In Danmachi With A system Chapter 1: 0


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this chapter is not part of the story, it's like what you can call a prototype, the main story will not have this kind of sitting
but i just wanted to share this with you

in a very deep forest, a man was running with his sword in his right hand you can describe him with one word a "Samurai". after him is 10 men who are holding what seems like rifles.
after hours of chasing the man finally got tired from all that running he was so exhausted that he could barely breath
"you guys are so annoying," said the man
"that's our line, Shiro Yasha (Meaning: the white demon) stop running and let us kill you" a man with a sharp gaze who seem to be the leader of the group spook

"Hmph,okay " Shiro put his hand in the air and throw his sword to the ground
when the man saw this he ordered his subordinate " go get him"

the one in the front got closer to Shiro and tried to catch his hand
but who was Shiro to give up just like that he needs to live up to his name
when the man tried to catch Shiro, Shiro grabbed the man's hand and throw him on his companion which made them fall to the ground like bowling

at that moment Shiro picked up his sword and killed the 9 man who was down but the last man shot Shiro in the chest making him fall on his one knee " GHAA!! *cough*... * cough* ... Fuck"

"Shiro Yasha you could have just listened to our Lord commands and continued to live as "The Last Samurai" the man came closer to Shiro and told him
but Shiro smiled back at him and said "*cough*... cough*... you are really annoying ORAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Shiro gathered all his remaining strength and slashed with his sword upwards to cut the man in half to end his enemy's life and his own life with this last attack

this is was the last moment of "The Last Samurai"

in a rural farming village deep within the mountains, bell cranel was having a high fever his grandfather Zeus was worried about him

"bell, I'm sorry my child, the city is so far and there are no medical herbs in this mountain, the only thing I can do for you is to pray" what an irony to hear something like this coming from a GOD himself
"HAAH!! HAAH!! HAAH!!... grandpa ... I don't feel so good" the little boy on the old bed is suffering so much that the gods decided to release him from his misery

and that was the last words that the little bell left to his grandfather before he closed his eyes


ding!" transmigrating the host's soul in 3...2...1 transmigrating the host's soul have successfully transmigrated into the body of the 9 years old Bell Cranel"

hm? as Shiro heard that robotic sound her opened his eyes

I am still alive, just when he was still wondering if he is still alive or not he felt someone hug him
"BEEEEEEEEEELL, you little brat you scared this old bones to the death wuwuwuwuw... tell me kid are you okay"
"I-I am fine" Shiro answered subconsciously looks like I am still alive
"Good Good, wait for me I'm going to prepare something for you to eat since you didn't eat anything in 2 days"

just the word "eat" was spoken Shiro's stomach made a sound *Grouuuuuuuuuuul"
"yes that would help a lot," Shiro told Zeus as he rubbed his stomach
"then just wait for a little HAHAHAHA!!!!"

the old man to the kitchen leaving Shiro in a daze

ding! "the system greets the host"

hm? it's that strange sound again "who are you?"
ding!" I am the system who is in charge of providing you with guidance and information and other things"
"system? then Mr.system can you tell me what is going on her "
ding!" with pleasure, as a reward to the host for not abandoning his beliefs as a samurai the god of war in the host's previous world decided to send the host in this world to live as you see fit"

I see, so I have another chance to live my life

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