In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 3: The way South


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I must say Sebas may sometimes be stupid and really tries hard to get on my nerves but he is a good companion.

If you had asked me half a day ago I would say that I would try everything possible to get away from him but I changed my mind he is not as bad as it seems.

Well, let's go back to the start of our Journey.


After Sebas started carrying me he started singing, well I really don't know why but it calms my mind a bit and I can think about everything that happened to me today.

First of all, I got stabbed …
I mean, I GOT STABBED...
That really hurts like hell.
While I thought about it I started to tremble without me realizing it.

As Sebas realized this he asked: "Akio how come you look so bad, is something wrong?"

"Akio are you alright?"

When he asked me a second time, I came to me and said, "Yeah, I was just thinking of the time I was dying, everything happened so fast that I think I need time to accept that I really died and went to another world, I mean ... I will not see my friends and my family again ... "

He laughed and said: "Looks like you finally start to realize what's going on here, you were way to calm there."

"Yeah, just realized that maybe everything that happened isn't a dream, you know I am, or was 22 Years old."

Suddenly Sebas started laughing and said: "I just had a nice Idea."

As I tilted my head and tried to ask what it was my Quest Log interrupted me.

[ Quest Log refreshed ]

Quest 4:

Get over your past Trauma of getting stabbed.

Pain Resistance (I)
Abnormal Status Resistance (I)

The moment I saw the Rewards my jaw dropped and I didn't know what to say so I voiced my first thought: "Sebas you're serious?!? What the hell is wrong with this rewards."

"You know if you see a Goblin what do you think he would do to you?"

"He would try to kill me? How come you're talking about Goblins if I ask about the rewards for Quest 4?"

Sebas looked at me and laughed again saying: "Yeah he would try to kill you, he would try to STAB you with his nails or with a Stone maybe he would even try to bite you."

He continued: "If you see a Rabbit inside a Dungeon even that rabbit would come and try to STAB you. So do you think you can survive until you get past your trauma?"

As I thought about what he said I realized that it's unlikely that I can survive if I start to scream every time someone tries to stab me. Not like its so bad, I just tremble a bit.

He looked at me and started again: "You may not have a Trauma now or it may not even become one but better to be safe than sorry or am I wrong?
Also, it's just the resistance type I so its more or less a minor resistance."

As I thought about what he said and how to win against the Trauma that is trying to get me I lost track of the time and it looks like we were on the march for quite some time.

Sebas looked left and right and said, "Looks like I need to get something to eat for us, we left about 3 hours ago and with time to look for food and time to prepare it It would be 4 to 5 hours since we started."

"Well, Akio, you have to wait here, I'll get something to eat for us." As he said that, he already sat me on the floor and disappeared from my sight.

Before I could even say how dangerous a forest is for a 6-year-old child he was already out of my sight...
As I was thinking what to do because I didn't know whenever to laugh or cry I nonchalantly asked the System: "System can you scan for enemies within a 50m radius?"

[ Insufficient features, need the Map to scan other objects than the Host ]

"Thought as much would be too nice."

"What do we do now?"

"System show me Quest 2"

[ Open Quest Log ]
[ Search Quest 2 ]

Quest 2 :

Upgrade your STR, VIT, DEX, and AGI to 20 within 12 Months.

Reward: ???

"Let's try this!"

When I got ready for my training, I got the next problem ...
I am now a child ... Is it possible for children to work out without any long-term problems?
Okay just ask the System: "System would my body sustain long-term problems when I train now?"

[ Scanning Body ]
[ Analyzing ]
[ Possibility to sustain long-term problems is minimal and can be neglected ]

"First good news of the Day, let's go."

With that problem out of my mind, I started to think about my fitness plan.
How about squats, pushups, and situps?
Sounds reasonable, so let's go with it

"Let's start with sets of 10."

As I was starting my training I thought that maybe the System can analyze how long I have to train for my stats to upgrade.

"System analyze my body and the change with each set and calculate the time until my values reach 20."

[ Insufficient features to calcu…. ]
[ Upgrading feature Scan ]

[ Calculating ]

[ Create Set ]
[ 10x Sit-Ups 10x Squats 10x Pushups ]

[ Set is efficient to train STR and AGI ]
[ Set efficiency for training VIT and DEX is moderate ]

[ It is recommended to add 100 meters of jog into the set to improve efficiency]

[ Calculated time for the upgrade of status values to reach 20 is 3M 25D ]
[ It is recommended to start training with 3 sets a day and raise the training as Host grows ]

"Close to 4 Months hmm. OKAY let's start training" I cried out to motivate myself and started the training.

As I was too focused to start my first Quest I didn't realize that a pair of green eyes was looking at me as if it just found prey.
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