In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 4: First Encounter


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I was about to finish my third set when I saw a green flicker in the forest.
The moment I moved my view in its direction it vanished.
Lost in thought a slight wave of panic hit me as I mumbled: "Hmmm, that sure looked like eyes."

"WAIT!! WHAT!!! Eyes ?!?" now I started to realize I'm alone inside a forest…
And this is a world where monsters roam.

"Okay, let's hope it was a hallucination." When this thought came to me, I looked around and saw it again directly behind me in a bush.
When I realized that something was eyeing me, I tried to calm down and looked for a weapon or a place to hide until Sebas returned.
It's stupid to hide when it's already looking at me, but at least I have to find a place that's safe from 3 directions so I do not have to worry about where it's going to attack me.

Let's think: "It's not attacking and is trying to hide so maybe it tries to strike without me realizing or its a monster which likes to play with its prey. The second possibility would be nice at least it would give Sebas more time to come back."

As I looked around I noticed a tree with slightly torn roots, it also lacked a piece of bark which looked as if a boar had run against it. If I make it to the hole under the tree I should be safe for a while.

Slowly I tried to get up. I felt my muscles aching from the training, and I thought, "That's a big handicap, could this not happen the moment I started training? Sebas started hunting about 40 minutes ago, so I hope that he will come back soon, let's go, all or nothing. "

With that in mind, I screamed and started running with everything I had.


During the sprint, I start to analyze the situation.

"The monster should be about 30m behind me and I have to run 12m to reach the tree, maybe I scared the monster with my scream, giving me extra time to reach the hole. Starting from the speed at which it disappeared when I looked at it, it should be much faster than me, so I have to be lucky enough to reach the tree before it reaches me."

Hoping to reach the hole, I saw two pairs of green eyes running out of the forest, one from my left and one from my right. When I lost my hope of reaching the tree, my concentration slipped and I tripped over some roots.

As I tried to keep myself on my feet, I looked up and saw for the first time what those shadows were, they were slim and round about 1,5m tall, all of them had green eyes and wore a hooded cloak that was closed at the front. I could not see their face, but through one gap in front, I could see a leg that was supposed to be human.

When I realized that I could not escape, I mobilized my last strength and tried to jump into the stomach of one of the shadows, so that we both would stumble together to win Sebas at least a few seconds.

The moment I came into contact with the figure on my left side it disappeared and I flew straight through it.

Behind me, I could hear someone panicking as she cried out: " NYYYYAAAAAAA… What are you doing ?!?"

as I flew through one of the figures I saw a tree behind it and couldn't help but scream out: "SHIT!!!" before I came into contact with it and lost my consciousness.


The moment I came to I could feel something soft under my head and a hand was caressing my stomach. The smell of BBQ was in the air and I could hear the crackling of burning wood.

As I tried to sit up I could feel a hand on my head as well as stinging pain from the place where I hit the tree.

There was a sweet and soothing voice next to me.
???: "You should lie down a bit, you really hit your head hard."

At the same time, I could hear Sebas laughing and mocking me: "You have to train more, next time you will show that tree who is the boss here."

When I heard Sebas voice, I could not help but calm down a bit and laugh: "You should know whose fault that is, right Sebas?"

I continued, "No one in his right mind would let a 6-year-old child without training or a weapon sit in a forest and run away."

The girl next to me glared at Sebas and accused him, "He's right, how could you leave such a sweet child alone here? He could have died if I was not around to protect him."

Sebas looked at us and couldn't help but laugh again as he said: "If I have to say something it would be that you "Miss Protector" over there were the reason he jumped against the tree." he continued mockingly: "please enlighten me if I'm wrong "Miss Protector".

The moment I heard Sebas I couldn't help but laugh and tried to open my eyes to see what "Miss Protector" looks like. As my eyes opened the first thing I saw was a face looking down on me and while her hand was caressing my head, which feels really nice.

How to say it she is really beautiful, she has green eyes and short black hair with cat ears.
She wore a black top, shorts, and hooded cloak which now is under my head and functions as a pillow while I lie on her lap.
If I had to guess I would say she is 12 or 13 years old.

As she saw me opening my eyes and looking at her she asked: "How are you? do you feel better?" while kindly smiling at me.

That kind smile is really soothing, as I lost myself to that smile I couldn't help but ask myself how come that I first thought that she is a monster whos eyeing me. My thoughts continued like that until I realized that I had yet to answer her so I said: "My Head hurts a bit but it's getting better, thank you for letting me lie here." while I started blushing.

I continued: " My name is Akio Cranel, may I ask you of your name?"

When she saw me blush, she giggled and replied, "I'm Chloe Rollo, it's an honor."
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