In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 2: The Beginning


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--- Initiating System ---

[ Synchronizing with Soul ]
[ 0% ….. 8% ….. 17% ….. 25% ….. 42% ….. 67% ….. 100% ]
[ Synchronizing Complete ]
[ System feature Scan acquired ]
[ System feature Quest acquired ]
[ System feature Shop acquir... ERROR … Blocked ]
[ Analyzing Host ]
[ ERROR no name found ]
[ Requesting name from ***** ]
[ Name obtained (Akio) ]
[ Displaying Status ]

Name: Akio Cranel
Age: 6
Race: Human
Familia: None
Level: 0
STR: 10 (I)
VIT: 10 (I)
DEX: 10 (I)
AGI: 10 (I)
MAG: 0 (I)

Developed Abilities: None
System Functions: Scan, Quests
System Points: 0

When I came to, I looked around and all I could see was trees.
Looks like he dropped me into a forest.
The thing that bothered me the most was he told me he would be near me and keep me fed, but I can not see that butler.

When I thought what had happened, a thought came to my mind: "Is he kidding me?".
With that thought, I asked, "System where are you?"

[ System is bound to Host ]

At the same time as I heard the voice in my head, the butler came from somewhere in the forest and asked, "Akio misses me already?"

"As if I miss you, do you mind telling me why we are in a forest?"

[ Insufficient Data ]

As System was looking at me like an Idiot he answered "Where else should we start? What do you think the people would think when we appear out of nowhere right at the middle of a town?"

[ Please purchase System feature Map or gather more Information ]

When I got a headache from two voices speaking to me at the same time, I said, "God, would you mind giving me another name to call you? I really do not like getting two answers at the same time."

System looked perplexed and asked me, "What are you talking about, who else answers you and why do I have to change my name and not him?"

"Let me ask you, what did you give me about 1 minute ago and do not tell me you forgot it !!!"

System looked at me as if seeing a ghost and asked me, "Do not tell me you can read my mind, that should be impossible!"

While thinking of how useless a god could get, it looks like he himself came to the answer and looked relieved and replied, "AHHHH do you mean the system I gave you, but it should be an empty frame with no features, how come that it can speak? "

"Well, it's not an empty frame because it looks like the "Scan" and "Quest" tabs are included, but would you mind giving me another name to call you, or I'll just make you Sebas because you look like a butler. "

I do not know why, but System somehow looked happy and replied, "Sebas is nice, you can call me that, if you want, but I really do not understand why your system has a standard AI as well as the "Scan" and "Quest" tab, well who cares let's just say its a gift from the almighty ME."

As is came to the conclusion that it's best to ignore Sebas I thought: "System Open Quest Log"

[ Opening Quest Log ]

Quest 1:

Find a house where you can live for the next few years.
Optional: The house is inside a town.

Reward: Sebas will take care of the food.
Bonus: Sebas will open a Restaurant. (Quality of Food is better)

Quest 2:

Upgrade your STR, VIT, DEX, and AGI to 20 within 12 Months.

Reward: ???

Quest 3:

Kill a Goblin 0/1

Reward: ???

Quest 4:


Reward: ???

When I went through my quests and saw Quest 4, I really did not know what to think, except that it is most likely a stupid prank of Sebas again so I came to the conclusion its best to be direct and ask him "Sebas mind to give me details for Quest 4 of my Quest Log? it only says???? and I really don't know what is wrong with this Quest."

"You are to fast… how come you are already looking for Quests? I haven't thought of them yet." he answered while panicking.

"So it was your fault after all. Mind giving me Information where you dropped us so that I can look for a place for us to live?"

As he heard me he started grinning and said: "We are south of Orario I won't give you more detailed information." after he finished he started laughing.

I really don't know if he tries to help me or not…
But if I remember right south of Orario is the Coastline and the Town Melen so maybe I should aim for it.
If I find the coastline there is a high chance that I can find someone more useful than that god over there.

While thinking that I started walking and said: "I'm going south, Sebas lets go."

Sebas looked at me and started laughing: "but you are going East, south is over there." while pointing to my right side.

I started grinning while thinking: "Finally some useful Information from him." and said: "My bad, let's go."

So we start our journey to the coastline…
Well, that's how it is supposed to be but I am inside the body of a six-year-old child…

After round about 15 minutes, I couldn't keep on anymore and had to ask Sebas if he could carry me.

He started laughing again and carried me on his shoulders while singing.
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