In Danmachi With A system Chapter 5: Fill in


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Escanor walked down the street after parting with the mayor, he saw so many inns and restaurant. he kept walking until he found an inn at the end of the street called " House of Fire " this inn had something like a logo at the entrance of that looks like house that is burning down " that is not a good logo design " thought Escanor

he entered the inn and went to the reception. there was an old man behind reception desk who look like is sleeping, Escanor went forward and woke him up " Oi! Old man, wake up "

the old woke up and looked at Escanor, he saw in front of him a tall and well shaped, muscular young man with white hair and bloody Red eyes. the old man examined Escanor before saying " how many nights are you going to stay in here "

Escanor ignored the old man examining eyes and said " Probably a day "

" that will be 620 Varis " said the old man before reaching under his desk and bringing out a key " this is the key for your room, go upstairs Room number 15. there is a shower in the Room, breakfast at 9 AM " after the old man went back to sleep

Escanor grabbed the key and went upstairs and went inside his room, took a shower and changed his clothes. he laied on the best and thought ' Hm? now what? '

[ if you are confused :

1) go register into the guild tomorrow

2) kill some monsters

3) join a familia

4) beat the out off everybody

5) live long

Even an otaku who had no life could think of this ] said Hela like she was Explaining to a kid how babies are made

" hey~ do you mean I am worst than an otaku " bell was somehow angry at her calling him useless with a tactical way

[No! actually you are better than them hundred times... do you know what those Idiots and scumbags think when they reincarnate, they go after every pussy in the world like hungry dogs even their systems don't escape their hands, aaaaaaaaaah!!! ] Hela was talking about those otakus as if they are her Archenemy

" Wow calm down women, not all of them like that, but anyway I am confused, should I just join Hestia or look for a good familia ? " asked Escanor

[just go for Loki familia or Freya, why do you need to join a god with nothing ]

Escanor had been thinking about this for sometime, joining Loki or Freya familia means he will be under the command of someone else which will lead to restricting his actions to some point but he will get so much support. on the other hand there is Hestia, although she have nothing but she can give him freedom. the only bad point about Hestia is that she have no influence in the city or among the gods

[Stop thinking about that, in the end you will go after Hestia. I know you would ]

" true, I was just thinking maybe, I should I should not follow the plot of the original " said Escanor

[Escanor. there is one thing you don't know about this world ] said Hela as she spoke with a cold voice

"What??" asked Escanor

[ this world is not the same as you saw in the Anime...there is more to this world than just adventure ]

" Eh!! what do you mean " Escanor was confused about what Hela said

[ you may think that you will be having fun here everything is your enemy until you find a familia, all god noticed your existence when you stepped inside the walls. they will try to get you and if they can't they will destroy sleep and tomorrow you will go to the dungeon to get stronger ] said Hela with cold and scary voice

Escanor listened to Hela and nodded, he somehow had a feeling that his life won't be the same as the original host but the solution to his future problems will be only one...Absolute power, that what Escanor needs


Morning came on the city of Orario, the warm sun was rising up slowly as the gentle wind travel between the streets, birds are flying on the rooftops of the houses. Escanor who was sleeping woke from his sleep by the sound of the birds chirping on the window of his room

he got up and went to take a shower and brushed his teeth, be changed his clothes to a more comfortable ones, a black pants and black T-shirt with a long black coat...after that he went downstairs and met with the old man from the reception

" you are late by 30min there is no breakfast for you " said the old man with an annoyed expression

"No problem, I just needed to sleep in here " said Escanor as he walked past the old man making his way towards the inn door

the old man looked at Escanor's back for a little and said " kid, you new here ??"

Escanor stopped and turned to look at the old man " is there a problem ?"

" no but have you ever killed anyone before?? " asked the old man with cold eyes

Escanor didn't expect this question, he was surprised but he still said " no, I didn't but I can "

" Good, new comers like are an easy prey, if you find your self in a bad situation just attack no one will care about the one who died. get your self a weapon " said the old man as he mad his way upstairs. Escanor kept looking at the old man with shocked eyes ' who in the world advice someone of killing... but he is right, I should get me a weapon, I am not the only LVL 5 in the city ' thought Escanor as he left the inn


inside one of the restaurants that are near the guild of adventures, there is a table that attracts the attention of all of the people inside the restaurants. the people who are sitting on this table are two breath taking beautiful and handsome women and men

the women is a tall grey haired goddess wearing a grey dress that fits her perfectly or should o say she fits the dress perfectly, she is Freya goddess of beauty and the head of one the top familias, Freya familia

as for the man he is a new god who just descended, he was a friend of Freya and after he came down Freya decided to help him a little since he was helpful to her back then

Freya wasn't really interested to what the man said, she was just looking out of the window ignoring the poor man, suddenly her indifferent face had a hint of shock on it as she looked at the crowds down. noticing the change in her the man followed her gaze and couldn't see what she was looking at as there were too many people

Freya stood up and said with a beautiful and alluring voice " I will leave first, if you need something tell Ottar "

Back to Escanor.

he was standing in front of the big hall of the guild he just stood there looking at the guild's walls and admiring it.

"excuse me, do you need something?" a voice came from behind Escanor, as he turned back he saw a half elf girl with glasses who is wearing the uniform of the guild staff, he immediately knew she is Eina. he smiled and said " I am here to register as an adventure "

" then follow me " Eina was surprised at first when he smiled at her, her heart skipped a beat but she quickly told him to follow her

Escanor quickly followed her to where they register the new adventures, Eina handed Escanor a piece of paper and said " please fill in your information "

the paper had things like Name,age,race and LVL, he quickly filled in those but she Eina looked at him with strange eyes making him ask " what's wrong ?"

Eina made a fake cough and said " please don't lie about your LVL "

" but that is my real LVL " said Escanor as he thinks why she thinks he lied

[Airhead, you are 14 years old, by this world rules it is almost impossible for you to be more than LVL 1 at this age ]

Realized the problem Escanor quickly changed the LVL to LVL 1 to avoid trouble as he said " Sorry sorry, I made a mistake haha "

Eina was shocked at first but as soon as he correct his mistake she forget about but how could she not forget about it when he just gave her a dazzling smile that will make gods fall for him

after doing everything, Eina told him she will be his new advisor as she said " for now you don't belong to any familia so when you enter the dungeon and CE back to exchange your loot for money the guild will take 20℅ from your loot but when you enter a familia that will be replaced with you accepting quest from the guild which will be rewarded if you did a good job "

"Thank you Eina-san " said Escanor as he left to the entrance of the dungeon

[Hm? that's strange, why didn't you make a move on her, the first impression is very important you know ] said Hela as she questioned Escanor

"she is beautiful but it is meaningless if she can't fight with me... I need girls that can stand by my side " said Escanor

[ are the best host of all time, I approve of you.. finally a man who don't think by his dick ]

Escanor laughed his out as listened to Hela complaining about all the previous reincarnators while making his way to the dungeon


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