In Danmachi With A system Chapter 11: I don't have a title


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I woke up today in the abandoned church, for the past two days I was alone in here, damn it is sure sucks to sleep here alone and spooky, I wonder how Hestia-chan could sleep here by herself isn't she afraid. today for sure I will buy a house

I washed my face with cold water and wore my clothes and went out to look for someone to help me find a house.
on my way I bumped into someone with black cloths covering his body, the person released a gentle mean that could arouse any man, from the gentle voice I assumed that the person is a woman she lost her balance and was about to hit the floor, but I caught her before she fell from, when I reached to catch her i "accidentally" grabbed her from her ass

Venom: "are you okay," venom asked the women whose face was still covered

???: "yes i'm okay, ah, if you could please release my ass ahhh I can't take it anymore" the women's body was shivering

venom:"ah!! i"m sorry I didn't pay attention to that, I was just trying to help you" venom released his hand and pretended to be innocent

???:" it's okay, thank you for helping me... Mr.adventure?"

Venom:" my name is hooded women?" he introduced himself and tried to ask for her name in the same way she asked for his name

???:"fufufuf~my name is Freya, i'm a goddess, I think you know about me since you are an adventure"the women revealed her face that could easily make any man fall for her obey her commands, this was Freya the goddess of beauty just from her title you could guess how beautiful she is

Venom:"..." venom was speechless and in his head, he was raging like hell. WTF!!! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! the animation didn't give her any justice, her appearance is the same as in the anime but more realistic this is the pinnacle of the beauty

calm down venom don't let her dazzling beauty distract you, remember that she is a loose woman, and you don't like loose women. as he remembered her loose character he calmed down

Venom: "since you are okay, I should be going now, I have to buy a house if you excuse me"
venom passed Freya as he said that

Freya looked at his departing back and thought "I was going to meet Loki, but since I met him now I can't just leave him without spending any time with him, i'm sorry Loki but he is more important than you"

Freya: "Wait, I can help you to buy a house... I know a house that is good for you and not too expensive" she tried to take the chance of him buying a house to spend time with him

Venom: "hm!!!! you do?" he looked at her and continued" well that save the time since I didn't know who to ask for help, then please lead the way"

Freya:"fufufuf~please follow me" she was excited and happy at the same time when he agreed to let her help him she thought in her mind " if helped him choose a house I can know where he lives and I can even choose a house near my house fufufuf~ I can't wait to live beside him"

after that venom and Freya went to babel tower. it took them some time, not because of the distance but because Freya said that she can't walk too fast because of her heels, but in fact, she just wanted to spend every second beside him. venom was annoyed by how slow she was walking

when they reached babel they went to the top floor where Freya lives and she stopped in front of her house door and went inside with venom and said

Freya: "this the house it's large and it's already decorated and the owner said that he is willing to sell this house with only 1Million Barisu... what do you think?" she looked at Venom and her eyes were scanning his body

venom didn't pay attention to her gaze and he looked inside the house, the house had a big kitchen and a large living room with 7 separated rooms each with bed and closet. the master room was a big room with a king size bed( you know for what this bed) it has 2 bathrooms and for the view, there was big mirror screen instead of the wall in direction of the city. since this, the top floor everything looks small and you can see the whole city from here

venom: "this house is amazing ... how could the owner sell it with only 1 mil barisu if I have to guess the original cost of this house I think it will be more then 30 mil "

Freya:" don't mind the details... that is that person's problem, not ours"

venom" since that's the case where is the owner? so I can buy the house from him"

Freya:" just give me the money and don't worry I will give it to him and I will tell the management to change the ownership of this house to you"

Venom:".... why are you helping me this much???" he looked at her and said

Freya:"... because you helped me" Freya didn't expect this question now and in her mind " I was too excited to help him and made him doubt me"

Venom:" well doesn't matter... here is the money" he threw at her a big bag of money as he sat down on the couch in the living room

she caught the heavy bag and looked at him and said "you don't have to worry, this house is yours now... I will come to visit you later"

freya left the house leaving venom in his thoughts" her personality is different than what I know, she looks like a little girl in love, I know that she is in love with me ... in the anime, she would have tried to get her hands on me by any mean... I feel like she is being careful around to not make me uncomfortable... but I why did she had to lie about the owner of the house, this house is supposed to be hers"


today Freya was supposed to meet with Loki but after she met with Venom in the street she forgets about Loki leaving her in the restaurant screaming with anger

Loki:"how dare that Bitch call me and not show up Gaaaaah"

Aize:" since she didn't show up why don't we leave, i'm sure she had something urgent to do"

Loki:" she better had something urgent to do humph... let's leave Aize-chan"

Hephaestus: "here this the best I can give right now"

Hephaestus gave Hestia a single-edged black sword carved with a unique Hieroglyph on both sides of the sword

Hestia: "whooo!!! it's so beautiful, thank you Hepha-chan i'm sure he will like it very much... Ah, about the money I will bring it tomorrow, is that okay with you?"

Hephaestus: "no problem, before you go just remember to link the sword to his Falna, the sword now is lifeless, once you link it to his falna it will gain consciousness and will grow with its user, and i'm sure you know how to do that"

hestia: "hey, i'm not that useless okay, well see you again, bye bye"

hestia waved at Hephaestus and dashed out of to the streets. the streets were busy today since today is the monster Feriae and everyone excited about it. the Gashina familia is responsible for the festival. they hunt monsters from the dungeon and bring them to the surface and try to tame them in front of everyone in the Arena, it's an enjoyment to a lot of adventures and chance for the ordinary people to see monsters for the first time

Hestia made her way to the Abandoned church after she arrived she met Venom at the entrance carrying a big bag on his back she was confused and asked him

Hestia:" why are you carrying this bag??"

Venom:" this our clothes, I bought a house in babel tower, we are moving out "

when Hestia heard this she was so excited and she screamed words like "Banzaaaaai or Yataaaaaaa"

Venom:" enough, let's go"

after that they went to babel tower surprisingly at the entrance they were greeted by the servants in the living floors, it looks like the nows about the now owner of the top floor had reached the servants

when they entered the house Hestia was so excited and started running around the house and discovering the rooms
she suggested they share one room but Venom refused and said

Venom:" just forget about that, I will take the Master room and you take the room next to it"

Hestia: "I'm your Goddess shouldn't I take the master room?"

Venom:" when you buy a house with your own money then you can choose which room you can take, besides your room is as big as the master room the only difference is that my bed is bigger than yours"

Hestia:" Humph, you bully.... forget about that here is your new weapon"

Hestia took out a long piece of clouts that wrapping something like a sword when she took out the sword Venom immediately noticed the strange words that are on the sides of the sword and how black is the sword he could only describe it by "a Hestia Knife but as a sword"

Hestia:" show me your back, I need to update your status and link this sword to you"

after she said that Venom took off his upper clothes and revealed his back to Hestia, she dropped a single drop of her blood on his back revealing his Falna with a ball of light and numbers after a little while she the Sword started to shine it felt like it was a baby that just took his first breath in the world

Hestia:" all done"

After that Venom took his new sword and tried get used to using it since this the first time that he his using a real sword


The next day Venom was having a moment like every other man, a moment where he decide either to get in or to just walk away from this place that people in Orario call "the red district"
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