In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 12: The tranquil Michaelis


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As Chloe suggested that we go to 'The tranquil Michaelis' i got a bad feeling.
The name I gave Sebas came from an Anime I watched and because he looks like a perfect butler I choose that name for him. I really hope that I'm wrong but if I remember right his last name was Michaelis …

If Sebas can read my mind then maybe he could also read my memories and knows about it.
Let's just hope that everything is a coincidence.

If you look at the building in front of us than it looks like a three-story building, where the first floor has huge windows. You could see the inside and it looks like a high-class Restaurant with a huge bar at the end. The tables looked nice with red tablecloth and silverware, there also are beautifully made wine glasses.

As we made our way inside we could smell a nice fragrance.

Just as we entered we could hear a greeting from behind the bar: "Welcome, if you wish to get something to drink you are welcome to sit at the bar, otherwise you can also choose a table and order something to eat."

[ Quest 1 completed ]
[ Talk with Sebas to finish Quest 1 ]

As I heard the voices I knew that my guess was right.
'Sebastian Michaelis' the perfect Butler. Looks like a god is setting his goals pretty high there. Chloe also heard Sebas voice from the bar and was shocked. We parted ways for 6 hours and here he is, owning a high-class Restaurant right beside the Guild.

As if he doesn't recognize us he comes over and asked: "May I ask if you are waiting for other people or is it just the two of you?"

She was still shocked and subconsciously answered: "Just the two of us."

"May I guide you to a table? I would recommend the table over there."

Sebas started walking and lead us to a table where we could see the outside while we were far enough from the door so that the draft couldn't be felt.
He stood beside a chair and waited for Chloe to come near, as she came closer to the table he pulled it back so that she could sit. As she sat down Sebas lifted me off her shoulder and sat me on another chair.

"May I ask if you want to order something or do you want to see our menu first?"

Chloe looked mindlessly at him and didn't know what to say while I said: "I would like a chocolate cake as well an earl grey as for Chloe I would ask you to recommend something sweet for her."

Just as I finished speaking he answered: "A chocolate cake and an earl grey noted, as for the lady I would recommend a strawberry cake or a cheesecake."

As she realized what happened around her she came to and answered: "I would like the strawberry cake and something sweet to drink, I will go with your recommendation."

"Okay would you please wait a moment, I will go to the kitchen and prepare it for you." After saying that Sebas went to the kitchen.

Right after Sebas left the table Chloe looked at me and asked me: "Would you say me what just happened? How come that Sebas looks so distant to us?"

Hearing her I laughed: "hahahaaaa, Sebas remains true to his role. He's working at the moment, so he's not my guardian, but Sebas the butler. To play his role, he will treat everyone equally. "

As we chatted we could see that more and more onlooker gathered to see what kind of shop this is. After a short time, Sebas came back and handed us our food.

The onlooker who saw the silverware and the beautiful cake couldn't help but gasp.
Most of the people in this City are simple adventurer so they won't have much money to spare.

"Sebas if you want customer you should write a simplified version of the menu on a blackboard and showcase it outside the store. I'm sure they will come in and try it."

He looked at me, nodded and disappeared in the back of the store.
After a few minutes, he came back showed the blackboard to me and I nodded while continuing with my cake.

Written on the blackboard where :

Steak: 600 Vali
Cake: 400 Vali
Pasta: 300 Vali
Beer: 250 Vali
Tea: 150 Vali

For more information ask the Service

If you look close you could see something in an extremely small font at the end of the board.
Every theft will pay 10 times the worth of the stolen good.
Vandalism will be punished with 3 times the worth of damaged goods.

I have to say he plays his part not that bad, looks like he knows a thing or two about the 'perfect blackhearted butler'.

As we continued eating, we could see more and more people coming inside and ordering.
I held up my hand so that Sebas would come over here. After a few seconds, he saw me and came over.

"I would like to order 2 Pasta, also you should look for a waitress or maybe two. If this shop gets famous you would be unable to handle everything by yourself."

Chloe started giggling and said: "Sebas you're doing great, Akio is just worried about you."

"I will consider it. 2 Pasta it is, please wait a moment."

As Sebas got his orders and went inside the Kitchen I could see someone entering who looked drunk. He stumbled inside and nearly crashed into a table.

The moment I saw him I got a bad feeling and couldn't help but pity him. Why of all stores must you come here, you really want to make a scene in this store?
He sat down at an empty table crashed one of the glasses and screamed: "Get me something to drink, RIGHT THIS INSTANT!! The best stuff you have."

He realized that no one came to him and kicked over the table and screamed: "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, I WANT YOUR BEST STUFF!!"

After he kicked over the table Sebas came out of the kitchen.
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