In Danmachi With A system Chapter 10: Soul


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after the party ended everyone went back to their home to take care of their children and manage their business

the next say

at home of the goddess Freya, she called ottar to her office
when ottar arrived he saw his goddess in a very bad mood

Ottar:"what order do you have for me Freya-sama"

Freya:"who was responsible for the past week guarding duty?"

Ottar:"it was Wado, he just switched duty this day"

Freya:"that's good, go to him and take one of his eyes"

Ottar:"for what reason?!!!"

Freya:"because of him, I couldn't get the strongest adventure and the man I desire, now is that enough reason for you?"

Ottar:"his duty was to guard the mansion from strangers not to prevent people from meeting you to be part of the familia, so he should certainly be punished"

freya didn't respond to him and just kept silent, her emotions were a mess, she couldn't keep calm after she met him the other day, the color of his soul was Black, she never saw a soul like his, it's as if he isn't from this world

his soul was lonely the day she met him but today when he was going to the dungeon his soul started to turn into crimson black adding more charm to his soul it feels like his soul was evolving, she didn't know what made his soul change color but she didn't care all she wants right now is him to be by her side

Freya:" he is really the man I was looking for, Ottar, can you do me a favor?"

Ottar:"hm!!!, what is it Freya-sam??" he was confused since she never asked him for a favor

Freya:"will you befriend him for me?? need to see him, if he was your friend you can invite him to have dinner with us, that way I can see him and talk to him, without being suspicious"

her face was red with excitement as she said that before she continued

Freya:"tell me, will you that for me???" she looked at ottar with excited eyes as she waited for his reply

ottar seeing her like that sighed and said

Ottar"I will try, but I can't guarantee that me and him can be friends"

Freya:"that is more than enough ... for now go punish the fool who got in my way, he doesn't need an eye if he didn't see who is strong between him and my Venom-chan"

as Ottar heard the way she addressed the new adventure as if she was the closest person to him, and thought that she really loved this new man since she never showed this kind of expression to any other man

all the previous ones were just a toy for her to kill her boredom, and never reached the stage where she can call them her man all of them either died in her games or lived to fear her

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