In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 11: Training part 2


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As we continued our training there came situations where I couldn't cope with it anymore and Chloe had to interfere. I had to realize that I am useless, I'm level 0 and can't upgrade my status. The only reason I could fight is that the Sword keeps regenerating me.

I lost myself seeking power more than one time and each time Chloe would need to rescue me because I challenged more than one goblin. After the third time, I came to myself and made up my will again to keep training. I will try to challenge my limits but at the same time try to stop everything that is reckless. If I know that 1 goblin is my limit, then challenging 2 at the same time isn't challenging myself but its seeking trouble.

"Chloe, I just realized that I have to challenge my limits. My limit at the moment is 1 goblin, so if I can only challenge one at a time, what about shortening the intervals in which I challenge them. Would you mind helping me?"

Chloe looked at me as if she saw a ghost.
"I thought you were just reckless everytime you charged at 2 goblins and tried to fight it out with them, but looks like I was wrong. Okay, I will help you, I will bait the goblins to you, one at a time. Let's look how long you can keep going."

We started training like that, Chloe baited the goblins while I fought them.
Every time they hit me I could feel the power from the sword flowing into me, which really helped me as it healed every wound I got.

As it kept going for close to 35 minutes I could feel that my body grew sluggish, even if I knew from where the attacks came, I couldn't block or evade them.

I bit my lips and fought with all I could, realizing that I couldn't evade or block I came to the conclusion let him hit me where it doesn't matter.
Just as that thought struck me I already moved, getting closer, I dodged to the right side so that he wouldn't attack my head and I got the right side where I hold my sword safe. I ran into him, he bit my shoulder and at the same time, I stabbed him from the side through the point where the heart should be.

The moment he bit my shoulder I could hear a scream behind me and a mechanic voice inside my head.

[ Quest 4 completed ]
[ Talk with Sebas to finish Quest 4 ]

[ Contragulations Host for challenging his limits ]
[ Rewarded Stats +10% (+1) ]

[ Part Achievement 'Sturdy' unlocked ]
[ Unlock 9 other parts to get Skill 'Sturdy' ]
[ Rewarded Stats +2 ]

[ Achievement unlocked '100 Kills' ]
[ Description: "Kill 100 monster inside the dungeon" ]
[ Reward: Hidden skill efficiency 0,01% ]
[ Current efficiency 0,06% ]

[ Continuous use of magic power detected ]
[ Rewarded +1 MAG ]

[ MAG reached threshold 20 Points ]
[ Bonus: Minor Magic control (I) ]
[ Description: Host is able to control Magic Power without the help from the System ]

"System show my Status"

[ Displaying Status ]
Name: Akio Cranel
Age: 6
Race: Human
Familia: None
Level: 0
STR: 15 (I)
VIT: 15 (I)
DEX: 15 (I)
AGI: 15 (I)
MAG: 20 (I)
Developed Abilities: Minor Magic control (I)
System Functions: Scan, Quests
System Points: 0
Equipment: 'Saki Hakai'

"System show me Quest 5"

[ Opening Quest Log ]

Quest 5:
Stay alive on the first Floor of the Dungeon for at least 6 Hours.
Reward: one-time divine wax seal

Progress: 348/360

As I realized that I don't have to stay for much longer I looked at Chloe and asked: "Chloe would you mind letting me rest a bit before we return to the surface? We could grab something to eat or change the Crystals we gained for money and buy you something nice. Everything you did today was all for my sake so I want to do something for you."

"Awwwhhh Akio, you are really cute, you already promised me that you will listen to my wishes so let me ask you what more should I ask for?"

"As I said I will listen to your wishes but I want to reward you for helping me, so if you have something in mind let me invite you. Even if round about 70% of the money we earned today is yours, but if I use my part of the money I would at least be able to buy us something to eat."

"Ohh Chloe, by the way, let me say this even if I think it's superfluous but even if I promised to listen to your wishes, I would not get into the bath with you."

As she heard me she looked like a lightning struck her.

"Maybe I would accept that invitation in 10 years but not now."

After the second part of my declaration, she started laughing.

Our small talk continued until I heard the system.

[ Quest 5 completed ]
[ Talk with Sebas to finish Quest 5 ]

"Chloe, I think we should go, we only have 1 hour left until we meet Sebas."

"Then let's go, Akio I will carry you." Before she finished speaking, I was already sitting on her shoulders.

We ascended the dungeon and reached the city again, as I saw the light it felt like my fatigue washed away. The dungeon is nice and you could get stronger in there but it feels cramped in there. So the moment I saw the sun again it was like I was set free from the restrains and could go where ever I want.

You could see people descending the dungeon, you could see people praising their products, as well as people chatting and laughing, It gave you a refreshing feeling.

As I started caressing Chloe's ears I asked: "Have you decided where we go? I want to make you happy so choose whatever you want."

"First of all, we should trade this crystal with money. After that let's go and look for a nice place to eat something."

10 Minutes later we reached the Guild where we traded our crystals an got 12.000 Valis. Should be around 40.000 Valis if I hadn't used the magic stones to power my sword.
Well we killed close to 500 goblins and every third dropped a Crystal, we used 70% of the crystals to power the sword. So if we continue like this tomorrow we should be able to make 30.000 to 50.000 Valis after all the sword is already 73% filled.

As we left the Guild and started walking Chloe pointed at a shop and said: "Let's go there, 'The tranquil Michaelis' sounds nice."
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