In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 10: Training Part 1


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[ Function unlocked ]

[ Tab Achievement available ]

[ Achievement unlocked "First Kill" ]

[ Description: "Kill your first monster inside the dungeon" ]
[ Reward: Hidden skill efficiency 0,01% ]

[ Hidden skill ]
[ 0,1% efficiency needed to unlock Skill ]
[ Current efficiency 0,01% ]

[ Quest 3 completed ]
[ Talk with Sebas to finish Quest 3 ]

As all the information shot into my mind, I stood there and didn't move.
Chloe came from behind me and embraced me while saying: "You did great, they are monster you don't have to worry about it."
As I heard her and thought why she tould me that I shouldn't worry, I realized that my hands were shaking nonstop.

After realizing that my hands were shaking I got a flashback from the time I got stabbed, the pain, the cold, everything hit me at once. As if fighting my painful memories I could feel the warmth coming from behind me, it felt soft and caring, as if your mother is protecting you from the rest of the world. It cleansed my mind and eradicated my pain.

"Thank you, Chloe I'm better now."

As she heard me, she loosened her embrace and patted me before saying: "I don't know what happened to you, but you shouldn't force yourself. Even an Idiot could see that you are scared, but this are monster, not humans and if you don't kill them they will kill you."

"I know, but the feeling of getting stabbed came over me the moment I killed it and I couldn't help but remember it. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to come here. I want to get over it and I have to if I want to become stronger."

The moment she heard that I got stabbed you could fell bloodlust in the air and the warmth from behind me become ice cold.

"WHO STABBED YOU… TELL ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT !! I'm going to kill him. No one is allowed to attack my cute Akio I will make him regret it."

I couldn't help but laugh as she screamed, it's a great feeling to have people who care for you. I had a family in the other world, but we weren't that close so I doubt they would go the same length as Chloe to care for me and even try to exact revenge themselves. Maybe they will trust in the system of 'our' community and let the police arrest the person. After that, they would control their rage and feel sorrow until they come over it.

But the Bloodlust behind me told whole stories, she wouldn't rest until she killed the person who stabbed me.

"Chloe you don't have to worry, it's impossible for you to find him. You won't find him on this continent."

After my comment, the bloodlust vanished and it looks like Chloe misinterpreted what I said or just accepted that she is unable to punish him.

"Let's look for a new monster, I want to continue training."

"Akio you have to be careful, I will watch over you while you train but even so I can't guarantee that you will not get hurt."

"I will be careful, and I trust that you will have my back so don't worry and let's go."


--- 2 Hours time skip ---

As we continued to fight I came to realize that on average I need 2 to 3 minutes for each goblin. Without the 'Regeneration' of the Sword, I would need to take breaks every 15 to 20 minutes so that I could cope with unexpected situations. But with the power of the magic stones which power the sword which in turn more or less powers me we could continue to search and fight the goblins.

Chloe also relaxed as she noticed that my shaking stopped, I fought while she watched and guarded my back.

As I finished the goblin I fought at the moment, the mechanic Voice comes to me again.

[ Achievement unlocked "50 Kills" ]

[ Description: "Kill 50 monster inside the dungeon" ]
[ Reward: Hidden skill efficiency 0,01% ]
[ Current efficiency 0,05% ]

I don't know who choose the milestones for the Achievements, but at fixed points, I will get rewards for killing monsters.
It started with the first monster then the 5th monster gave the second Achievement, then the 10th, 25th and now the 50th. The intervals are getting longer but it's like you're getting something for free so I wouldn't complain.

If we go with what I saw till now, I would get the skill with 2500 kills.

I need to kill 2500 monster to get the skill with 0,1% proficiency…
How OP must that skill be to need so many kills, I hope there are other ways to boost the proficiency of skills otherwise I will never get it to 100%.

"Akio are you alright? You look absent."

"Yeah, I'm alright just thought that I need more time and more fights to get stronger. You know I killed 50 Goblins but I don't feel the slightest bit of change."

As she heard me she laughed: "Pfffft. hhaaahahaaa. You're funny, you need a Falna to accumulate stats, without it you won't grow stronger. Don't tell me you didn't know..."

The moment I heard what Chloe said it struck me…
I forgot the most important point in 'Danmachi' everyone has a Status and you will only grow stronger when your god or goddess upgrades your status board.
I may have a system but I don't have a way to accumulate points until I join a Familia.

"My bad, I totally forgot about it." I answered while blushing and looking down.

"Awwwhhh, you're way too cute!!" as I heard Chloe cry out, I was already in her embrace before I could respond.

I really like her embrace, but I came here to train so I couldn't help but say: "Chloe we have to continue our fights, I feel like my fear is getting better. I want to fight until I win over my trauma."

While I said that my thoughts were more like: "This isn't the right place, you can embrace me as much as you want when we get home."

After hearing me, Chloe released me and we continued our training.
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