In Danmachi With A system Chapter 5: The Start...


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I couldn't believe what I saw, Hestia is not a loli but a tall woman whose body is hot as fuck her boobs are probably 93 centimeters and she was wearing a white t-shirt with jeans

Venom:"y-you, who are you?"

Hestia:"that's my Question who are you?"

Venom:"My name is Venom and you?"

Hestia:"i'm Hestia a goddess"

it's really her, what is happening wasn't she described as a loli in the novel

ding!:"the people of this world don't always have the same description in the novel"

is that so!! well I didn't come here to be confused by that.let's just get to the point

Venom:"since you are a goddess, then I want to be part of your familia"

Hestia"..." she froze in her defensive position and looked at me like she was looking at a crazy man

venom:"OI... are you going to accept me as your familia member or not"I didn't know what was her silence supposed to mean

Hestia"D-do you know who I am?... i'm a poor goddess... I don't even own this church...why would you want to be a part of my familia.are you perhaps thinking of doing something pervert to me"

Venom:"I DON'T. it is just that all of the other familia didn't accept me so you are the only one that is left "

Hestia:"then do you really...want to be part of my familia??" she asked with an anticipating expression

Venom:"yes I do "

Hestia:"*sniff* *sniff* f-finally after all those years, I will finally have my own familia owaaaaaaa"

Venom:"O-OI why are you crying out of nowhere!!!!"

Hestia:"b-but i'm just happy owaaaaaa"


*inside the Abandoned Church*

Venom:"did you calm down now"

Hestia:"yes thank you, then will you give me your back to give you the Falna "

I turned my naked back to Hestia and laid down on my stomach, she came on top off me and pierced her finger with a needle, a single blood drop touched my back. suddenly a shining with light filled the room and when it faded the Hestia familia's Falna was engraved on my back. after that Hestia screamed

Hestia:"W-W-WHAT IS THIS??"

Venom:"what's wrong??" I was surprised so I turned very quickly and asked her

Hestia:"y-you are LVL 8!!!!!" she looked as if she had seen a ghost and pointed at me with a trembling finger

Venom:"ah! you scared me! I thought that the Falna wasn't engraved successfully and as for the LVL it's as you can see"

Hestia:" doesn't that make you the strongest adventure in the city, how did the other gods refuse you" she sat on the couch and started to think

Venom:" they didn't refuse me, it's they're stupid children who wouldn't let me see them... you can call our meeting fate since if I did let my lvl to be public all familia will fight over me hahaha!!"

Hestia"... well if that time did come you can go if you want" she said with a smile but I know that she is just saying that and didn't mean it

Venom:"don't worry, i will make this familia the best that every adventure will fight for us" i faced her and told her with a proud expression

Hestia looked at me for a while and said with a bright and blushing face

Hestia:"then I will have to depend on you"

And this day will mark the start of a legendary familia that came out of nowhere and became the Strongest familia with only 7 members
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