In Danmachi With A system Chapter 4: Orario


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So I fuqd up with the system name I wanted to name her 'Hela' from the Thor: Ragnarok movie but I didn't check her name first and ended up typing 'Hera'

but I corrected that now the system name is " Hela"

Also no one answered my question about if Zeus is really dead or just faked his dead. its okay, I don't mind that. Thank you guys, very cool.

so I killed him (Zeus)
It's been two years now since Bell unlock his powers, a lot of things happened, a lot of good things but also bad things also happened even tho Bell prepared himself for, there is nothing like experiencing the bad things no matter how much you prepare for it


in the house of Zeus, Bell now is packing his bag, his eyes are a little red, it looks like he was crying. in the end how could he not. in the past week, the village chief came to him and said " we found your grandfather dead in the mountain " Bell thought he was prepared for this news but as soon as he heard it, he broke down crying, he and the village people buried his grandfather in the cemetery, a lot of people attended the funeral because his grandfather was loved inside the village.

Bell now is 14, after mourning over his grandfather, he resolved himself and decided to leave this place, him and Zeus were always talking about him being an adventure. Zeus always expressed happiness when he heard about bell leaving to become an adventure saying " When you go there, make sure everyone is below you "

Bell packed his bag and got out of the house, he closed the door tightly, after giving a last glance at his childhood house, bell left to the village, he made plans with the mayor to go in his Cart.

Bell met the mayor and said " I am sorry to trouble you Mr.mayor "

the mayor smiled at Bell kindly and said " No problem kiddo, I am going there to sell some herbs anyway "


on the way to the road, they encountered some goblins, Bell dealt with them quickly since his a LVL 5 but for the Mayor that was incredible since he doesn't know of Bell's strength " that was awesome kid, like this I don't need to be worried about if you're this strong "

" you have seen nothing old man " said bell

" being confident are we!" said the mayor with a smile

"by the way old man, I need to tell you something " said bell as he looked at the mayor seriously

"what is it kid? "

" I am going to change my name " said bell

the old man was surprised when he heard bell say that " why??!"

" for one reason, I heard from grandpa, that once there was a bunch of jealous adventures, they envied another adventure who was more talented then them so they decided to destroy him. and their first step, they kidnapped his village people and killed and burned their houses. when the adventure heard about this, he acted recklessly and went to them falling in their trap and killed him... the reason I want to change my name is to protect you and myself, so hope you understand " bell said the story with a grief look, he knew he will make enemies in the future so he wanted to cover his origin and where he come from

people from the Rural villages don't have strict government since their population is so small you don't need them to register their name and other stuff. that is left for the village Mayor, he knew everything in the village and what things to the villagers. so if there is any situation, that needs to be taken off like murder or something else, the police or whatever exist in this world, go directly to the mayor

the Mayor made a deep sigh and nodded his head in understanding, he said " so what is your new name ?? "

Bell had spent a few days thinking about this name, so he said with a proud expression and said " ESCANOR! that is my name from now on...Escanor "

"Hoo! such a rare name, it is filled with power and strong will, good name " said the mayor


The sun started going down as the time passes by, the fields around bell and the old man became Golden-Red, Orario appeared in their vision as they speed up a little to arrive before night time, the city walls are so huge that you can see them from far away, giving a Nobel and ancient feeling to them

Bell and the old man arrived just before the sundown a little, they waited a little behind the queue of people and carts, after a few minutes they were next

"what is your name and what is your purpose coming here?" asked a guard who is wearing a leather Armor and holding a spear

" I am here to sell some herbs to one of the merchant and my name is Sam Matt " said the old man ( don't bother to remember his name )

" I am here to become an adventure, my name is Escanor Sarkis " ( Sarkis in Russian means lord, that's what I found when I was looking for a family now he is Lord Escanor. )

The guard looked at them and asked the old man to show him the herbs, after seeing the herbs and making sure everything is okay he said " for Mr.Sam, you have to pay 500 Varis as you will leave shortly after that. as for Mr.Escanor you have to pay 2000 since you will stay her as an adventure "

Escanor and the old man paid the money and they were allowed inside, after driving their cart to the area that provide people to take care of their horses and carts for 950 a day, Escanor and the old came down and left the horse for the people to take care of it

they walked inside the city with Escanor being fascinated by how cool the city is, he saw so many people walking by. Elfs, Beastkin,Dwarves...Etc. Escanor was amazed and his eyes were glowing so much that the Hela had to step in

[ close your mouth, you look like an idiot ]

' Ah! sorry sorry, I was just admiring how beautiful the city is ' said bell to Hela In his mind

after reaching a big fountain, the old man stopped and said " well, this is it, Bell, I mean Escanor " the old man came to Escanor and hugged him, Escanor also returned his hug

they stayed like this a little as they knew maybe they will never meet again, Escanor backed away a little and said " take care of your self old man "

"you too... if you walked in this street, you will find a good inn at the end of it, stay in there for tonight and go search for a familia tomorrow, with your strength you will for sure get a strong familia " said the old man as he pointed at a street that had a lot of people walking in it, he gave Escanor his goodbye before leaving to the merchant street in the opposite director

Escanor waved at the old man before turning back and taking a good look at the city and the people walking in front of him

' this is now my home...and I have come here to stay and I will stay on the top ' thought Escanor as he looked in front of him with serious and determined eyes
♦Name: Escanor Sarkis
♦Race: Human
♦Age: 14

♦LVL: 5





♦Luck: E
★Skills: ♦Stealth ♦Universal Language ♦High-Senses ♦ Death Aura ♦ High-Endurance ♦ Pain resistance (Low)
★Magic: N/A



Say what'n yar chest.

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