In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 15: Rewards


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[ Rewards ]

Quest 1: 10 System Points

Quest 3: 50 System Points
Hidden skill efficiency 0,01%
Hidden Reward: Skill (minor Swordsmanship (I))

[ Current efficiency 0,07% ]

Chain Quest unlocked:
Quest 3: Kill 2500 monster with a sword
Progress: 100/2500
Reward: Swordsmanship (I)

Quest 4: Pain Resistance (I)
30 System Points
Hidden skill efficiency 0,01%
Hidden Reward: Abnormal Status Resistance (I)

[ Current efficiency 0,08% ]

Quest 5: Divine Wax seal (one-time item)
10 System Points
Hidden skill efficiency 0,01%
Hidden Reward: Status +3

[ Current efficiency 0,09% ]

[ Achievement unlocked 'Hidden Objective' ]
[ Achieved 'Hidden Quest' Part 1 ]
[ Description: "Complete 1 Hidden Objective" ]
[ Reward: Hidden skill efficiency 0,01% ]
[ Current efficiency 0,1% ]

[ Skill unlocked: Gamers Body (I) 0,1/100]
Description: Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game. (Host receives no physical damage from attacks only pain for a few seconds and a loss of HP. Due to special circumstances, the Host is allowed to absorb EXP to feed his Status.)

Possible LV
(I) (H) (G) (F) (E) (D) (C) (B) (A) (S)
Every 10% the Level will upgrade.

[ Achieved 'Hidden Quest' Part 2 ]
[ Description: "Complete 3 Hidden Objectives" ]
[ Reward: Hidden skill efficiency 0,03% ]
[ Current efficiency 0,13% ]

[ Detected bad Synchronization rate ]
[ Current Energy wasted: 99,87% ]
[ Please increase efficiency ]

I got dizzy from all the rewards.
"System show me my Status"

[ Displaying Status ]
Name: Akio Cranel
Age: 6
Race: Human
Familia: None

Level: 0
STR: 18 (I)
VIT: 18 (I)
DEX: 18 (I)
AGI: 18 (I)
MAG: 23 (I)

Developed Abilities:
Minor Magic control (I)
Minor Swordsmanship (I)
Pain Resistance (I)
Abnormal Status Resistance (I)

Special Skill:
Gamers Body (I)

System Functions: Scan, Quests
System Points: 100
Equipment: 'Saki Hakai'

As Sebas saw me getting dizzy he laughed and said: "Looks like you got quite the harvest there."

"Sebas would mind showing me the Store?"

[ Open Store ]
[ Activate filter ]

[ First-time Bonus ]
[ 90% one-time discount ]

[ Please choose Category ]
[ Skill, Equipment, Pill, Manual ]

As I saw the Categories I thought "Skill".

[ Open Category Skill ]
[ Listing available choices ]

1. Job Skills
2. Fighting Skills
3. Elemental Magic
4. Passive Skills
5. Resistance Boost

As the shop opened I started to navigate it with my thoughts.
At first, I opened the Job Skills.

[ Job Skills ]

Blacksmith (I) 20 System Points (200)
Description: Helps the User to master the handiwork of a Blacksmith.

Tailor (I) 20 System Points (200)
Description: Helps the User to master the handiwork of a Tailor.

Carpenter (I) 20 System Points (200)
Description: Helps the User to master the work with wood.

Cook (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Helps the User to master the work with Food.

Magic Blacksmith (I) 80 System Points (800)
Requirement: Blacksmith
Description: Allows the User to smith Magic weapons.

"Hmmm, so I can walk this route as well."
"Open Passive Skills"

[ Passive Skills ]

STR Up (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Increases the Strength of the User.

VIT Up (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Increases the Vitality of the User.

DEX Up (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Increases the Dexterity of the User.

AGI Up (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Increases the Agility of the User.

MAG Up (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Increases the Magic Power of the User.

Berserk (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Status rises every time the user takes damage.

Accel (I) 10 System Points (100)
Description: Improves Users running speed.

Luck (I) 100 System Points (1000)
Description: Boosts Users Luck

The moment I saw the last skill I couldn't help but drool.
Chloe who sat right beside us looked perplexed and as she saw me start drooling she picked her handkerchief and wiped it away.
Just as I felt the handkerchief, I snapped out of my thought and thought purchase Luck (I).

[ Purchase Complete ]
[ Acquired Luck (I) ]
[ Remaining System Points '0' ]

I looked at Chloe, lightly bowed my head and said: "Thank you, I was lost in thoughts and … didn't realize I was drooling…"

Sebas knew that I drolled because of the Luck skill and laughed, Chloe couldn't hold on anymore as she heard Sebas laugh and also started laughing.
As both of them laughed I also started to laugh.

After a short time, Sebas said: "You two sure had it hard, the second and third floor is for us to live so if you want you can go up and rest a bit."

I nodded and said to Chloe: "Chloe, let's go. Tomorrow we can help Sebas and look for someone to help him in the restaurant."

Chloe nodded and we stood up and Sebas guided us unto the second floor.
As we walked all customer looked at us, I was really happy because of my new skill so I was humming. Maybe in the eyes of the customers, I really look like a happy child but I can't help it. Luck is a skill which functions as a plot armour, like every time you're in trouble someone will find and help you, or you awaken some strange powers which will help you. You will stumble into the bathroom when the girls are bathing and so on.
Who won't be happy if he got a skill like this?

As we arrived at the second floor Sebas showed us two rooms which will be our rooms for tonight as its late. I am really tired we fought for nearly 4 hours inside the dungeon the body of a 6-year-old child can't handle things like this.

I opened the door to my room and it looked like a VIP suite in a 5-star hotel. Big windows which couldn't be seen from the outside, a chandelier at the middle of the room, a big round glass table right under the chandelier and 3 sofas for three people. At the left side of the room, you could see a milky glass which looks like a sliding door. As I opened it I could see a bath which looked like a mixture between a sauna and a bath, It looks way to luxurious.
As I went to another door inside the room I came to the bedroom.
What I saw shocked me again.
The whole room had dark blue carpet, and right at the middle of the room there was an Emporer size bed (215cm x 200cm / 7' x 6'6" ), one complete wall was glass and you could see everything outside as well as Babel, the colour of the glass is light blueish so I would say they used mirrored glass. The light inside the room was light and used magic stones to power it.

I was shocked and fell onto the bed and before I realized it I was already asleep.
As I was sleeping I did not notice that Chloe didn't stay in her room and left right after she was guided into it.


Author's Note: I will release Chapter today and note down every chapter which I missed to release. They will come in the course of the next two week's.
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