In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 6: Orario and Shopping


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Two days after we started our journey, while aiming for Orario I came to accept my new body and learned how to control it without stumbling.
After the first set of training, I added a 100m jog and continued with my three sets every day, it rewarded me with +2 for every Stat except MAG.

My new Status looked like this

[ Status ]

Name: Akio Cranel
Age: 6
Race: Human
Familia: None
Level: 0
STR: 12 (I)
VIT: 12 (I)
DEX: 12 (I)
AGI: 12 (I)
MAG: 0 (I)
Developed Abilities: None
System Functions: Scan, Quests
System Points: 0

While travelling I learned a bit about Chloe, she is level 3 and 13 years old and I should stay away from her when I try to sleep, because otherwise, I will suffocate in her embrace .
I don't know why but it looks like she loves boys, so to say, she's a shotacon.

As we could see Babel on the horizon, it looks like we will reach Orario today and I can finally sleep on a bed again after camping for 2 days.

As I was admiring Babel I said: "Looks like Orario is greater than I thought, and Babel really is as huge as they say. This world really is huge." after I voiced my thoughts one thing stuck in my mind "I should travel and visit other towns and admire this world as much as it deserves it. Other landscapes and towns like Melen or maybe Valua, if I remember right its the capital of Rakia."

The moment I thought about Rakia I remembered the goddess Phobos who was forced back to Heaven by Ares. "Wait Ares killed her 7 years before the story started so that would be next year, this means she is still alive and I can prevent her death."

"Hey Sebas, is there a way for you to get into contact with the gods here or something like a stamp to let them realize that a letter is from you?" As Sebas was carrying me, I got close to his ear and asked him without Chole realizing.

"Well there is but I won't contact gods for you so the only possibility would be things like a divine wax seal to let them know that it got approved by a god. By the way, I won't let you use my seal, but I can help you a bit." right after he finished saying it my Quest log opened.

[ Opening Quest Log ]

New Quest available:

Quest 5:
Stay alive on the first Floor of the Dungeon for at least 6 Hours.
Reward: one-time divine wax seal

"Looks like I got my third reason to enter the Dungeon, but can I really stay alive there?" lost in thought, I tried to find a solution to finish this Quest.

"Show Quest Log"

[ Opening Quest Log ]

Quest 1:
Find a house where you can live for the next few years.
Optional: The house is inside a town.
Reward: Sebas will take care of the food.
Bonus: Sebas will open a Restaurant. (Quality of Food is better)

Quest 2:
Upgrade your STR, VIT, DEX, and AGI to 20 within 12 Months.
Reward: ???

Quest 3:
Kill a Goblin 0/1
Reward: ???

Quest 4:
Get over your past Trauma of getting stabbed.
Pain Resistance (I)
Abnormal Status Resistance (I)

Quest 5:
Stay alive on the first Floor of the Dungeon for at least 6 Hours.
Reward: one-time divine wax seal

"Quest 1 will be finished close after we got inside Orario, Quest 2 still needs time and Quest 3 to 5 could be finished inside the Dungeon so maybe I should think of a way to get protec… PROTECTED, why couldn't I think of this." As I found the answer to my question I couldn't help but grin.

The moment I realized that Sebas could change the quest I tried to hide it and thought: "I should avoid trouble whenever I can, the biggest troublemaker I know is right in front of me, so please don't let him realize that loophole…"

As we got closer to Orario I could hear Chloe: "Look Akio we will reach Orario soon, we should be able to get there in 2 hours." after saying that, she looked at us and asked: " Sebas would you mind if I carry him the rest of the distance?"

Sebas agreed and handed me over to her.

About 10 minutes later I couldn't hold back anymore and tried to touch her ears. As my hands come into contact with her ears I instinctively said: "How soft." while Chloe panicked: " NYYYAAAA … Akio what are you doing ?!?".

Laughing at her reaction I proudly said: "You know, after seeing them this close I couldn't help but to MofuMofu them. They are so Cute and Soft I had to !! It's like my hands were possed and moved without me realizing, I couldn't stop them." after I finished saying that I heard Sebas laughing and had to laugh as well.

I could see Chloe blushing while she didn't say anything. As all of us started to joke with each other while I caressed Chloe's ears, we reached the wall of Orario.

As we got near the Gate I could see guards which looked bored and let us pass without asking anything. We continued to walk while I was fascinated by Orario. The moment I flipped out of it, we were already close to Babel.

"Sebas let's aim for the Guild and ask them if they could recommend us a few real estate agencies."

Sebas looked nodded and asked some passerby: "Hello sir, would you be so nice and tell us where we can find the Guild?"

Passerby: "Of course, you follow the road pointing northwest, after some time you could see it on the left side."

As we got our direction we thanked him and started walking, after a few steps I looked at Sebas while saying: " Sebas would you mind if you look for a two or three-story building by yourself? I would like to do some shopping with Chloe."

Just as Sebas heard what I said he started grinning and answered: " Looks like you couldn't control yourself any longer and want to have a date with Chloe, sure go ahead, it's quite early so how about we meet in 8 hours at the guild?"

Chloe blushed from hearing what Sebas said, while I started to laugh and answer him: "You got me there, see you at the guild."

Sebas started laughing as well and started walking while waving his hand over his head.
When Chloe heard us laughing she pinched me in the leg and said half angry: "Stop being such a naughty child, naughty children need to be punished."

After that, she looked at me smiling and asked: "So do you really want to have a date with me, or is there some other reason why you want Sebas to separate from us?"

The moment I saw Chloe's smile I knew that she realized something, and I could only answer 'truthfully': "Sebas tasked me some time ago to get stronger and get over my trauma, so I thought it would be a great chance if I could go to the Dungeon and train. But it would be too dangerous alone and I want to surprise him, so it would be nice if you could protect me and teach me how to wield a sword and fight against a monster."

She looked at me with wide eyes and nodded in agreement while saying: "I thought you were just a naughty child but looks like you are starting to man up. Okay let's go, but first, we will have to buy you a 'Sword'. AND you have to promise me, that you will listen to EVERYTHING I say while we are inside the Dungeon."

At the time I promised her I could hear her mumbling: "... dirk? or a stiletto? no no no… a sword, not a stabbing weapon, hmmm maybe we should go with a Tantō. They should offer enough variations."

As she stopped mumbling she looked straight at me and smiled while walking in the direction of Babel, straight to its stairs. Looking ahead she said: "I will buy you a sword but you have to pay it back, let's go for some lower floors of Babel there should be weapon shops there. If I'm not wrong, the Hephaestus Familia should be situated there."
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