In Danmachi With A system Chapter 9: Listen and Brace Yourself


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after what happened with Bete a the pub, I was somehow feeling happy, maybe because I punched him, it felt so good~Also, I hope Mia-mama don't hold a grudge against me

today I was lazy, so I didn't leave for the dungeon,
Hestia:"Venom-kun~i will not be home for today"

Venom:"Eh?? where are you going??"

Hestia:"well, i'm going to a party, I will finally have the chance to put all of those Gods to shame, Fufufuf~"

Venom:"Hm, party!! oh yeah, Kami-chan can I ask you for a favor"

Hestia:"eeeeh! the almighty venom-kun is asking for a favor"

Venom:" enough of that, you and the Hephaistos are friends, right?"

Hestia:"yes, she helped me when I descended, why do you ask??"

Venom:"I need her to make me a sword, as you know, I don't have a weapon"

for the past days, I was fighting monsters with my bare hands and their blood will be on my hands every time, so I definitely need something to keep my hands clean

Hestia:"what are you talking about?? do you even know how much does it cost for a weapon made by Hephaistos, people will fight over a weapon made by her"

Venom:" and blacksmiths fight to make a weapon for a strong adventure"

Hestia:"I will try, then see ya~"

as she said that she turned to leave but I was angry about something


Hestia:"E-eh?? w-what is wrong with my clothes" she was surprised by my sudden scream

Venom:" you are going to a party with a t-shirt and jeans, who the fuck do you think I am, I will not let you go like this. come with me"

I grabbed her and dragged her to do some shopping and choose some clothes for her, all she has is one set of clothes, and for her party dress I chose for her a long white dress with little gems on the front with a blue waistband

Venom:"by the way, don't worry about the price, you just need to tell her to make the weapon and she can name her price, Money is no problem" i made sure to say this since I don't want her kneeling in front of Hephaistos for hours with that secret technique and become a servant for her in the end
*at the party*

hestia made her way to the front door of the party and as soon she stepped in all the people inside looked at her with a stoned face

???:"oi who is that, do you know her???"

???:"I don't, did she just descend or what!!"

???:"she is so beautiful!!!"

???:"she is like a goddess" ( see what I did here, kukuku~how funny of me!)

people were looking at Hestia with dazed faces even female gods were blushing, as for Hestia she was quite happy with her self and she remembered the words that Venom said to here { as long as you are my Goddess, I will take care of you, no one will look down on you anymore}
when she remembered those words she blushed and touched her face, but she soon snapped from her happy world as she saw Hephaistos, she remembered that Venom needs a weapon from here so she went to ask her to make a weapon for him

Hestia:"Hephaistos, how are you doing, I was looking for you"

Hephaistos:"w-who are you??" she was surprised by the women who came close to her as she didn't recognize her

Hestia:"e-eh?? what are you saying, it's me Hestia, Hestia, did you forget about me?"

Hephaistos:"Hestia!!!!! are you for real I couldn't recognize you, you have become more beautiful than before" Hephaistos was happy to see her long friend without her usual t-shirt and jeans she was looking for Hestia but couldn't recognize her when she came to her

Hestia:"you too, you know I need you to m-" as she was going to ask Hephaistos to make a weapon for venom she was interrupted by another voice

Freya:" ara ara, is this not my friend Hestia!?" Freya was holding a glass of wine as she made her way to Hestia and Hephaistos

Hestia:"I don't know?? maybe you mistook me"

Freya:"am I a bother to you, Hestia??"

Hestia:"no, but I am just uncomfortable with you around"

Freya:" that's okay, tell me, Hestia, did you really get a familia member??"

Hephaistos:" is that is true Hestia?congratulation!!"

???:"yes, yes congratulation for finally getting a child after all these years"

in the middle of their conversation, a voice was heard it belongs to a Goddess with a long black dress and a short Red hair she is Loki who came to make fun of Hestia

Hestia:"Tch, I don't need your congrats," she said with a disgusted Face

Loki:"don't be disappointed, even if your child is still a rookie, he can STILL grow" Loki looked at Hestia with a mocking smile

Hestia:"that should go to you since your children can STILL grow to be as my child's LVL"

Loki:"huh? the fuck you are talking about?? my children are first class adventures"

Hestia:"but one of your FIRST class children still got the shit kicked out of him by my child"

Loki"... ... AH!!!!! do you mean that the boy of yesterday is your child" Loki looked pale when she heard what Hestia said

Loki:"tell what lvl is that kid??" she grabbed Hestia's shoulders and asked her

Hestia looked at Loki with a smirk and said" listen to me and brace your self. MY CHILD's LVL8"

as soon as she said that the hall that was noisy a while ago now became silent and looked at Hestia with a terrified expression, and the first to react was Loki

Loki:"don't lie you cow tits, how can a lvl8 adventure leave me and Freya and other big families and choose you as his God??"

Hestia:" kukuku~ well, I asked him the same question and he said that all of the other families children didn't allow him to see their God so he came to me when nobody accepted him. truly the fate is an incredible thing"

when she said that all the other Gods thought that they had the chance to have a lvl 8 adventure in their family but their children didn't allow him to see them
they were so angry that they promised to Kill whoever prevented that boy from seeing them, especially a particular Goddess who is not Loki for sure

Hestia:"you poor thing, your children thought they were some hot shit, and wasted on you the biggest fortune of all time" Hestia looked at Loki and said with a mocking tone

Hephaistos:"it is as you said Hestia, fate is an incredible thing" when Hephaistos spook Hestia finally snapped out of her enjoyment and looked at her

Hestia:"I remembered, Hephaistos, my child wants you to make him a weapon, and he said not to worry about the price, you only need to make him a Good weapon"

Hephaistos:" to make a weapon for the strongest adventure of Orario that would be my honor" in the end Hephaistos is like any other blacksmith who likes to see his work in the hand of the strong adventures
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