: "I need magic stones!"

She looked at me for a moment and agreed so we started walking, searched for a monster and she killed it before I even realized it.

"Would you mind giving me the magic stone? As you know this sword absorbs magic with every hit, so I want to try if magic stones can replace my magic power."

As I tried to lay the magic stone onto the sword it liquified and the sword started glowing again while the liquid disappeared into the veins.
As I analysed 'Saki' again, I could see that the storage got a boost of 100 points.

My eyes widened and as I looked at Chloe I could see her staring at me with her mouth wide open. "What was that? Did you know what happened?"

I thought if I should explain and how I would do it. It's the first time I saw a magic stone and if I remember right the Manga of 'Danmachi' never mentioned them liquifying.

"May I ask if you ever saw something like this?" As I asked her she quickly shook her head and stared at the sword.

So I continued: "I only know that the sword is round about 1% filled with magical power. If we want to know how much this is, we have to test it."

We started our second mock battle so that I can learn how to read my enemy and evade their attacks. While we trained sometimes we could see goblins crawling out of the wall.
Every single time they died before reaching the ground, Chloe throws one of her daggers while fighting me with the remaining one.
She would guide the fight so that we reach the dagger and before I realized it she already used them against me.

After two consecutive hours of training, I couldn't feel my body anymore and thought of asking Chloe to take a break. Actually, I couldn't feel my body after an hour, but I tried to move on somehow.

As Chloe noticed that both my body and my willpower came to the end, she suggested a break. We returned to the entrance and sat down near the stairs to rest here.
When she had sat down, she looked at me and lightly hit her thighs to indicate that I can rest there.

Normally, I would tease her with it, but I'm too exhausted to think about this.
So I lay down and positioned my head on her thighs.

She searched her backpack and after some time, she took out dry meat and something to drink.

"Akio do you want to eat something? It may not be the best, but it's the best I have."

"I gladly would, but I do not want to take away your last meal. Besides, I'm not able to raise my arms, so I need your help. "When I said that, I started blushing.

Chloe started to grin and said, "This is not a problem, I have something to eat and we will not stay here for long, besides, I can get more later."

When she started to feed me, she looked very happy and started humming to herself.
After a while, I could hear a slightly mechanical voice in my head.

[ Forced circulation of magic power ]
[ Use magic to activate 'Saki Hakai' ]
[ Forced use of skill regeneration ]

After I heard the voice, my sword started to glow and I could feel my muscle aches getting less and I could move my body again.

When Chloe saw the sword glow and starting to spread it over my body, she panicked slightly and asked: "Akio what's going on? Why did your sword start glowing and why are you starting to glow too?"

"It looks like the sword has the ability to 'regenerate', so it needs constant magic to maintain the sword's optimal state. Now that I'm exhausted and my body is hurting, the sword's ability has spread to my body and apparently heals it, it's very slow but the pain is getting less. "

Although I was able to move my body again after a short time, I did not have the heart to say that. She looked so happy to feed me.

"Open your mouth. AAAHHHHH. "

"Aaaahhh." Although it's just dry meat, it tastes amazingly good.
When she feeds me, I lost myself in my thoughts: "If only I were a few years older ... I'm lying here on the lap of a beautiful woman and she feeds me ... But that she sees me as a child somehow destroys everything."

After about 10 minutes of regeneration, I was back in top condition while the sword used up 260 magic. If we had not given the sword magical stones all the time while we were training I would be 'Mind zero' now.

So after some time, I asked: "Chloe can we continue to train? I have to get stronger."

"Yeah we can but let's change it a bit, you will fight goblins now. I will kill every goblin except one and you will fight him. If its to much for you I will help but until then you have to fight and adapt to killing monsters."

As we went into the dungeon again, a goblin spawned right beside us.

"Akio, over there." She said while pointing at the wall.

I thought it would be fair to wait for the goblin to come out of the wall but it would also be stupid, its a monster why should I fight fair and square against it. So I started running, draw the blade and stabbed at it while it was still stuck.

As the blade comes into contact with the goblin, I thought that it would lose speed because it will have the cut the hide as well as the meat of it, but it went straight into it as if I was cutting tofu. As I was shocked I couldn't stop my momentum and heard a *Cling* as my sword hit the wall behind the goblin.

I made eye contact with the goblin and could see that he was at least as shocked as me.
As I thought what I just do it started to disappear and the magic stone fell down.
At the same time, something inside my mind informed me that this was real.

[ Function unlocked ]

[ Tab Achievement available ]

[ Achievement unlocked "First Kill" ]

[ Description: "Kill your first monster inside the dungeon" ]
[ Reward: ...
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