In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 13: A friendly Butler


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As Sebas came out of the kitchen because some Idiot thought of rushing his own death he could see a flipped table with the polished silverware all over the ground and smashed glasses.
If you look at him closely you could see the veins on his head, first it looked like he is going to explode every second because of his red face, but after a few seconds, you could see him calm down. He looked too calm, as he calmed down you could feel the air around him turn cold.
He looked at the drunkard and asked: "Sir may I ask you how you are going to pay up? As you saw on the blackboard vandalism is 3 times the price. So let's count, let's start with the tables around you. You destroyed their mood so you have to pay for their food, that makes 5 cakes, 3 pasta, 2 steaks, as well as 10 tea." (2000 + 900 + 1200 + 1500)


"Because of your inferior intelligence, I will round it to 6000 Vali as for the multiplier for vandalism it makes 18000 Vali for the food. Now lets come to the tableware, as the table isn't destroyed its safes you the 17000 vali for the table you should be happy about it, but you smashed 4 glasses which comes with 5000 vali each. Let's add up 20.000 Vali multiplied by 3. Well, I don't want to calculate so let's just go with 80.000 it's not like you could calculate it yourself." As Sebas talked and rounded up nearly every time he could you saw many of the customers smile.

As the drunkard heard that he flipped again and screamed: "SO WHAT WILL YOU DO? I'm a level 4 Adventurer, not someone a random Shopkeeper can face, so now crawl over here and beg me to drink your stuff before I go and destroy everything here."

Sebas looked at him and smiled: "If you apologize now, I would let you go with 100.000 Vali because I don't want my guests to see something bloody while they eat. Otherwise, you force me to handle it the hard way."

The drunkard flipped and draw his sword while charging at Sebas.
As he came he near you could hear Sebas say: "Such a pity, looks like he chooses the hard way."

"Barrier" As Sebas said that you could see something glasslike rise around each table.

"Please be aware, as long as you stay on your seat nothing will happen to you. If you leave my barrier I wouldn't pay for your damage." He said that while dodging the drunkard, as he finished his face grew cold and he looked like he just ascended from hell.

While dodging he run around the shop and picked up the silverware from the flipped table.
The drunkard came near and slashed at him, Sebas picked a silver plate and used it as a shield to block the attack.

"Seeking death you shitty butler" The Drunkard screamed and slashed at the plate.


As they came into contact you could hear the sound of the collision but contrary to all expectations the plate was safe.

"Looks like you just destroyed one silver plate, this will make another 7000 vali."

As he said that he picked up one of the knives and stabbed at the drunkard. As he saw that he tried to dodge but everything you could hear was one word before everything concluded.

"Barrier" Glass panes kept popping up all around the drunkard the only exception was the direction of Sebas as he stabbed his knife in the thigh of the drunkard.

"ARRRGGGHHHH. You ba*ta*d!!!!"

At the same time, you could Sebas again: "Looks like you also defiled this Knife, shame on you that will make another 1500 vali."

He pulled the Knife out of the thigh and said: "Look its defiled you can keep it."
As he said that he stabbed it into his other thigh.

"ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. I will fucking kill you."

Everything took place in not even 30 seconds, but you could see the crowd at the entrance part as guards rushed inside. The moment the guards stepped inside the building the glasslike walls vanished.

"What happened here? Nobody leaves the building until we have clarified that. Get the owner over so that we can get an overview of the situation."

Sebas stepped forth and said: "Estimated guards, as you can see we got an unruly guest who scared our guests and vandalised inside my restaurant. As you could see at the blackboard at the entrance, vandalism will be privately punished with 3 times the damage.
As I asked the guest to pay up for the damage he attacked me and scared my guests. If you don't, believe me, you could ask my guests."

"The damage amounts to the following 5 cakes, 3 pasta, 2 steaks, 10 tea, 4 glasses, 1 silver plate as well as 1 silver knife. With the compensation for the food of the guests, we have to give them a voucher, whereby they can eat the same for free the next time. So the damage amounts to 140.000 vali."

"We have to clarify everything first, would you please come with me while my colleagues question the guests?"

As he heard that question he smiled to the guests and said: "I wish to apologize for everything that happened and hope you would come again, as I said already you don't have to pay your food and you will get a coupon for the same meal, so I hope you enjoyed your visit. I will be gone for a moment so please bear with it."

Everyone saw his smile, and I can say for sure that no one will go against him. It was as if a Demon was watching over you. You got goosebumps from his looks while everyone who didn't know him would think that he is a friendly butler.

After saying that he left with the guard captain.
While the guards started questioning the guests.

Authors note:
For everyone who doesn't want to calculate the 'Damage', it is 102300 vali.
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