In Danmachi With A system Chapter 12: Break it


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I don't know about how haruhime was living so I'm making things up, please understand🙇🙇🙇

I know this may not be like haruhime that is in the novel but what can I do😩😩😩😩
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Venom is now in the Red Light District specifically in front of a worn-out house, he chooses this place far away to not be seen by anyone,

As you know Venom is 18 years old of course he needs to have some fun time, he was going to make a move on Hestia but he decided that it is not the time yet he doesn't want their relationship to be awkward now because of his Lust

Also, he was looking for a certain little fox

After a long time, he finally Decided to enter the brothel

???: "hello what kind of women do you want"

When entered he was greeted by a black-haired girl she was wearing revealing black clothes, she didn't delay and went to the main point

Venom:" I would like a beast girl"

???:" I'm sorry but we have only one beast girl but her body is weak so she won't handle your action, please change your order"

Venom:" it's okay just bring her to me, I wouldn't go all the way"

The girl started thinking that he was only asking for a blowjob or something else

???:" okay, please follow me"

The girl took him to an old worn out room, inside there was a girl with long golden hair that has fox ears on top of it, she was wearing a red kimono. when she heard the door opened she looked up to see a man wearing all black and was covering his face only his Blood red eyes were shown, she was mesmerized by how beautiful those eyes were, behind him was a girl that she was familiar with, after the man entered the room the girl who was following him spoke

???:" please have a nice time, the price will be 5.000 barisu"

When she said that Venom looked at her with strange eyes

The girl thought that he is thinking that she is scaming him so she explained

???: "she is a virgin so her first time cost 5.000 barisu after that it's 1.000"

Venom:" but I said that I will not go all the way," said venom while reminding her

The girl didn't panic or anything she just smiled looking at him

Venom: "I'm just telling you the price if by accident you took her virginity since a lot of our customers said the same but they end up going all the way but if you didn't do it it will be 1.000 barisu"

Venom:" I see then you can go"

As he said that she went out of the room and closed the door

After that haruhime was still on a chair beside her bed and Venom stayed standing in front of her

The whole place was quite as hell that you can hear screams of pleasure from other rooms that are far from this room

After the long silence haruhime couldn't take it and spoke first

Haruhime:" A-ano, what would you like for me to do??"

When Venom heard her he looked at her and said in his head" as expected from real life, nothing looks like in the anime, thank God I saw Freya so I won't be drooling in front of every beauty I see"

Venom: "I'm here to give you a chance, either you come with me and be part of my familia or you have to stay in here being a sex doll for every disgusting person in this shitty city"

Venom looked at her with dead serious eyes as he was uncovering his face

When haruhime saw his face she froze from how beautiful this man is but as she heard what he said she was shocked

Venom:" w-what are you talking about, I'm already a member of the Ishtar familiar there is no way I can leave, even if I Wanted to leave they wouldn't let me... Furthermore, why do you want a prostitute as familia member...I'm a dirty Woman"

Venom looked at her and said

Venom:" it doesn't matter anyway, I'm here because someone told me to save you "

Haruhime looked at him and said

Haruhime:" if mikoto ended you can leave, I already told here that I don't need her help"

Venom: "No, it's not just her, I came here because I Wanted to save you... I looked for you in this city for a whole Day, and I'm not leaving without you, and I really want you to be beside me"

Haruhime clenched her fingers around kimono
Somehow she felt happy since this is the first time someone said he wanted her not her body since the day her father disowned her

She felt somehow very happy but unfortunately, she was already a member of Ishtar familia and there is no way Ishtar will let her go

Haruhime:" thank you for your words but I can't accept your help, I'm unworthy of it, as a way to show my gratitude toward you I will serve you with all I have even if my body is weak, I still can give you pleasure"

Vernon know that he won't be able to just convince her with his words alone so he needs to find another solution

When he was thinking that he heard a sound that he didn't hear in a long time

Ding!: "New Quest: break the Ishtar familia's falna and free haruhime

Reward: +1LVLs. "



We are talking about a god's falna, not a wooden block, do you know what kind of mission did you just gave me

Ding!:" host please relax, I know this is hard at your current LVL but I will assist you in that, there is a way to do it... But you have to sacrifice something in return..."

When venom heard that he had a bad feeling about it

Venom:" go ahead"

Ding!:" the host need to sacrifice one magic to breaks the falna with the help of the system"

Boom!! Sacrifice a magic!
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