In Danmachi With A system Chapter 2: IGNORED


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Venom is a 31 years old man with the hobby of reading manga and novels and with no friends or family he was raised in an orphanage and went to university and after graduation, he couldn't find a job, everyone ignored him... so he decided to ignore them too

with his strong body and a lot of fight he was in for the past years, he started to steal people's money on the subways or in the street until he got enough money to start his own business, a nightclub where the lords of drugs or Yakuza and Mafia gather to negotiate, he was making a lot of money until a day where a fight broke into his nightclub, when he tried to stop the fight between the two men he was angry and beat the shit of the two, turned out that one of the two men was a Yakuza's young master and he was supposed to meet his gang members here and when his friends entered the nightclub they ganged on him and killed him. No one helped him even his guards who he paid a lot of money watched him as he is being killed.

Venom a 31 years old man was being ignored by the world until his last breath.


ding!:"Awakening the host from his slumber in 3...2...1"

where am I? what is this place? ...

ding!"The host is in the forest of the Gods"

What was that? Did I hear something in my head? Hm!!!!!! CAN IT BE WHAT I THINK IT IS????

" Hey, are you perhaps a system that is talking in my head??"

ding!:"yes, I'm one of the Systems that is given to every Special transmigrated soul"

"you said that this is the forest of gods, is this perhaps heaven?"

ding!:"NO, the host is wrong this is The forest of gods in the DANMACH world"

"DANMACH?? where did I hear that name before?.... NO SHIT!!!... YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!"

"than the last Question ... who am I?" I asked the most important question in my mind

ding!:"the host is in the body of the 8 years old Bell Cranel before he meets the god Zeus and adopt him as his Grandson"

"FUCK YEAH!!!... this is what I needed! ... in my last life I was forced to be an outcast by the society and now I have what I need, A system to make my life easy and Good body host who will DEFINITELY be a handsome man... in this life, I will get what I couldn't get in the previous one"

ding!" -Quest: find a home to live in
-Reward:+1 LVL "

"a quest right after I woke up don't you need to explain what is your abilities... ah, don't bother I read too many novels to know what you can do, it's probably *Status, Inventory, and Quest System*"

ding!:"host is correct"

"see, I told you I read too many novels," I said with a proud expression

suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps and a voice " My poor back, I can't walk anymore, I can't believe that a GOD like me will be doing this kind of work"

GOD?! ZEUS!!!! this is my chance to have a home to live in
I laid down on my stomach and pretended to be Unconscious

when Zeus came closer to me he noticed the Unconscious me and dropped what he was holding and came running to me

Zeus:"Oi, child are you okay? wake up, child..."

I started to open my eyes slowly and said: "W-who are you grandpa?? where am I??"

when Zeus heard the word *grandpa* he felt a little happy and he said

Zeus:"don't worry child you are in safe hands now, I will take you with me to live, I will not leave you alone"

Zeus picked me up on his back and turned from where he was coming from he was humming in the way back until we came close to a big wooden house, just as Zeus entered the house I heard

ding!:"-Quest completed

OOOooooooh!!! that was very easy

by the way, this wooden house is like a palace in the inside, with it's exterior you wouldn't guess that in the inside is there is a king size bed and a big golden chandelier

zeus took me to a room with a king size bed and laid me on it and asked

Zeus: "tell me child what is your name?"

Venom:"My name is b-Venom Red"

Shit! I was going to name my self Bell Cranel but I don't want to.that name is not strong and I like this name, My surname is Red based on my Red eyes

Zeus:"Venom? that's a strong name, well listen to me Venom, from now on call me Grandpa, okay?"

Venom:" okay, Grandpa"

Zeus:" Good Good, I will go prepare something to eat, you can rest for a while and then you can eat"

Zeus looked at me while smiling and went out of the room


Venom:"System show me my status"

out of nowhere, a blue screen appeared in front of my face
Name: Venom Red
Age: 8 Years old
Race: Human
LVL: 2
Magic: None
Skills: None
Strenght: 97
Defense: 102
Vitality: 120
Agility: 74
Weapon: None

Hmmmm? Good LVL 2 the average of adventures lvl in Orario is probably 2
since it's very hard to LVL up, you can only LVL up by doing something that is amazing in the eyes of the gods or you will be stuck in the same lvl for years ( TN: that's how I see it, I don't know I may be wrong )

for now, I just need to live here until I'm 18, and then I will go to Orario to be an adventure and I can enjoy my time with my grandpa

ding!:" -Quest: kill the only Goblins in the forest
-Reward:+1 LVL--Fireball Magic "

FUCK YEAH!!!!! LVL 3 and Magic!!! system-same I love you!!

ding!:"I love you too, host"

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