In Danmachi with the System God Chapter 1: Prologue


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I was a normal web designer until everything changed one day.
On my way to work, I heard screams in front of me and wondered what happened until the crowd in front of me split and a man with blood all over ran towards me.
Frightened as I was, my reaction was too late and he bumps into me and ran away.

The impact was too much and I stumbled back a few steps and leaned on the wall so that I would not fall until my legs lost strength and I was forced to sit down.
I saw that the people around me shocked, so I looked down and saw a knife in my side with blood spilling out.

The moment I realized what happened I screamed like never before...

MC: "IT HURTS!!!! Someone help me..."

Stupid as I am the first thing I did was to force the knife out of my body.
With blood flowing out I could feel my consciousness leaving me.
The last thing I saw was a chaotic crowd some are screaming other tried to help me and other tried to call someone, maybe the police.


As I opened my eyes all I saw was white.
Not like a room where everything is painted white but I mean really white.
It is a white space where you can't see the end, well you can't see anything and it hurts my eyes like hell. Because of the pain, I closed my eyes and tried to remember how I come here or where this could be.

MC: "Where the hell am I?"

MC: "HELLO !!!! Can someone hear me?!?"

After a moment of silence, I could hear footsteps in front of me, so I forced my eyes open and saw that the room had changed.
I am in a room with stone walls, beautiful paintings, integrated fireplace, silver chandeliers, it looks like a room in a castle. In the middle of the room is a large table with two chairs.
On one of the chairs sits a middle-aged man wearing a butler outfit as he saw me open my eyes, he talked to me.

???: "Welcome, please be my guest and sit down. We have a lot to talk about, but not much time." as he said that he pointed to the second chair.

???: "First and foremost, you can call me System, I am the god responsible for every system out there, and responsible for your rebirth at the moment, that is, if you want to be born again."

"Hello, Mr System. Looks like I died hmmm. Could you explain what happened?"
as I was lost in the situation and couldn't sort my thoughts fast enough I asked as I sat down.

"Simply said you were stabbed to death, I don't know why you were chosen to be reincarnated and I also don't care. The reason I'm here is that heaven is boring and I want to have some fun." he said as he grinned as if he just found a new toy.

"You're serious?"

"The normal procedure would be to choose a world that needs help give you a System and send you there, but this is boring so I thought why not make a copy of myself and send him with you so I can watch what you're doing and have some fun while at it"

I thought if this God is serious I really have to be careful what I say so that he won't get the chance to prank me. As I came to that conclusion I voiced out what really interests me "If you don't like the procedure does it mean I can choose the world I want to go?"

While grinning he told me "If you have a world which suits your taste than yeah you could choose it but if I think it's boring I would not send you there but to a random world of my choice so be careful. But I will help you a bit so you won't die to fast."

The moment he finished speaking I couldn't stop my voice and screamed out "HÄÄÄÄÄÄ…. You really are trying to prank me!!!"
Trying to remain calm I continued "At least I get a chance to try. I hope you mean what you say and don't just send me to a random world because it would be fun."

System:" As I said heaven isn't fun at all so I try to have fun where I can. But you have a point there that could be fun as well."

"PLEASE DON'T!!!" I screamed again to stop him…
I realized I shouldn't give him strange ideas or it could end really bad for me…
As I came to that conclusion I calmed myself again and asked him "What help would you give me in the new world that could help me survive?"

"I will give you a System but at the same time, I won't. I will stay in the same town as you and will open a Shop like a Restaurant or something like that. You can come and buy parts of Systems that already exist to customize your own System for use."

"So to the outside world you would be the owner of a Restaurant but for me, you are more or less the 'Shop' part for my System is that right?"

"Yeah, this is a way to say it. Our time here is running out so choose a world."

The choice is not easy because he doesn't like boring worlds and I don't want to be sent to a Random world. While I was thinking, I could not help but think out loud "looks like 'Naruto', 'Bleach' and 'Fairy Tail' are out ...."

As that Butler heard it he answered as if he knows everything "Yeah they are no fun at all you watched the animes like 5 times each and also can recite round about half of the story for them."

"Thought as much. Hmmm, then how about 'Danmachi' ?"

While looking at me he answered "It's not so boring and I have gods to talk to so should be okay even if they are lower gods. Then do you want to be integrated into the world or born there? Integrated means your soul would choose a recently died body for you, as for the other choice of being born I don't think I have to go into detail"

As I considered what timeline would suit me I answered "I would like to be born into the world." and there was one thought more "would be nice to be the lost twin brother of Bell or something like that." but well I don't think that is possible.
Immersed in my thoughts I didn't realize that strange glint in the eyes of System...

With a wide smile on his face, he answered my thoughts "Well that is a nice Setting you got there."

Realizing what just happened I couldn't help but scream "Wait a minute !!! Don't say you can read my mind!!!". As is cried out because this possibility slipped my mind I saw the Butler laugh like someone who just played a prank.

"I can and appreciate the Setting you thought of and because our time is up anyway let's get started. You are the 'Lost twin brother' so I will look after you for the first few years but you have to work for me until we reach 'Orario' so don't worry about food and just do your Quests."

As I thought that I just screwed everything because of my brainfart everything around me returned to the white space I saw first.
Out of reflex I closed my eyes and heard a voice inside my head.

--- Initiating System ---

[ Synchronizing with Soul ]
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