In Danmachi With A system Chapter 4: *Spiler* the title at the end


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in the main road that leads to Orario, there was a boy who is a tall, muscular man with white spiky hair(think of Grimmjow) and Red eyes, of course, this BOY is our MC

the trip to Orario is 4 days on feet I walked 1st day on my feet and in 2nd day I met a merchant who was going to Orario so he took me with him, and it only took us 2 days to reach orario


Venom:" thank you for taking me with you"

Merchant:"no problem, it was nice to have someone to talk to"

Venom:"well then, see again"

Merchant:"See you again"

Hello~Orario, this is the place where my life began
for let's see what I need to do
1-get a familia
2-go to the dungeon
3-get a lot of girls
4-be the strongest adventure

for now, let's search for a familia, let's go for the big ones first

I picked my bag and went to my first target LOKI familia

*Loki familia*
I saw someone who is going inside the residence and went to him

Venom:"excuse me, is this the Loki familia's house?"

???:"yes it is, what do you want?"

Venom:"i'm here to see if I can join the familia?"

???:"you...join us, HAHAHAHAHA!! that was funny, the LOKI familia don't need someone like you" he laughed at me, WTF!!

Venom:"...and who are you to refuse me, are you perhaps the leader or Loki"

???:"no, but I can tell you that they will definitely not accept you, our familia is the strongest, we don't need someone like you," he said to me with a proud expression


*Freya Familia*

???:"Go away" the man screamed at me

Venom:"HUH?? why?? I only want to join the Freya familia" I told the man to at least let me meet the Goddess

???:"don't joke around, you are probably someone who is lusting after our Goddess"the man looked at me in disgust


HUH??? you gotta be kidding me, it's the same history, no familia want to accept me, the motherfuckers didn't even know my lvl. IT'S FUCKING LVL 8!!! how many adventures are there who are lvl 8... YES, THAT'S RIGHT THERE IS NONE!!!!

I wanted to have a big familia to support my self, but I guess there is only one God left for me

Hestia...there is no choice, let's go to the Abandoned Church
it was hard for me to find it, I needed to ask people where it was, most of them didn't know about it, so I tried to ask some merchants. after sometime one merchant did know the location of the Abandoned Church, so I went where he told me to go

*Abandoned Church*

*knock* *knock*
*knock* *knock*

Venom"looks like she is not here" after knocking for some time I know she was not here yet, so I decided to wait for her until she comes back. I jumped on the roof and laid on my back and took a nap, its boring to wait so I will just sleep

*at midnight*

???:"aaaah!i'm so tired, how can nobody want to be my familia member"

I opened my eyes after hearing a voice of a female that was complaining just like me before,
without any doubt, it's her, the only God with no familia member. so I jumped from the roof and landed in front of the complaining Goddesse

???"KYAAAAA!! w-who are?? w-what do you want from me"

because of my sudden appearance the female got scared and took a defensive position but you can clearly see her legs trembling

I was somehow proud of the reaction that I got, so I opened my eyes to look at her expression.but what caught my attention was not her expression but her body figure. i'm not talking about how big her tits are or anything but...

SHE IS NOT A LOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: She Is Not A Loli
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