In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 14: Conclusion


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As the guards started questioning the guests you could hear the same story everywhere.

The Drunkard came into the shop smashed a glass, flipped a table and after he was asked to pay up he attacked the owner.

The owner used an unique magic to protect the guests and fought him with a plate and a knife.

As the guards heard the last part they were flappergasted. The owner of a restaurant fought a level 4 adventurer who was armed with a sword, with a plate and a knife and WON.

They also told them that Sebas reminded him of the damage and how much it would cost while they were fighting.

As the guards gathered and compared the stories, they realized that they told more or less the same.


After the guard captain took Sebas away he also started his interrogation.

"Mr Sebas, may I ask what exactly happened at your store?"

"I went to the kitchen to prepare the meals for the guests as I heard someone screaming inside the store. As I was on my way to the main hall I heard sounds of someone flipping a table."

As he told that he looked sad and continued

"As I got closer to the main hall I could understand what he screamed and tried to remind him that he has to pay for the damage. As he heard it he raged and tried to attack me, so I defended my guests from a raging customer and immobilized him. Just as I immobilized him you came into my store and took care of the rest."

The captain thought for a moment and asked Sebas to lead the way back to the store while they spoke.

"Mr Sebas, if I remember right the Adventurer you defeated was a level 4. May I ask how strong you are that you can defeat him while also protecting your store and customer?"

"I would like to abstain from answering in this regard."

"Thought as much, but I think there will come more people who try to devastate your shop. I will talk to the other guards and if we think that you did everything right, we will order a badge that shows, that the guards take care of your shop. As long as you keep the rules we will watch your back for you, also the private punishment will also be legit as you inform them the moment they step into your store."

As Sebas heard it he asked: "May I ask what happens if the 'customer' can't pay the bill for the food, vandalism or theft ?"

"If something like this happens the guards will pay for it if the sum isn't too high. Otherwise, we will request the support of the City. The wrongdoer will be sentenced to work for free until he finished paying off his credit. For the current case, if the guest is found guilty he will likely have to work 2 to 3 days inside the dungeon to afford the ransom."

As they talked about the guest they slowly got back to the store. The moment they reached it they could see the wrongdoer getting arrested by the guards who were waiting for their captain to announce the penalty.

The guest could see Sebas and the captain were speaking on a friendly basis and rejoiced that everything concluded. Just as Sebas came into the store he put his hand into his pocket went to the first table and put 4 Coins onto it.
The coins were engraved with '1S' '1T' '1C' '1T'.
As the guest questioningly looked at the coins Sebas said: "These coins are your coupons T is for Tea, S for Steak and C for Cake. The number represents the number of free meals. Please visit us again."

As he said that he went to the next table and did the same.
The Captain saw that and said: "After we interviewed the witnesses and gave ourselves an overview, we came to the conclusion that the accused is guilty. The reported damage amounts to 140.000 vali and will be paid from the guards, the convicted has to pay the ransom to the guards. Until he paid everything he will only get 20% of his payment, be it the guild or private work."

He ordered "Take him away"

He looked at the guests and said: "We are sorry that you had to witness something like this, we reached the conclusion that we will reward Sebas with the 'Guardian Badge' for his shop. If someone tries something funny with it he will provoke every guard inside the city, so I hope you had or have a nice stay. Sebas I will be back after my shift, I hope you could then spare some time for me."

As he said that they left the store and continued their patrol.

Akio looked at Chloe and said: "That adventurer should be happy the guards reached here this fast. I think otherwise Sebas would cripple him for the offence of flipping the table and destroying the atmosphere."

Just as Sebas finished his round and gave everyone the coupons he went to the door and flipped the Sign from "Open" to "Closed". He looked at the guest and said: "I want to apologize again so I will close the store now. Everyone can stay for 2 more hours until I will close the shop, until then please enjoy your stay."

After everything was solved he came to our table and asked: "May I know if everything is alright?"

As he stood before us and every customer was still eating I thought that we have a bit time so I looked at him and said: "I would like to turn in my quest. Would you please check if I fulfilled your tasks? If I'm not wrong everything but task 2 should be finished."

He looked at me as if he saw a ghost and checked it.
After a few seconds, I could hear the mechanical voice again.

[ Quest 1 Finished ]
[ Optional Objective achieved ]

Quest 1:
Find a house where you can live for the next few years.
Optional: The house is inside a town.

[ Quest 3 Finished ]
[ Hidden Objective achieved ]

Quest 3:
Kill a Goblin 1/1
Hidden: Kill Goblins 100/100

[ Quest 4 Finished ]
[ Hidden Objective achieved ]

Quest 4:
Get over your past Trauma of getting stabbed.
Hidden: Fight until your trauma is cured.

[ Quest 5 Finished ]
[ Hidden Objective achieved ]
[ Hidden Objective failed ]

Quest 5:
Stay alive on the first Floor of the Dungeon for at least 6 Hours.
Hidden: Fight at least 50% of the time.
Hidden: Evade every fight

[ Calculating Rewards ]


Authors Note:

Sorry that I could not publish yesterday, I was on assembly and therefore was not on the computer all day. I will try to release a double chapter within the week to reach the 7 chapter.

Until then hope you enjoy it.
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